The Douglas Dakota DC-3 C 117 plane wreck at Sólheimasandur, a popular tourist attraction.

Sólheimasandur death: Tourist died from hypothermia

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The American tourist found dead in Sólheimasandur at the end of October died of hypothermia. The man's car had been found empty at the famous Sólheimasandur plane wreck and search parties were called out.

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The last eruption in Öræfajökull occured in 1727.

Earthquake in Öræfajökull last night

An earthquake measuring 3.2 occurred at 02:14 AM in the North Eastern part of Öræfajökull volcano. There are no signs of an eruption according to the Iceland Met Office.

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-4 °C



-9 °C

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-9 °C

Keflavik Airport

Scheduled Airline From Status
11:45 DY1170 Oslo Confirm. 11:44
12:30 BA2228 London City Airport Confirm. 12:20
13:35 WW853 Dublin Confirm. 13:10
13:55 WW811 London Gatwick Confirm. 13:42
Scheduled Airline Destination Status
10:25 AY992 Helsinki Departed 11:32
11:20 EZY1806 Manchester Gate Closed
11:30 EZY6002 Bristol Gate Closed
11:40 EZY2296 London Luton Gate Closed
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