The flood began yesterday.

Conductivity in Múlakvísl still high

yesterday, 16:54 GMT Water levels in Múlakvísl went down a little last night. A glacial outburst flood started in the river yesterday. Conductivity in the river is still high.

The water levels peaked at noon today and are subsiding slowly.

Glacial river outburst flood begins in Múlakvísl

two days ago An outburst flood has begun in Múlakvísl. The flood began this morning and water levels reached a peak at noon today. A sulphuric odour can be found by the river.

Örn Hilmisson didn't let losing an arm get him down.

One armed puffin catcher in Westman Islands

two days ago Örn Hilmisson lost his left arm in a fishing boat accident some twenty years ago. He didn't let this setback disturb his normal routine.

Tourists observing Northern Lights in Iceland.

Tourists looking for Northern Lights pose danger

14 Jan Norwegian newspaper Aftenposten reports that tourists hunting for Northern Lights in Iceland are a road hazard.

Drivers need to drive carefully this week.

Snow and ice on most roads in Iceland today

14 Jan This Monday there are wintery conditions on all roads in Iceland with either ice or snow.

Snowfall in Klambratún park in Reykjavik yesterday.

Frost up to -19 degrees C expected in Iceland

13 Jan Reykjavik locals were generally pleased that it snowed yesterday to brighten up the January darkness. Winter seems to be finally arriving with frost up to 17 degrees C expected next week.

Snow is on its way

12 Jan Winter might finally be here. Snow and colder temperatures are predicted for coming days. The first ten days of January are the warmest of this century.

This road administration map could be historic as ther is not one patch of ice on any road today.

Mild winter surprises Icelandic meteorologists

10 Jan Meterologist Einar Sveinbjörnsson points out that today, January 10th there is not one spot of ice on the number one route from Reykjavik to Akureyri, the largest town in North Iceland. "Unbelievable, really," he writes.

Road Administration warns of dangerous horizontal winds in North Iceland

9 Jan The Iceland Road Administration warns of strong horizontal winds today in North Iceland, especially in Siglufjarðarvegur. There is a yellow weather warning in the area.

A yellow weather warning has been issued for Wednesday.

Storm warning for North Iceland tomorrow

8 Jan The Iceland Met Office has issued a yellow storm warning for the entire North Iceland spanning from the West Fjords to East Iceland. The storm will continue until Thursday.

The weather in Iceland is behaving bizarrely.

Temperatures in Iceland could go over 20 degrees C tomorrow

8 Jan Tomorrow, the wind will blow in a south west direction with currents going up to 35-45 m/s by the mountains. The temperature will surge upwards and could even go past 20 degrees on Centigrade.

Keiko is the most famous whale to reside in the Westman Islands. He died one year after being released from captivity.

Whales soon flown from Shanghai to Westman Islands sanctuary

7 Jan Two beluga, or white, whales will soon be flown from Shanghai to a new whale sanctuary in Klettsvík in Iceland's Westman Islands. The whales will fly in March and construction of the sanctuary is going to plan.

Mid winter sun.

Winter for a day in Iceland

7 Jan Today temperatures are plunging down to 8 below zero on Centigrade in many parts of the country. This is, however, the only winter day for the time being because tomorrow the rain and warmer weather return.

Reindeer descending onto roads in the lowlands can create a traffic hazard.

Drivers warned about huge reindeer flock in North East Iceland

3 Jan A very large group of reindeer were spotted by the road at Háreksstaðir in North East Iceland yesterday and the Iceland Road Administration has sent out a notification to drivers to take great care when driving in these parts.

It's raining in most parts of Iceland today.

Storm warning today in West Iceland

3 Jan The weather continues to be windy today in Iceland and the Iceland Met Office predicts a southerly storm with winds up to 23 m/s in West Iceland and reaching up to 35 m/s near the mountains.




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