Weapons that the police confiscated while investigating the case.

No charges yet in terrorist case

yesterday, 10:00 GMT It is not yet known whether charges will be brought against two men in custody on suspicion of planning terrorist acts in this country.

Skógarhlíð in Reykjavík. where the Fire Department headquarters are located.

A porn video seems to have been shot at the premises of the Fire Department

yesterday A very strange case was all over the news yesterday regarding a pornographic video footage of Icelandic people that seemed to be shot inside of an ambulance, and a screenshot was sent to the Fire Department.

Elliðavatn seen from the air. The island where the boys got stuck yesterday can be seen there.

Boys rescued when stranded in Elliðavatn

two days ago A pump truck and an ambulance had to be called out after several boys had waded into lake Elliðavatn yesterday and were stranded there and couldn’t get back.

The blueprint for Hvammsvirkjun is already fully designed and the only hindrance to starting the job are the permits.

Permits that take forever delay the work

5 Dec Delays in issuing a permit for the power plant for Hvammsvirkjun can delay the entire permitting process for a whole year.

Páll Geirdal, the captain and Eiríkur Bragason, the head pilot  of the Coast Guard ship Þór, were going over the search area yesterday.

Searching for a man who fell overboard

5 Dec The search for the man who fell into the sea off Garðskagi on the tip of the Reykjanes peninsula just before five o’clock Saturday has not yet been successful. Fifteen ships and boats, along with two helicopters, were participating in search operations in the area on Saturday.

Gunnar Freyr Gunnarsson loves travelling and wants to share his amazing experiences.

Gunnarsson reveals his travel secrets

4 Dec The photographer Gunnar Freyr Gunnarsson now has his own space on the travel website Rexby.com, a site where influencers, photographers and other travelers alike share their expertise. Gunnar is known for the Icelandic Explorer site, among other things.

Hilmar Oddsson: "What I am doing in this film is very different from what I have been doing before in my film career."

"We couldn't be happier"

3 Dec Hilmar Oddsson’s film, ‘Driving Mum’, received the Grand Prix, the PÖFF’s main-prize, at the Black Nights Film Festival in Tallinn, Estonia, last weekend. The film stars Þröstur Leó Gunnarsson and Kristbjörg Kjeld, with important roles played by Hera Hilmarsdóttir and Tómas Lemarquis. Hilmar Oddsson is the director and he also wrote the script and Hlín Jóhannesdóttir is the producer.

Hnífsdalur in the Westfjords.

Seven year old child critically injured

3 Dec A seven year old child is among those critically injured after a severe crash on Hnífsdalsvegur last night. The child and two other people were taken to hospital in Reykjavík in an air ambulance.

Arnaldur Indriðason and Kristín Eiríksdóttir were the authors who got the most hits on Tinder, especially by users who were 65 and older.

Icelandic authors an instant hit on Tinder

2 Dec “I had no idea that Forlagið was advertising the Christmas books on a dating app. So I was completely shocked to hear that we had hit the jackpot in that arena,” says Egill Örn Jóhannsson, CEO of Forlagið.

Hanna Katrín Friðriksson is a Member of Parliament for The Liberal Reform Party.

The high interest environment is like a magic trap that literally absorbs money

1 Dec Hanna Katrín Friðriksson, Member of Parliament for The Liberal Reform Party, says that if interest charges in Iceland were not the third largest item of expenditure, as they are today, then it would be possible to ensure sustainable prosperity alongside responsible economic management instead of continuing to borrow money to keep up the standard of living.

Einar Þór Jónsson is the director of the HIV Association in Iceland.

34 new HIV cases diagnosed this year

1 Dec “The HIV pandemic is sadly not over, and it is still stigmatized,” says Einar Þór Jónsson, the director of the HIV Association in an interview with Morgunblaðið today, but today is the International AIDS Day of the World. There are now four decades since the first person in Iceland was diagnosed with HIV.

The attack happened in Úlfarsárdalur today.

A man attacked his ex-wife with an axe

30 Nov A man attacked his ex-wife with an axe in front of Dalskóli in Úlfarsárdalur valley this afternoon. This is confirmed by Margeir Sveinsson the assistant chief police officer to mbl.is.

Salka Sól, the Minister of Foreign Affairs Þórdís Kolbrún Reykfjörð Gylfadóttir, Sjöfn and Eygló.

Knitted a sweater for Zelensky

30 Nov The musician Salka Sól Eyfeld knitted an Icelandic sweater for the Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky with the help of her friends. The Minister of Foreign Affairs, Þórdís Kolbrún Reykfjörð Gylfadóttir took the sweater to Ukraine, but she is visiting the country in the company of other ministers from Scandinavia and the Baltic Countries and they have already met Zelensky and some other members of the Ukranian Cabinet.

The face in the sky is clearly visible in this photo Lárusson took last Saturday.

A face unexpectedly appeared in the Northern Lights

29 Nov “It’s unbelievable,” says Sigurður Ó Lárusson, who is a computer programmer and lives in Burstabrekka in Hagi in the southern part of the country.

Jón Gunnarsson the Minister of Justice.

The biggest budget increase for law enforcement in years

29 Nov The government plans to increase funding for law enforcement by ISK 2.5 billion from the previously reported budget, which is more increase than has been dedicated to law enforcement for years. The biggest change is the increased contribution to the police, which will amount to ISK 1.4 billion, if the parliament agrees to the proposals.


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