Søren Sørensson to the left and Erlendur Birgisson are prepared for the trip to Turkey tomorrow and have the high energy chocolate Prins Polo as part of their emergency food packages.

Leave for Turkey tonight

yesterday, 16:31 GMT “It’s super frustrating that the weather is treating us like this, but there’s nothing to do. We’re just going to use the time to prepare better,” says Sólveig Þorvaldsdóttir, who leads the Icelandic group headed to the disaster earthquake area in Turkey. As has been reported, at least five thousand people have lost their lives in that country and in Syria after a series of very strong earthquakes. The group of experts in question is headed by the ICE-SAR Association, Landsbjörg and will help in the search.

The Last of Us is the latest TV series on HBO and has been very well received.

Got an unexpected world premiere

yesterday The fifth episode of the HBO TV series The Last of Us was accidentally released inside the Síminn streaming service yesterday morning. The episode was soon removed from the streaming service, but those who were up early managed to see the episode.

Flights canceled tonight and tomorrow morning due to weather

two days ago All Icelandair flights from North America to Keflavík tonight have been cancelled due to the weather forecast. Also, all morning flights to Europe tomorrow morning have been cancelled, as have arrivals from Europe in the afternoon.

Alert level raised to orange tomorrow

two days ago "An Orange We­ather Warn­ing will be in ef­fect from 6:00 AM to 8:00 AM, Tu­es­day, Febru­ary 7.

A truck went off the road on Hellisheiði earlier today and the road westbound was closed for 80 minutes.

Hellisheiði closed for 80 minutes

two days ago Southwestbound traffic had to be closed for about 80 minutes following a truck driving off the road near Kambar, above Hveragerði. The closure came at the request of the police.

The submarine powercable 3 to the Westman Islands failed last week.

Expedite the new submarine power cable to the Westman Islands

6 Feb The decision has been made to expedite construction and the application for a permit has been sent to the Icelandic Energy Authority on a new Vestmannaeyjar submarine power cable 4.

All the more reason to exercise when you are in your 70s.

Upped her physical game in her 70s

5 Feb “Everything is possible. People should not see closed doors, it is up to us to open the door,” says Bessí Jóhannsdóttir, who decided to start exercising vigorously when she left her job as a regular history teacher at the Commercial College of Iceland four years ago.

Death threats after singing on the plane

4 Feb A Canadian singer, Jessica Pearson, who sang to passengers of a plane stuck at Keflavík International Airport at the end of January, has released a statement regarding the death threats she has received in the wake of the video going viral.

Guðbjörnsson only found out that he got the Grammy awards in 2003.

Got a Grammy but missed it completely

4 Feb “I hadn’t heard anything about this, ever, and was undeniably surprised. It’s hilarious, of course. I’m clearly a singer with an attention deficit disorder, and this is obvious proof of that,” says opera singer Gunnar Guðbjörnsson.

Bus went off the road and overturned

3 Feb Just before 14:30 today, a bus was reported to have gotten off the road and overturned on the side of Ólafsfjörður Road, close to the Múlagöng tunnel, on the Ólafsfjörður side.

The police has bought more bikes, party due to the meeting this spring.

Amping up security for the European Council Summit in Reykjavík

2 Feb The Office of the National Police Commissioner has issued a warning to the Chief of the Police of the Nordic countries and their offices notifying that they may be formally requesting assistance from the police agencies there. This is due to the European Council summit that will be held in Reykjavík this spring. If a foreign assistance is formally requested, this would be the first time it is done in relation to the meetings.

Campaign against sexual harassment in the workplace

2 Feb The Directorate of Labour has launched a new campaign against sexual harassment in the workplace, with the purpose of encouraging workplaces to take action through prevention, education and targeted responses when such issues arise.

The picture that the rescue worker took in Súðavík which has been widely used and is the only historical photographic documentation of this very sad but big event in Iceland's history.

There would be no picture from the avalanche in Súðavík

1 Feb Four of the most experienced photojournalists in Iceland, Einar Falur Ingólfsson, Gunnar V. Andrésson, Páll Stefánsson and Ragnar Axelsson, are deeply concerned about the future of the profession, as authorities have little understanding of their role – to record Icelandic history. All sorts of barriers have been put up in the last few years.

Refugees from Ukraine waiting at the train terminal in Lviv to get on a train to Poland.

Iceland has doubled its contribution

1 Feb Last year, Iceland doubled its funding to UNHCR, the United Nations’ refugee agency. The agency highly praises Iceland’s commitment to assisting and protecting refugees worldwide, with increased funding by Iceland in 2022.

The city is still working on clearing up many areas all over the city.

Most snow in the upper regions of the city

31 Jan All effort is being made to get the snow off the streets in Reykjavík. Some connecting roads and alleys are currently impassable, but the main roads are fine, according to Eidur Fannar Erlendsson, the head of the Reykjavík City’s winter service.




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