The group at Sjöundá Farm.  At the forefront are Benedikt Bogason, the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court;  Eyrún Ingadóttir, managing director of the  Icelandic Bar Association and Professor Gísli Már Gíslason.

100 people revisit an old historical murder

13 May There were some procedural defects in the way the so called Sjöundá Farm criminal case was handled back in 1802. For example, today a priest would never be used in order to force confessions as was done back in the day.

The Sisters are getting into the finals in Eurovision 2022.

Iceland gets into the finals in Eurovision

10 May Now is the time to celebrate in Iceland because The Sisters got into the finals in the Eurovision 2022 Contest. Their song has been gaining popularity in the last few days and their excellent performance tonight got them into the finals.

The members of the Icelandic band Sisters, the actual siblings. From the left: Elín, Sigga,  Eyþór  and Beta.

Eurovision hits a fever pitch: Iceland is performing in the semi-finals tonight

10 May Icelanders will be glued to the television tonight hoping and praying. The Icelandic band Sisters will play in the first of two semi-finals in Eurovison in Torino tonight at 19:00 Icelandic time.

Arnar Pétursson the winner of the  Puffin Run 2022.

Running in the Westman Islands

7 May The twenty km long trail run also known as The Puffin Run was launched today at noon in the Westman Islands and has never been more popular than today.

The sisters rehearsing in Torino last Thursday.

Iceland just might be the dark horse

7 May With Eurovision around the corner temperatures are rising in the country, but the three sisters, Sigga, Beta and Elín, are representing Iceland with the song "Með hækkandi sól" (As Days get Longer).

The twentieth anniversary of the health and motivational campaign "Biking to Work" started today and here they took off.

Biking to work for twenty years

4 May The health and motivational campaign “Biking to work” was launched this morning at Reykjavik Family Park and Zoo, and this is the twentieth year of the campaign which is meant to highlight ecological and healthy means of transport.

Nick Jameson.

From Hollywood to Reykjavík

30 Apr What makes a Hollywood actor, musician and comedian move to Iceland?

Minister of Culture and Business Affairs Lilja Alfreðsdóttir.

Important to Introduce the Sagas Sooner

26 Apr “The most important thing, I believe, is for children and young people to view this as their cultural heritage.”

The featured authors.

Iceland Writers Retreat Reading Tomorrow

25 Apr The Iceland Writers Retreat will take place for the eighth time, April 26 till May 1.

Iain Glen is one of the actors.

Multinational Cast of ‘Operation Napoleon’

23 Apr “This is a large and complicated project, including plenty of chases and action.”


Friendship Festival in Remote Greenlandic Village

17 Apr In one of Greenland’s most remote villages, Ittoqqortoormiit, population 345, a friendship festival is being held over Easter.

Eye-Catching Easter Eggs, Made of Wood

16 Apr Most of us are used to buying Easter eggs, made of chocolate.

One of Erró's works at the exhibition.

Exhibition of Erró’s Art Opens in Reykjavík

14 Apr The Power of Images, an art exhibition of about 300 works by Erró, one of Iceland’s best known artists, opened at Reykjavík Art Museum Saturday.

The 'drone image,' posted by the Port of Ísafjörður, showing the 'Russian container ship' completely stuck.

‘Russian Container Ship’ Catches Attention April 1

3 Apr Attempts were made to fool Icelanders on April Fool’s Day, as is the custom.

Diddú, Sigurður Flosason, and the other musicians, who will perform tomorrow.

Rendezvous at Harpa With Renowned Composers

2 Apr An exciting event is coming up at Harpa Concert Hall tomorrow afternoon, April 3, at 4 pm.


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