There had been recalls both in the European Union and in the US on this type of car for a problem that could lead to a gasleak igniting fire.

Land Rover in US recalled 111,746 cars

two days ago “I don’t think I will get into the same type of car again,” says Margrét Ásta Ívarsdóttir, owner of the car that caught fire in less than 5 minutes.

First flight to Prague this morning

two days ago Icelandair’s first scheduled flight to Prague in the Czech Republic, took off from Keflavík International Airport this morning. Upon landing in Prague, passengers received a generous welcome as fire trucks sprayed the traditional honor bow over the aircraft as it taxied up to the terminal.

Both older and younger "Bath babes" used the opportunity to jump into the sea in the good weather yesterday.

Jumped straight into the sea at Þórshöfn

two days ago The first day of June greeted the residents of Þórshöfn with warm weather and in the afternoon the temperature was still 20 degrees Celsius high. The sea swimming group of women that call themselves “Baðbombur” or Bathing Queens used the opportunity and went to bathe in the sea after finishing the workday.

The Icelandic team with Þórdís Kolbrún R. Gylfadóttir, Iceland's Foreign Minister.

Training Ukranian soldiers in combat medicine

1 Jun Iceland has joined a UK-led training programme for Ukrainian soldiers. The programme aims to train trainers in combat medicine so that they can pass on their knowledge to other soldiers in the field.

The car was only 5-6 years old.

Engulfed in flames in less than 5 minutes

31 May “Naturally, afterwards you think: Jesus, what if we’d just been sitting around with the fire under us a little longer?” Margrét Ásta Ívarsdóttir tells, but in a few minutes her family’s car caught fire.

The City of Reykjavik had a seminar on innovation.

No innovation without the government

31 May Arnar Sigurðsson, founder of the start-up company East of Moon, says it is a myth that value is not created by the government and that the City of Reykjavík should not be wavering about starting a business.

Elliðaárdalur in Reykjavik.

Iceland far below the OECD average

31 May Iceland is far below the OECD average when it comes to urban green areas. Only 3.5% of urban areas are organized as green areas in Iceland compared to the OECD average of 17%.

The vending machine is inside the green house that Kiddi built and the whole operation is run on green energy.

The smallest shop in the world has received international attention

30 May It’s been 22 years now since Kristinn Kristmundsson, nicknamed “Kiddi Vídeofly,” set up a coke vending machine on the road from Egilsstaðir to Borgarfjörður in East Iceland. Now there is a more recent soda and candy vending machine, which tourists and other visitors can use when visiting the area.

Katrín Tanja Davíðsdóttir

Going to the World Cross Country Games

29 May Katrín Tanja Davíðsdóttir, an accomplished cross country competitor, secured her place last night at the World Cross Country Games, which will take place in Madison, USA, in early August. The semifinals of the Western United States Championships ended tonight.

Reykjavik Hiking Festival will be held for the third time from May 30-June 3.

Great way to meet new people

29 May The Reykjavík Hiking Festival will be held for the third time on May 30-June 3. The public health festival boasts a wide variety of walks around and around the capital area, but this year the festival will be in a slightly different format than before.

A special community: Why people from all over the world choose Iceland

28 May When it comes to migration, Iceland claims a top spot in Europe. Why do people from all over the world come to live and work in this rough place in the north Atlantic? Here, five expats share their personal stories, biggest challenges and ideas on how to tackle them.

Sunna Ólafsdóttir Wallevik the founder and CEO of Gerosion.

Waste glass will be the construction material of the future

27 May Waste glass and concrete mulch will be recycled in house construction, if the ideas of Sunna Ólafsdóttir Wallevik, the founder and CEO of Gerosion, are to be realized. This was one of the many studies she presented at meeting of Samál in Harpa last Thursday.

Here is a picture of the rare five egg oystercatcher nest. As can be seen the nest itself is a simple affair.

Highly fertile oystercatcher

26 May Oystercatchers (Haematopus ostralegus) usually lay two to four eggs. Thus it was a big surprise for the brothers Markús and Jason Ívarsson, when they found a oystercatcher nest on Markús’s farm in Flóahreppur, where oystercatchers have long been nesting at this time of year.

Akureyri swimming pool will be closed this weekend due to the BSRB union strike.

Swimming pool closures this weekend in the countryside due to BSRB union strike

26 May The short term strikes by pool workers based in the BSRB will likely result in pools having to be closed during the Pentecost weekend. This is stated in the BSRB announcement.

Stykkishólmur Church.

Stykkishólmur Church one of the most beautiful churches in the world

25 May Architectural enthusiasts in Iceland should not have to travel far to see one of the world’s most beautiful churches, as according to Architectural Digest magazine, one of these is in Stykkishólmur.




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