The justice minister in action.

Minister of Justice Jumps Off Waterfall: Video

two days ago Icelandic Minister of Justice Áslaug Arna Sigubjörnsdóttir posted a video on her Facebook page Thursday, showing her jumping off a waterfall.

Kári Stefánsson, CEO of deCode Genetics.

New Variant Not Yet Proven to Be More Contagious, Kári States

26 Nov Kári Stefánsson, CEO of deCode Genetics, states that a new variant of the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus, detected in South Africa with a high number of mutations, has not yet been proven to be more contagious than other variants.

From Alþingi, yesterday.

Alþingi Confirms MPs’ Credentials

26 Nov Alþingi, the Icelandic parliament, confirmed the credentials of all MPs yesterday.

Violent Storm Forecast for Southeast Iceland

25 Nov There is severe weather in the forecast for Southeast Iceland and the East Fjords.

Chief Epidemiologist Þórólfur Guðnason.

Vaccinating Children Aged 5-11 Being Considered

25 Nov Vaccinating children aged 5-11 against COVID-19 is being considered in Iceland.

Grímsvötn in the foreground and Grímsfjall mountain in the background.

Glacial Outburst Flood Imminent

25 Nov Scientists are closely monitoring the Grímsvötn volcanic system under the ice cap of Vatnajökull glacier, because they believe a glacial outburst flood, or jökulhlaup, to be imminent.

73 Percent Fewer Airbnb Units Than in 2018

24 Nov At present, there are 1,150 rental units in Reykjavík and vicinity listed on Airbnb.

Bjarni Gunnar Ásgeirsson, doctoral student.

‘Like Finding Gold’

24 Nov “Finding old Icelandic manuscripts is like finding gold.”

Video About Blood Mares in Iceland Causes Great Concern

23 Nov The Icelandic Food and Veterinary Authority (MAST) is examining a video, made by AWF/TSB (Ani­mal Welfare Foundati­on/Tierschutzbund Zürich), showing blood being extracted from pregnant mares in Iceland.

Weather Warnings for Most of Iceland

23 Nov The Icelandic Met Office has issued yellow weather alerts for most parts of the country.

Alþingishúsið, the Icelandic parliamentary building.

Alþingi to Reconvene Today

23 Nov Alþingi, the Icelandic parliament, will reconvene today.

Gylfi Þór Þorsteinsson, director of quarantine facilities.

Even Newborns at Quarantine Facilities

22 Nov During the present wave of COVID-19, more children have had to stay at quarantine facilities in Iceland than before, even as young as a day old.

Iceland Among Best Countries to Raise a Child

22 Nov A new study by Compare the Market reveals that among 31 OECD countries (out of 38), Iceland ranks second best when it comes to raising a child.

The moon, covered by a red hue. Hallgrímskirkja church is on the right.

Red Moon Over Reykjavík

22 Nov A partial lunar eclipse was visible from Iceland Friday morning.


Safety at Seljalandsfoss Must Be Improved

21 Nov There is much need for construction projects by Seljalandsfoss waterfall, South Iceland, to ensure the safety of tourists.


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