Gunnuhver in theReykjanes peninsula. A lot of earthquakes are now in the area.

Uncertainty level announced yesterday due to earthquakes

yesterday, 14:21 GMT In the last week more than 3000 earthquakes have been detected in the last week close to Eldvörp in the Reykjanes/Svartsengi volcanic system and yesterday the Civil Protection Department of Iceland elevated their alert level to Uncertainty level.

Who will be the next mayor in Reykjavik?

The Progressive Party is the winner of the local elections and is in a key position

yesterday The Progressive Party is gaining momentum, not only in Reykjavik, but in most places around the country and is clearly the winner of the local elections last Saturday. The biggest changes will be in Reykjavik where the current administration has lost its majority.

Healing the body and the mind in nature

two days ago When we hear the word health we often immediately think about our physical wellbeing. Being physically fit and healthy is paramount but mental health is no less important.

Members of the band "Kalush Orchestra" are the winners of Eurovision 2022.

Ukraine wins Eurovision 2022

14 May Europe has voted in Eurovision 2022 and most of the votes went to Ukraine. Before the votes from the public came in, it looked like UK might win the competition. But once all the votes were in, Ukraine came out on top.

Map from the Icelandic Met Office that shows the source of the earthquake.

Big earthquake in Þrengslin in the South

14 May A big earthquake was felt today just before 17:00 o'clock in the Southwest of Iceland, in an area called Þrengslin, a road that leads to Þorlákshöfn, Eyrarbakki, Stokkseyri and eventually Selfoss.

The current majority in Reykjavik will not hold according to the latest Gallup poll.

Local elections in Iceland: The current majority might fall according to latest polls

14 May Today will be a busy day for most because not only are the finals in Eurovision tomorrow night, but it is also voting day in the local elections all around the country.

David Kelley.

My home, my vote, my future

13 May My name is David and I am a local. Seltjarnarnes is my home for almost 7 of the 18 years I have now lived in Iceland. Even though I shall always be a „bloody foreigner“, I am as much a „Nesbúi“ as any of the Icelanders living in this town.

The group at Sjöundá Farm.  At the forefront are Benedikt Bogason, the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court;  Eyrún Ingadóttir, managing director of the  Icelandic Bar Association and Professor Gísli Már Gíslason.

100 people revisit an old historical murder

13 May There were some procedural defects in the way the so called Sjöundá Farm criminal case was handled back in 1802. For example, today a priest would never be used in order to force confessions as was done back in the day.

Elliðavatn had the white blanket over the green grass at 5 o'clock this morning which soon melted.

From Winter Boots to Bikinis

12 May You could say that temperatures are rising although that trajectory had a small set back this morning.

A Spanish tourist almost drowned at Reynisfjara Black Sand beach

12 May An ambulance was called to Reynisfjara Black Sand beach late Tuesday night when a Spanish tourist was in mortal danger after going into the sea.

Iceland's prime minister, Katrín Jakobsdóttir, says she usually says yes to new learning experiences in life.

The prime minister of Iceland assisted an ewe at lambing yesterday

11 May Katrín Jakobsdóttir the prime minister of Iceland is a woman of many skills. Yesterday she assisted an ewe at lambing on the farm Skarðaborg in South-Þingeyjar county in the Northeast of Iceland.

The Sisters are getting into the finals in Eurovision 2022.

Iceland gets into the finals in Eurovision

10 May Now is the time to celebrate in Iceland because The Sisters got into the finals in the Eurovision 2022 Contest. Their song has been gaining popularity in the last few days and their excellent performance tonight got them into the finals.

The members of the Icelandic band Sisters, the actual siblings. From the left: Elín, Sigga,  Eyþór  and Beta.

Eurovision hits a fever pitch: Iceland is performing in the semi-finals tonight

10 May Icelanders will be glued to the television tonight hoping and praying. The Icelandic band Sisters will play in the first of two semi-finals in Eurovison in Torino tonight at 19:00 Icelandic time.

Rental prices going through the roof

10 May The prices of residential rentals has begun to rise again and with added demand for apartments from foreign workers and tourists it looks like rent might go through the roof. The workers’s union Efling covers the situation of renters in their latest newsletter.


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