Earthquake of 3.7 in Öxarfjörður

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An earthquake of the magnitude of 3.7 occurred in Öxarfjörður at around 7.30 this morning some 15 km West - Southwest of Kópasker in North Iceland.

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In the space of 48 hours, 422 doctors had signed the bill.

Icelandic doctors support ban on circumcision for boys

Over 400 Icelandic doctors have signed a declaration of support for the bill against the circumcision of boys in Iceland except for particular medical reason. They believe that circumcision made without such reason go against the Declaration of Geneva made by doctors.

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Light snow


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Keflavik Airport

Scheduled Airline From Status
04:20 WW174 Los Angeles Landed 03:51
04:10 WW162 San Francisco Landed 03:56
04:10 WW162 Edmonton Confirm. 03:56
04:30 WW252 Montreal Confirm. 04:05
Scheduled Airline Destination Status
06:00 WW760 Frankfurt
06:00 WW720 Berlin Schoenefeld
06:00 WW442 Amsterdam
06:00 WW404 Paris CDG
The Phantom of the Opera

The Phantom of the Opera


Sat 24 Feb , 20:00–22:30 (and later)