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Elliðarárdalur valley in Reykjavik.

Elliðarárdalur valley to be declared protected area?

yesterday The Elliðarárdalur valley in Reykjavik has a salmon river flowing through it and is a popular woodland area for walks and recreation. Now the friends of Elliðaárdalur valley society want to make the area a protected one.


Two earthquakes in Bárðarbunga yesterday

18 May Two earthquakes of the magnitude 3.7 and 4 were measured at around 4 pm yesterday at Bárðarbunga.

The hotel will be constructed into the mountain thus merging with the landscape.

Mountain baths to open in South Iceland

17 May A new bathing area and hotel named Fjallaböðin in Reykholt, an area of geothermal heat in South Iceland, is set to open with construction beginning next year.

The weather is going to be pretty atrocious this weekend.

Storm warning for Saturday - flying trampoline weather!

17 May A storm is expected to hit Iceland on Saturday which is very unusual for May in Iceland. The windspeeds will be so great that the Iceland Met Office has warned that "trampolines may fly."

The weekend will be unusually windy for this time of year.

Storm expected this weekend- travel plans may need to be changed!

16 May The weather forecast is not looking good for this coming weekend. A storm with very strong wind is expected and people are urged to follow the forecast carefully.

Dyrhólaey has  been closed off for public traffic during the nesting season.

Traffic through Dyrhólaey, one of Iceland's most famous landmarks, limited

13 May The Iceland Environmental Agency has decided to limit traffic through Dyrhólaey between May 8th to June 25th. The general public and tourists will only be able to walk through Lágey and Háey on marked paths and roads.

Tourists at Jökusárlón glacial lagoon.

Tourist numbers to Iceland decrease for the first time in years

11 May Departures of foreign passengers through Keflavik International Airport were 147 thousand in April which is a decrease of six thousand since last year.


Sea Eagle rescued in November put down

7 May The sea eagle rescued by Snorri Rafnsson, known as Vargurinn on Snapchat who spent the last couple of months at the Reykjavik Family Zoo, has been put down. Unfortunately the bird failed to regain its health.

Hópsnes is a small peninsula in Grindavík, South West Iceland.

Police intervene as tourist camps in historic ruins

7 May Police in Suðurnesjar in South West Iceland recently intervened when a tourist was found camped inside an old turf cabin in ruins at Hópsnes.

The  hole in the ancient wall.

Coach driver drives into ancient turf farm and causes damage

3 May A coach driver for a tourist coach drove into a wall of Glaumbær, a historic turf built farm in Skagafjörður, North Iceland,and left a large hole before driving off.

A white whale, or Beluga whale,  is a small  Arctic and sub-Arctic cetacean.

Whale sanctuary in Westman Islands to open

2 May Construction of a whale sanctuary and museum in the Westman Islands has begun by company Merlin Entertaintments. Two white whales will occupy whale pens at the harbourfront.

Puffin numbers have gone dangerously low in recent years.

Iceland's puffin in danger of extinction

24 Apr The report, which provides a comprehensive look at the health of bird populations globally, has found that the extinction crisis has spread so far that even some well-known species are now in danger. T

Lasagna from the Iceland chain of frozen foods.

Foods that tourists bring to Iceland to save money

23 Apr Iceland is expensive and it seems that some tourists resort to bringing their own supplies of food from abroad for their Iceland holiday. Misconceptions about Icelandic food and drink are still rife, and tourists still purchase bottled still water even though the water in the taps is spring water and just as good as any bottled water.

This photo shows an iceberg in teh lagoon just after the calving process. The iceberg is turning round and round causing a wave.

Iceberg in Breiðamerkurlón lagoon

23 Apr Ice has calved in Breiðamerkurjökull glacier forming a large iceberg turning round and round in the lagoon and pushing a wave of water ahead of it.

Clouds paint the sky just before a storm hits the seaside town of Hafnir in Reykjanes.

The wild landscapes of the Reykjanes peninsula

22 Apr The Reykjanes Peninsula is perhaps one of the most underrated places in Iceland. It’s the home of Keflavik International Airport, and most tourists drive straight from there to Reykjavik without so much as a stop for a look around, aside for a visit to the Blue Lagoon. They don't know what they're missing.


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