Ploughing through this was no easy task.

Seven Meters of Snow in July

28 Jul It is the middle of summer, but plenty of snow remains on some highland roads in Iceland.

A smart way to gain experience as a trekker is to join organized tours.

Some useful tips for trekking in Iceland

22 Jul Don't forget to check the forecast as the weather can change quickly.

Who wouldn't like bumping into a bearded Zac Efron in the Blue Lagoon?

Zac Efron Netflix show puts Iceland in the spotlight

14 Jul The Hollywood star explores ways to live in a more sustainable manner.

This photo from July 2nd shows tourists in the Geysir hot spring area as Strokkur spews boiling hot water into the air.

June tourist numbers down 97%

10 Jul With few tourists around many Icelanders have used the opportunity to re-discover their country.

Monika Maier-Albang.

Feeling Free in Iceland

5 Jul Monika Maier-Albang, a journalist for the German newspaper Süddeutsche Zeitung, tells Morgunblaðið that coming to Iceland gives her a sense of freedom.

The collared pratincole.

Tiny Visitor Gets Attention

4 Jul A tiny visitor, never seen in Iceland before and not subject to any sort of testing at the border, has made a landing in Garður on the Reykjanes peninsula.

The weather on Friday couldn't have been better.

Blue Lagoon Reopens

23 Jun The Blue Lagoon, Southwest Iceland, reopened on Saturday, June 19.

A landslide occurred in Hvanndalabjargi mountain Saturday night. The picture was taken on Hrísey island.

Does not Expect Major Earthquake

23 Jun The series of earthquakes that began Friday in North Iceland is still ongoing, although there was a slight decrease in activity last night.

Rocks falling from Gjögur mountain, Saturday.

Series of Earthquakes Hits North Iceland

22 Jun A series of earthquakes hit North Iceland over the weekend.

Strokkur erupts. Archive photo.

Geysir Area Declared Protected

21 Jun The Geysir hot spring area, South Iceland, was declared protected on the National Day of Iceland, June 17.

Hlöðuhellir cave and Fjárhellir cave are connected. They were long used as a sheep shed and barn.

Age-Old Man-Made Caves Attract Attention

20 Jun Newly renovated man-made caves by the farm Ægissíða, near Hella, South Iceland, have been popular among visitors lately.

There are advantages to visiting an 'empty' island.

Enjoying Iceland Without the Crowds

19 Jun Among the first visitors to arrive in Iceland on Monday was a crew of CNN reporters.

Large scars in the landscape.

Snowmobiles Leave Large Scars in Landscape

18 Jun Large snowmobiles tracks have been discovered in a moss-covered area on the edge of the Fjallabak nature reserve in the Icelandic highlands.

From the Grímsvötn area in  Vatnajökull glacier.

Is Eruption Imminent in Grímsvötn?

18 Jun There are indications that an eruption may soon occur in Grímsvötn volcano.




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