Today skiing conditions are great in the vicinity of Reykjavik.

Skiing areas near Reykjavik open today

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The skiing areas in Bláfjöll and Skálafell are open between 10 - 17 today.

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Grímsey is the northernmost point of Iceland. Here you can see the earthquakes occuring with the green stars signifying quakes over the magnitude of 3.

Three earthquakes over magnitude of 3 in the space of half an hour

There are still numerous earthquakes at Grímsey island in North Iceland and this morning three were measured at 3.5 to 3.6 on the Richter scale in the space of thirty minutes.

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-1 °C

Light rain

Later today

-1 °C

Light rain


5 °C

Keflavik Airport

Scheduled Airline From Status
05:20 NY5107 Akureyri Landed 05:29
06:15 FI630 Boston Landed 05:39
06:10 FI688 Orlando Confirm. 05:45
06:30 FI670 Denver Confirm. 06:07
Scheduled Airline Destination Status
06:00 WW760 Frankfurt Boarding
06:00 WW720 Berlin Schoenefeld Final Call
06:00 WW404 Paris CDG Final Call
06:15 WW462 Brussels Boarding
15:15 Tónleikasyrpan – Tónskáldin ungu

15:15 Tónleikasyrpan – Tónskáldin ungu

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Sun 18 Feb at 15:15