A billboard from Icelandic Tourist Board sent to space

A new campaign by the Icelandic Tourist Board encourages space travelers to consider Iceland as a more attractive destination, and for that occasion a billboard was sent 35 thousand meters above the stratosphere with the aid of a weather balloon. The message on the sign is simple: Iceland is a better destination than space.

The campaign, which aired on Wednesday, has attracted attention outside of Iceland, but the Icelandic Tourist Board’s website says that Iceland is the first destination in the world to specifically target a group of space travelers by posting a billboard in space.

“We’ve seen an increase in the popularity of space travel over the last two years, and some even believe that this is the future destination of the super-rich. We want to put this trend into perspective and point out that you can experience the unexplored beauty here in Iceland and many other things that are unique in the world,” according to Sigríður Dögg Guðmundsdóttir, tourism professional at the Icelandic Tourist Board.




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