Jodie Foster plays one of the detectives working a case in the new series of True Detective: Night Country.

HBO preparing to shoot True Detective: Night Country in Iceland

yesterday, 13:00 GMT HBO is already in Iceland preparing for season 4 of True Detective: Night Country that will be shot here. The popular series was given the green light last May with a likely premiere in 2023. First the scene locations need to be found and a lot of preparation before the actual shooting takes place.

The eruption site at Meradalir will continue to be closed today.

The eruption site still closed today

yesterday The police in the Reykjanes peninsula has issued a statement saying that the eruption site will continue to be closed today because of the weather. It is likely that it won't open until tomorrow morning.

Lava is moving at the eruption site in Meradalir.

The eruption site at Meradalir opens tomorrow, Tuesday, at 10AM

8 Aug Ein­ar Bessi Gests­son a natural disaster expert at the Met Office told this morning that there have not been a lot of changes in the eruption at Meradalir since last night, by the looks of webcam footage.

The Coast Guard helicopter was called to the scene.

Injured after falling 30 meters down

8 Aug A man fell 20-30 meters down a gorge in Norðurdalur by the highway going up Steingrímsfjarðarheiði í Strandir yesterday.

Close access to the eruption site due to weather

7 Aug The police authorities for the Reykjanes peninsula area have decided to close access to the eruption site at Meradalir. It started at 5 AM this morning and the decision will be reevaluated tomorrow afternoon.

Expect colourful characters and a fun vibrant atmosphere in downtown Reykjavík today.

Pride Parade is coming back bigger and better after two years hiatus

6 Aug The Pride Parade starts at Hallgrímskirkja at 2 o'clock today and ends up in Hljómskálagarður where there will be an outdoor concert to celebrate.

VERA is a newest foodhall on the scene

5 Aug Foodies in Iceland can celebrate now because there is a new option on the culinary scene. The Foodhall Vera opened last night at Gróska's Creative Community in Vatnsmýri. "We are super excited that our idea is coming to fruition," says Björn Bragi Arnarsson, one of the owners of VERA Foodhall.

The eruption is magical at the night time

The eruption is magical at the night time

5 Aug A group from visited the eruption sitein Meradalir last night. They used a drone to capture the eruption in the dark and the result is nothing short of magical. Ágúst Óliver Erlings is credited as the videographer.

Estimater number of hikers around the eruption site just after 3 AM last night was 70-80 people according to local police.

Many hikers not adequately prepared

5 Aug Rescuers from the Rescue Team Þorbjörn from Grindavík were monitoring the eruption site last night. They say that many of the hikers were not adequately prepared for the hike and many of them had no headlights while hiking in the dark, according to an announcement from local police.

The eruption in Meradalir could be 5-10 times stronger than last year

4 Aug The first data the scientists from The Institute of Earth Sciences on the amount of lava coming from the eruption in Meradalir shows that the first hours it measured 32 square meters per second.

The eruption in Geldingadalir started at 13:18 today.

The volcanic eruption not deemed a threat to aviation or infrastructure

3 Aug The Government of Iceland has issued an announcement regarding the volcanic eruption in Geldingadalir.

Guðni visited Grindavík today before the eruption started..

Encourages people to hold off rushing to the volcano site for now

3 Aug The president of Iceland, Guðni Th. Jóhannesson hopes that the volcanic eruption that started today will not cause damage and encourages people to hold off "rushing into the unknown", because there will be enough time to see the volcano later.

Screenshot from the in the area.

Breaking news: Volcanic eruption in the Reykjanes peninsula

3 Aug Magma has reached the surface in Geldingadalir in the Reykjanes peninsula. For the first time since last September, when lava stopped running from Fagradalsfjall, the tension has given a way for the magma to burst through.

A 4.6M earthquake was this morning in the eastern part of Fagradalsfjall.

A 4.6M earthquake this morning in the eastern part of Fagradalsfjall

3 Aug At 5:32 AM this morning an earthquake of the size 4.6M was detected in the eastern part of Fagradalsfjall. This is confirmed by Hulda Rós Helgadóttir, a specialist in natural hazards at the Met Office talking to

Very unusual weather in July and the highest temperature was only 15.9 degree Celcius.

Hardly a warm day in July

3 Aug “The average temperature was 1.0 degrees below average (1991-2020). 2015 on the horizon. Sunshine moments were slightly less and rainfall much more than in average July,” writes the meteorologist Einar Sveinbjörnsson og the Facebook page Blika weather.


Light drizzle


9 °C



12 °C



12 °C