Here is a screenshot of an explosion by Harpa Concert Hall in the movie, Heart of Stone.

Iceland prominent in the first trailer of Heart of Stone

26 Sep The thriller and action movie Heart of Stone was partially filmed in Iceland and at one point the downtown area near Harpa Concert Hall was closed. The film premieres on Netflix next year.

A wind turbine in Þykkvabær behind a group of horses.

The second wind turbine in Þykkvabær was taken down yesterday

21 Sep The latter wind turbine in Þykkvabær is now down after the staff of Hringrás first cut the foundation with a welding equipment and then jacked up one side of the turbine until it toppled over.

Þór­dís Kol­brún Reyk­fjörð Gylfa­dótt­ir, Minister of Foreign Affairs.

Knitting warm socks for the soldiers in Ukraine

19 Sep Þór­dís Kol­brún Reyk­fjörð Gylfa­dótt­ir, Minister of Foreign Affairs, encourages Icelanders to take up the knitting needles and knit warm socks from the warm Icelandic wool for people in Ukraine and document in the website Sendum hlýju which means: Send some warmth.

Hekla Magnúsdóttir has mastered and reclaimed the sound of the Russian instrument theremin according to John Lewis in The Guardian, who chose Xiuxiuejar the Contemporary album of the month.

Hekla's Xiuxiuejar chosen Contemporary album of the month in The Guardian

17 Sep It is not every day that an Icelandic artist gets their new album chosen as a top album in their category by the foreign press. But last Friday, Hekla Magnúsdóttir's new album Xiuxiuejar was chosen the Contemporary album of the month in The Guardian, but the album was released on September 9th 2022 by Phantom Limb in the UK.

Here you can see a part of the art exhibition in the old prison on Skólavörðurstígur.

Ex cons in the windows of the old prison

16 Sep If you walk past the old prison on Skólavörðurstígur 9 you can see pictures in the front windows of the building, of men who have been arrested and made to stayin the building, which was a prison for 144 years. The pictures are a part of the art exhibition "Ljós í steini" which is a series of 24 portraits.

The cast of Halo posts a picture from Iceland on Twitter

15 Sep Shooting of the second series of Halo is now in process here in Icaland. The shooting locations are in the Reykjanes peninsula and also by Kvernufoss in the South of Iceland, as can be seen in the picture that was published on the Twitter page of the series yesterday.

The Berlin born artist FRZNTE combines performative, choreographic, and sculptural elements in her pole performances, often referencing the architectural context.

Pole dancing on the roof of the Nordic House

11 Sep A lot of people couldn't believe their eyes yesterday when they noticed a pole dancer on the top of the roof of the Nordic House in the University area in Reykjavík.

Star Sævar in front of the ALMA series of Telescopes, 5000 metres above sea level in Chile.

Star Sævar started enlightening the public about science when he was still a teenager

10 Sep „This started really early. I remember walking to school when I was six years old in Hafnarfjörður and I was watching the stars in the sky,“ says Sævar Helgi Bragason, a science aficionado, journalist, writer, geologist and a resident of Planet Earth.

The Walk to School campaign starts tomorrow in Melaskóli at 8:45 AM for the 16th time in Iceland.

Walk to school campaigns starts tomorrow at 8:45 AM

6 Sep The National and Olympic Sports Association of Iceland will start the campaign Walk to School tomorrow morning at 8:45 AM in Melaskóli in the western part of Reykjavík. This is the 16th time Iceland has been a part of this international campaign Walk to School, but the project started in the UK in 2000.

Hörður Bender has been growing garlic for two years but these days he is harvesting for the second time.

Sold out too fast for mom to get her garlic

3 Sep For the last two years there has been an experimental harvesting of garlic in Austur-Landeyjar and they have been trying a few types of garlic. Last year the farmer Hörður Bender in Efri-Úlfsstaðir harvested one ton of fresh garlic which went directly to the supermarkets for sale and it was a huge hit, and sold out within 24 hours.

Guðmundur Árnason on his horse with three horses ready.

Nine days of gathering sheep starts today

31 Aug Now when fall is upon us the round up of sheep is being prepared all over the country. Few areas in Iceland need longer time to gether their sheep than the farmers in Gnúpverjaafréttur, but the area they need to cover goes all the way from Þjórsárdalur to Hofsjökull. This can take up to nine days, since this is the longest route for sheep gathering in the country.

Guðbjörg Ingvarsdóttir giving Katy Perry her necklace last Saturday.

Designed a special necklace for Katy Perry

29 Aug Guðbjörg Ingvars­dótt­ir, a jewellery designer at Aur­um, presented an especially designed necklace for the famous singer, Katy Perry on Saturday. The singer was in Iceland to give the Norwegian Cruise Line ship, Norwegian Prima, its name at a ceremony at Skarfabakki at the Reykjavík harbour. It was there where Guðbjörg gave her the necklace.

Arnar Pétursson was in great spirits after winning the Reykjavík Marathon 2022.

Arnar Pétursson came in first in the Reykjavík Marathon 2022

20 Aug The Icelandic champion Arnar Pétursson came in first in the Reykjavík Marathon this morning. Hann ran the marathon in 2:35:18 but there were only a few seconds between him and Silviu Stoica who came in second at 2:35:37.

Hilmar Gunnarsson with his son Kristófer.

Most pledges for Hilmar Gunnarsson in today's marathon

20 Aug Hilmar Gunnarsson is going to run 10 kilometers for his son Kristófer and all the kids in the SLF's Rehabilitation Center in Reykjadalur tomorrow in the Reykjavík Marathon sponsored by Íslandsbanki. He has already accumulated almost 1,5 million ISK in pledges, but all the money will go to Reykjadalur, a summer camp for disabled children and teenagers.

Here is a map of the running routes.

Streets closed because of the Reykjavík Marathon tomorrow

19 Aug The Reykjavík Marathon is tomorrow and it will have an impact on traffic and some streets will be closed for the duration of the marathon.




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