Last year Icelandair 3.7 million passengers, compared to 1.5 million passengers in 2021.

Carried 3.7 million passengers last year

7 Jan 2023 Icelandair carried 3.7 million passengers in the past year, a 150% increase from the previous year when the passengers were 1.5 million.

Vatnajökull from above but in the forefront there are Grímsvötn and the steep stony mountain of Grímsfjall.

The biggest quake in Grímsvötn since August

27 Dec 2022 A 3.1 magnitude earthquake hit Grímsvötn at about half past four in the morning. This is the biggest earthquake since August 2nd last year when one of 3.8 magnitude was detected there.

The new information and warning signs in Reynisfjara Black Beach.

Security cameras and blinking signs

13 Dec 2022 The installation of warning and information signs in Reynisfjara Black Beach is completed. In addition to the signs, a 300-metre long chain was installed along the parking lot, leading people along a footpath and past the signs. Police cameras were installed on a mast in the beach bar. Images from there are streamed to the South Iceland Police’s guard office in Selfoss.

Reykjavík comes out on top when it comes to the safest cities to visit in the world.

Reykjavik the safest city for tourists

11 Dec 2022 Reykjavík is the safest city for tourists to visit according to the findings of the Berkshire Hathaway Travel Protection Insurance Company.

You can never be too careful when it comes to motor vehicles.

A car went into Jökulsárlón glacier lagoon

9 Dec 2022 “I was there looking for a missing person, one of those without a watch, and had driven the whole group over to the beach and then went back to look,” says tour guide Tómas Ragnarsson, a BusTravel Iceland guide, of the incident of a woman, a visiting tourist, who barely managed to get out of a vehicle at Jökulsárlón on Breiðamerkursandur in the fourth hour yesterday before the vehicle plunged down a steep hillside off the park and into the lagoon.

Gunnar Freyr Gunnarsson loves travelling and wants to share his amazing experiences.

Gunnarsson reveals his travel secrets

4 Dec 2022 The photographer Gunnar Freyr Gunnarsson now has his own space on the travel website, a site where influencers, photographers and other travelers alike share their expertise. Gunnar is known for the Icelandic Explorer site, among other things.

The naturea photographer Daníel Bergmann recently published his book, Fálkinn,but here he documents photographs he has taken of falcons for over 23 years.

Waiting for hours to capture the moment

6 Nov 2022 “I started photographing birds seriously in 1999. I had always been interested in birds, but it had been laying dormant for quite some time. But at that time the interest just resurfaced and there was no turning back. When you spend hours and hours with birds, like photographers have to do, the fascination comes back. I applied for a permit in 2000 to photograph both eagles and a falcons,” says Daniel Bermann. With permits in hand he went out with his gear and set up close but in safe distance from a falcon nest.

Herðubreið has had a series of earthquakes since Saturday.

1400 quakes since Saturday

24 Oct 2022 In total there have 1,400 earthquakes occurred in the vicinity of Herðubreið since the earthquakes started last Saturday. Of these, nearly 200 have occurred since midnight. Apart from the largest earthquake of 4.1M that struck on Saturday night, two have registered magnitudes greater than 3.

A terrible accident happened in Kirkjufell yesterday where a man fell and lost his life.

Kirkjufell is the new Reynisfjara

20 Oct 2022 A man died in an accident on Kirkjufell in Grundarfjörður yesterday but in the past few years there have been several fatal accidents and rescue teams have had to rescue people that have either been trapped or had an accident.

More than 150 quakes were detected on meters near Grímsey yesterday.

The quakes further away than before

20 Oct 2022 The earthquake swarm that started on September 8th outside of north Iceland is still ongoing, but nearly 150 tremors were reported on meters near Grímsey yesterday. There have been 20 tremors in the area since midnight, according to a natural hazard expert.

The Coast Guard helicopter was called out to search for the missing people.

Saved after sitting in the cold for 50 hours

17 Oct 2022 "The weather had been crazy over the weekend. It was a bit better yesterday, but still bitingly cold," says Sigurður Árni Vilhjálmsson the chairman of Dagrenning Rescue Team in Hólmavík. The police in the Westfjords received a call for help yesterday afternoon because of young people who were travelling to the Westfjords but had not been heard from for two days.

Lindsey Vonn var very happy with her skiing experience in Iceland in the midnight sun.

Skiing in Iceland in the midnight sun

16 Oct 2022 Lindsey Vonn, one of the most successful female skier in the world, posted a video from her stay in Iceland this summer on The Kelly Clarkson show recently. The video was taken in Tröllaskagi at 1 AM where she went skiing. Clarkson really liked the video but wasn't sure if she would attempt such a feat.

At Grímsvötn.

The glacial flood probably reached its maximum last night

14 Oct 2022 The glacial flood in Grímsvötn in Vatnajökull continues and now it is estimated that the water coming from Grímsvötn isover 350 square meters per second.

The American Richard Burns waited for eight years to go sailing in Scoresby Sund in Eastern Greenland, but the trip was worth waiting for.

Waited eight years for his dream vacation

9 Oct 2022 The American orthodontist Richard Burns and his wife Cindy waited for eight years before they were able to go on a cruise with North Sailing to Scoresby Sund in eastern Greenland. They went on the trip this August with a group of ten people and Burns describes the trip as absolutely out of this world.

The bones are estimated to be 65 million years old.

A Triceratop Dinosaur coming to Iceland?

6 Oct 2022 A part of a dinosaur skeleton could be on its way to Reykjavík according to an announcement on the city's website. The skeleton would be a gift and are said to be approximately 65 million years old.




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