Benediktsson, Jakobsdóttir and Jóhanns all hope that the inflation has peaked.

Hopefully a sign that the inflation has peaked

yesterday, 12:00 GMT Annual inflation is down below 10% and is now at 9.8% compared with 10.2% last month.

Jón Björn Hákonarson, the mayor of Fjarðarbyggð says the whole community is dealing with the situation together.

"We will tackle this together"

yesterday, 07:03 GMT The mayor of Fjarðabyggð says that the city’s operational authority is concerned about the weather that will soon be moving over the area, but a break in the weather has created a window to get supplies and such items to their destination. However, if things go wrong, the sea route will remain open. The community has banded together and is dealing with this major task with serenity.


Avalanche risk likely into the weekend

two days ago An avalanche fell over a road at the tunnel entrance on the Norðfjörður side of Norðfjörður tunnel yesterday. The tunnel has been closed since yesterday due to the current snow danger. The weather forecast in the area is deteriorating from Wednesday, so we can’t expect the trials of the people of Norðfjörður, Seyðifjörður and Eskifjörður to be over.

It looks like March of 2023 is going in the history books as the coldest month of March in Reykjavík this century.

Coldest March in Reykjavík this century

two days ago In the final days of March, it has become clear that it is going down in history books. It is by far the coldest March of this century in Reykjavík. Likewise, it has been the driest and sunniest.

The patrol vessel Þór. Photo from archives.

The patrol vessel Þór is now in Neskaupstaður

28 Mar The patrol vessel Þór has arrived in Neskaupstaður, but the crew tied up the mooring just before midnight last night. This is confirmed by Ásgeir Erlendsson, the information officer of the Icelandic Coast Guard.

Video showing the consequences of the avalanche

Video showing the consequences of the avalanche

27 Mar Footage sent to the media by ICE-SAR Landsbjörg rescue team this evening clearly shows the magnitude of the consequences that the avalanches that fell on the settlement of Neskaupstaður have had.

The avalanche hit houses and swept up cars.

An avalanche in Neskaupstaður

27 Mar “I woke up to the thunder and then I waited for the click. I knew what was about to happen,” says Karl Jóhann Birgisson, a resident of Hrafnsmýri in Neskaupstaður, after an avalanche hit his house at 7:30 this morning.

Alexandra Botez, Vassily Ivanchuk and Aryan Tari will participate in the Reykjavík Open chess tournaments that starts on Wednesday.

Record attendance in Reykjavík Open

27 Mar A record-breaking attendance will be at the Reykjavík Open, which begins in Harpa on Wednesday and lasts for two weeks until April 4. Participants include 34 Grandmasters, including Russian chess legend Vassily Ivanchuk, who has the highest ELO score of the participants in the tournament.

An avalanche fell in Neskaupstað.

Risk of avalanches in the East

27 Mar Due to heavy snowfall in Eastern Iceland in the past 24 hours, all people residing in the area are encouraged to stay at home.

The Prime Minister of Iceland, Katrín Jakobsdóttir, was a guest on the Sunday magazine show Silfrið on RÚV national TV yesterday.

Propose increased taxes and spending cuts

27 Mar Increased taxes and government spending cuts are the main themes of a new budget approved by the government which will be submitted this week. The Prime Minister discussed the plan in the Sunday magazine TV show Silfrið on national television yesterday.

Two golden plovers were seen in Eyrarbakki and one in Sandgerði this week.

The harbinger of spring has arrived to "sing away the snow"

26 Mar The Golden plover has arrived in Iceland, but traditionally the bird is seen as the harbinger of spring and summer. This is confirmed by bird expert Jóhann Óli Hilmarsson at, with three golden plovers spotted in Eyrarbakki yesterday and one in Sandgerði.

The Icelandic Tourist Board encourages tourists to be aware of safety issues and make sure they are adequately prepared for  trips into the wild in Iceland during winter.

Must be prepared for everything in Iceland

26 Mar The president of the Icelandic Tourist Board believes it is important that people are careful about winter tourism and prepare their trips well, as the weather in Iceland can change in a moment.

As well as Jónasson and Sigurðardóttir authors like Ian Rankin, Peter Høeg, Jo Nesbö, John le Carré, Philip Kerr and Minnette Walters have been awarded the  Palle Rosenkrantz-literary awards.

Jónasson awarded the Palle Rosenkrantz literary awards

26 Mar Ragnar Jónasson today accepted the Palle Rosenkrantz Award for Best translated crime novel in Denmark at the Crime novel Festival Krimimessen. The award is given to him for his trilogy about the policewoman Hulda, in the novels Dimma, Drungi and Mistur. This is revealed in an announcement from the the book publisher Bjartur and Veröld.

The Rescue team at Glymur last Wednesday.

Dangerous route and needs more oversight

24 Mar The West Iceland Marketing Office has been working in cooperation with Hvalfjörður Municipality to boost infrastructure at the waterfall Glymur where a fatal accident occurred last Wednesday.

The smoke from the fire was seen from afar yesterday.

Brush fire near the Alcoa Smelter yesterday and houses at risk

24 Mar Two houses narrowly escaped a fire that occurred in Hafnarfjörður today, west of Alcoa Smelter in Straumsvík. Sheep pen and a barn as well as a vehicle were damaged in the fire. Two houses narrowly escaped the fire. The fire spread significantly fast, but the ground is very dry.


Light rain


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