Koichi Hirano and Watari Takano.

Puffins’ Pylsur Popular in Tokyo

14 Sep When two 19-year-old Japanese friends with a limited budget visited Iceland in 2004, they were delighted to discover a food stand selling pylsur – Icelandic hot-dogs.

From RVK Brewing Co. From left:
Nonni Quest, barber, Valgeir Valgeirsson brewer, and Sig­urður Pét­ur Snorra­son, co-owner of RVK Brew­ing Co.

Beer Run September 21

13 Sep Registration is underway for the RVK Brewing Co. Beer Run, set for September 21 in Nauthólsvík, Reykjavík.

Eyþór Máni Stefánsson, Kormákur Atli Unnþórsson and Pétur Magnús Pétursson.

Bike Share Service Opens in Reykjavík

13 Sep A bike share service, called Framúrskarandi, opened in Reykjavík on Tuesday.

Elín Harpa.

Who’s New to Us?

13 Sep “We’ve sought to find the newest artists in the Reykjavík music community and to provide a stage for them to showcase,” explains James Cox, music coordinator at Hlemmur Square who co-hosts a new intimate concert series, New to Us, at Hlemmur Square, with bar manager Halldór Viðar Hjaltested.

A page from The Adventures of Tintin.

Plans for Tintin Statue in Akureyri

12 Sep There are plans to install a statue of cartoon character Tintin by Akureyri harbor.

The unique visitor, the common kingfisher.

Kingfisher’s First Visit to Iceland

12 Sep A kingfisher (Alcedo atthis) has been spotted by Mógilsá river in Esja mountain, Southwest Iceland.

Icelanders Work Fewer Hours than Most

12 Sep The average number of annual hours worked was lower in Iceland than in most OECD countries in 2018.

The green stars denote a quake of magnitude 3 or more. The dots indicate tremors, color-coded, according to how long ago they occurred.

Earth Trembles in Southwest Iceland

11 Sep An earthquake of magnitude 3.4 was detected at 6:06 this morning, about 3 km (1.9 miles) northeast of Grindavík, Southwest Iceland.


Jellyfish Swim across English Channel

11 Sep A group of six Icelandic female swimmers who call themselves Marglytturnar, meaning “the Jellyfish,” completed a relay swim across the English Channel last night.


Ready to Die For Picture

11 Sep We’ve heard of pictures to die for. But one tourist in Iceland seems to take that term literally.

From Alþingi, the Icelandic parliament.

Alþingi Reconvenes Today

10 Sep Alþingi, the Icelandic parliament reconvenes today for the 150th session.

Fishermen Rescued by Helicopter: Video

10 Sep Overnight, the Icelandic Coast Guard rescued two fishermen, whose boat had stranded on the south side of Langanes peninsula, Northeast Iceland.

Be careful when entering your PIN, not to let anyone see what number you enter.

Credit Card Thieves Back in Iceland

10 Sep Police arrested three men from Romania on Friday, suspected of credit card theft in Iceland last year.

Marglytturnar, with Captain Peter Reed.

Jellyfish Wait for Window to Open

9 Sep A group of Icelandic female swimmers, who call themselves Marglytturnar, meaning “the Jellyfish,” are hoping to be able to start their relay swim across the English Channel tonight.

These horses were grazing in Hafnarfjörður yesterday.

Icelandic Horses Exported for Billions

9 Sep The export value of Icelandic horses amounted to ISK 10 billion (USD 79 million; EUR 72 million) during the past decade.


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