Annual pufflings rescue in Westman Islands

18 Sep It's that time of year again in Iceland, the annual baby puffin, or puffling, rescue in the Westman Islands.

The lighthouse at Grótta.

Tourists stranded on Reykjavik islet when observing Northern Lights

17 Sep The Reykjavik Metropolitan Police received notification last night about a group of tourists who had become stuck in Grótta in Seltjarnarnes, West Reykjavik. Grótta can be accessed by foot at low tide but at high tide it's only accessible by boat.

Majestic iceberg visible from Siglufjörður, North Iceland

16 Sep A majestic iceberg is now visible not far from the coast of Siglufjörður in North Iceland. The Iceland Met Office received a phonecall from a fishing trawler this morning who spotted the iceberg. Numerous icebergs have been spotted this summer, all of them having drifted here from Greenland.

No damage occured as the earthquakes were small.

Earthquake felt in Reykjavik last night

14 Sep An earthquake originating in the Bláfjöll mountains occurred last night at 20:17 and measured 4.2. It was felt in Reykjavik, Hafnarfjörður and Kópavogur and was followed by several smaller aftershocks.

Ths island of Vigur is for sale.

Island for sale in remote West Fjords

13 Sep The island of Vigur in Ísafjarðardjúp in the West Fjords is now for sale. MP for the Progressive Party Halla Signý Kristjánsdóttir says that the state should purchase the island as too much land has recently been sold to foreign investors, which is a worrying development.

Troublesome times for WOW air.

WOW air hope to secure capital for the company

12 Sep WOW air who reported losses this summer are hoping to secure capital for the company. Morgunblaðið sources report that the company is hoping to secure at least 50 thousand USD in consultation with financial firms by issuing bonds.

Myndskeið frá íþróttadeild

VIDEO: Majestic iceberg in Húnaflói bay, North West Iceland

9 Sep An iceberg measuring some 35- 30 metres in height is currently in Húnaflói bay.

The board of the association regrets what happened.

Chef's association terminate contract with Arnarlax

7 Sep The board of the Icelandic chef's association have decided to terminate their contract with salmon farming company Arnarlax. Last night all the chef's in the association resigned due to to the contract.

The Icelandic national culinary team.

All members of Icelandic culinary team resign due to deal with salmon farming company

7 Sep Fourteen members of the Icelandic culinary team have resigned from the team due to a deal made by the chef's assocation with Arnarlax, a controversial salmon farming company.

A rare day of sunshine this summer in Reykjavik.

Least sunny summer in Iceland since 1984

5 Sep This summer's weather hasn't gone down too well with locals and new figures show that these three summer months have enjoyed the least sun since the summer months of 1984.

Why are puffins in decline?

1 Sep “Why are puffins vanishing?”

Have you fastened your trampoline yet?

Weather warnings for many parts of Iceland

30 Aug The Icelandic Met Office has issued a yellow weather alert for South Iceland, Faxaflói, Southwest Iceland, Breiðafjörður, West Northwest Iceland and the Central Highlands for today and into tomorrow morning.

The wind forecast for Friday morning at 5 am.

Yellow weather alert for Central Highlands Thursday

29 Aug The Icelandic Met Office has issued a yellow weather alert for the Central Highlands, effective from 6 pm tomorrow night, Thursday, through 9 am on Friday.

Rivers were swelling in the highlands last night.

Overnight search for tourist ends well

28 Aug A man, whom rescue workers had searched for in the Central Highlands of Iceland since last night, was found safe and sound at 2 am.

The 4x4 was thrown into a ditch.

‘They won’t do anything for us.’

27 Aug “Our insurance company has been contacted and some kind of damage report has been filed online.”


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