Restaurateur Garðar Kjartansson.

Live Music Every Night on Laugavegur

two days ago Live music will be on offer every night of the week at a new restaurant and bar at Laugavegur 18, Reykjavík.

The Yule lads, holding torches, in Herjólfsdalur valley.

Icelanders Bid Farewell to Christmas

7 Jan Icelanders celebrated the 13th and last day of Christmas last night by shooting fireworks, but other than that, the celebration was very different from usual.

Film director Baltasar Kormákur.

Reykjavík Studios Creates Opportunities for Iceland

6 Jan Film director Baltasar Kormákur states that his film studio Reykjavík Studios in Gufunes creates new possibilities for film production in Iceland.

Fireworks and Áramótaskaup Tonight

31 Dec We, Icelanders, are famous for shooting fireworks on New Year’s Eve.

Ljóni Poisson.

‘The Language of My Life’ Is Icelandic

24 Dec In Iceland, Étienne Léon Poisson, born in Québec, Canada, goes by the name Ljóni.

Nursing Home Residents Should Avoid Family Parties

16 Dec An advisory group for the operation of nursing homes during the COVID-19 pandemic strongly advises nursing home residents not to attend Christmas or New Year’s parties with friends and family.

From the film Echo.

RIFF Winter Fest Opens Today

10 Dec The first ever RIFF Winter Fest, presented by the Reykjavík International Film Festival, opens today and runs through December 20.

Tens of Thousands Show Interest in Tour of Reykjavík

9 Dec More than 40,000 people have expressed interest on Facebook in a Christmas walking tour of Reykjavík, planned for Saturday.

From the Árbær Open Air Museum

Chance to Experience Christmas Spirit of the Past

6 Dec The Árbær Open Air Museum in Reykjavík is getting ready for the holiday season.

Christmas Village Opens in Hafnarfjörður

30 Nov The Christmas Village on Thorsplan square in Hafnarfjörður, just south of Reykjavík, opened Saturday.

Preparing to Nominate Leaf Bread Making to UNESCO’s List

30 Nov The Árni Magnússon Institute for Icelandic Studies is preparing the nomination of traditional Icelandic leaf bread making to UNESCO’s List of Intangible Cultural Heritage.

An old photo of the Kjóastaðir family.

1,100-Year-Old Siblings

29 Nov When Þórey Jónasdóttir turned 75 on Monday, her group of siblings reached the combined age of 1,100.

The cat, showing its teeth.

Christmas Cat Illuminates Lækjartorg Square

24 Nov With only a month to go till Christmas, Icelanders are busy putting up Christmas lights.

Hrefna Haraldsdóttir.

More Reading Reported on Day of Icelandic Language

16 Nov The COVID-19 pandemic has limited our social activities, so it may come as no surprise that during these times, Icelanders have increasingly turned toward books, many of which provide us with the company of fictional characters.

Ari Eldjárn.

Comedian Ari Eldjárn’s Show Coming to Netflix

4 Nov Comedian Ari Eldjárn’s show “Pardon My Icelandic” will be accessible to 950 million people worldwide when it premieres on Netflix December 2.


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