Jökull Júlíusson, a.k.a. JJ Julius Son, performing on Fagradalsfjall mountain.

Kaleo Releases Music Video from Fagradalsfjall Eruption Site

16 Apr The Icelandic blues rock band Kaleo released a new music video this week for their new song “Skinny,” shot at the eruption site in Fagradalsfjall mountain, Southwest Iceland.

Physical Cinema on Building Walls in Reykjavík

14 Apr During the past few evenings, you may have noticed videos being projected onto several building walls in downtown Reykjavík.

Michelle Rodriguez.

Part of ‘Dungeons & Dragons’ Filmed in Iceland

12 Apr Scenes for the adventure/fantasy film Dungeons & Dragons, set to be released in the US in March of 2023, were recently filmed in Iceland.

Janne Kristensen and Wouter Van Hoeymissen.

In Love With the West Fjords: Video

21 Mar Janne Kristensen, from Denmark, and Wouter Van Hoeymissen, for Belgium, met in Reykjavík in 2005.

Daði og Gagnamagnið.

Iceland’s Contribution to Eurovision Premiers: Video

16 Mar Iceland’s contribution to the Eurovision Song Contest – ‘10 Years’ - premiered on RÚV television Saturday night, performed by the group Daði og Gagnamagnið.

Icelandic Film and ‘Húsavík’ Nominated for Oscars

16 Mar Icelanders had reason to cheer yesterday when the 2021 Oscars nominations were announced.

From Mosfellsbakarí bakery.

Today We Celebrate ‘Bun Day’

15 Feb Today is bolludagur, or ‘Bun Day,’ in Iceland.


Multi-Functional Flowers in Mjódd: Video

12 Feb Bright-colored, strange-looking, giant tulips were recently planted by the Mjódd shopping center in Reykjavík.

The church and congregation hall in Húsavík.

Húsavíkurkirkja Church in Need of Major Repair

8 Feb Húsavíkurkirkja church in Húsavík, North Iceland, is in need of major repair.

Arndís Sigurbjörnsdóttir, in the company of Bernie Sanders.

Bernie Sanders in Hafnarfjörður

7 Feb Bernie Sanders caught my attention by being a charming man who wants to have a positive impact.”

Action Plan Needed to Help Icelandic Boys Perform Better in School

6 Feb Icelandic boys don’t perform nearly as well in the school system as girls do.

Hallgrímskirkja church.

Reykjavík Winter Lights Festival Opens Today

4 Feb The annual Reykjavík Winter Lights Festival opens today and continues through Sunday.

Minister of Education Lilja Dögg Alfreðsdóttir.

‘Unacceptable’ for Disney+ not to Make Icelandic Accessible

2 Feb The Walt Disney Company does not offer Icelandic subtitles or Icelandic dubbing on the company’s streaming service Disney+.

Recording in action.

Composing Music from Sounds of Sheep

31 Jan Composer Hafdís Bjarnadóttir is working on a musical composition involving the sounds of sheep.

From Vatnajökull glacier, when True North was filming The Tomorrow War.

Interest in Building Film Studio in Iceland

23 Jan Icelandic contractors and international investors have shown interest in building a film studio in Iceland




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