Tough Winter Ahead

yesterday, 11:31 GMT It appears that the COVID-19 pandemic will continue to hurt the travel industry in Iceland, making this coming winter a tough one.

The Fagradalsfjall eruption.

New Eruption Turns Out to Be Moon

yesterday, 10:16 GMT The Icelandic Met Office received numerous phone calls overnight regarding a potential new volcanic eruption east of the Fagradalsfjall eruption.

Brants, flying over Seltjarnarnes, near Reykjavík.

On-Time Departure, Plus or Minus a Day

two days ago Flocks of brants, a.k.a. brent geese (Branta bernicla), have been spotted in the western part of Iceland recently.

View of Grímsvötn from Grímsfjall mountain.

Grímsvötn Volcanic System Ready to Erupt

two days ago There is every indication that the Grímsvötn volcanic system under the ice cap of Vatnajökull glacier is ready to erupt.

The two hikers near the lava flow.

Helicopter Picks up Two Hikers at Eruption Site

two days ago The eruption site by Fagradalsfjall mountain, Southwest Iceland, is again open to the public, but the area was briefly evacuated yesterday.


Eruption Site Evacuated: Lava Flows Over Hiking Path A

15 Sep has just reported that lava is now flowing over hiking path A at the eruption site by Fagradalsfjall mountain.

Minister of Health Svandís Svavarsdóttir, following the government meeting.

COVID-19 Restrictions Eased in Iceland

15 Sep COVID-19 restrictions were eased in Iceland at midnight.

Crater Comes Back to Life: Impressive Video

14 Sep As we reported earlier, visible activity in the Fagradalsfjall eruption, Southwest Iceland, resumed September 11.

Fagradalsfjall Eruption Adopts New Beat

14 Sep “After an almost nine-day break from visible activity, the Fagradalsfjall eruption [Southwest Iceland,] is adopting a new beat.”

Case of Scrapie in Skagafjörður

13 Sep The Icelandic Food and Veterinary Authority, MAST, announced Friday night that a case of scrapie had been confirmed in a sheep on the farm Syðra-Skörðugil in Skagafjörður, North Iceland.


Hikers in Trouble in Severe Weather in Highlands

13 Sep Rescue teams in South Iceland were called out yesterday afternoon and asked to come to the aid of two foreign tourists who were in trouble on the Fimmvörðuháls hiking trail.

In full swing again.

Fagradalsfjall Spews Fire Again: Videos

13 Sep After taking an apparent break for eight and a half days, the volcanic eruption by Fagradalsfjall, Southwest Iceland, once again began spewing fire into the air on Saturday.

The bowl collects the sounds of the sea.

Sounds of Ocean, 65 Words for Sea, and Warning

12 Sep A sculpture with a name that means both ‘Language of the Sea’ and ‘Sea Level’ — Sjávarmál — has been installed near the ocean on Eiðsgrandi road in Reykjavík.

Spectacular Show of Northern Lights

11 Sep The northern lights put on the autumn’s first show Tuesday night.

Minister of Health Svandís Svavarsdóttir.

Restrictions Expected to Be Eased Next Week

10 Sep A total of 25 new cases of COVID-19 were confirmed in Iceland yesterday.


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