The vehicles were driven off the road to avoid snow banks.

Off-Road Driving Leaves Wounds in Landscape

Nature and Travel

The South Iceland Police Department received notice yesterday of two 4x4s, which had gotten stuck off road in the Icelandic highlands, near Loðmundur mountain, north of Kerlingarfjöll mountains.


Öræfajökull: Seismic unrest above average

14 Jul A geologist at the Iceland Met OFfice explains that the current unrest in Öræfajökull volcano could continue for days, weeks, months and even years. Yesterday the Iceland Civil Protection released a statement that the volcano was experiencing clear signs of unrest.

The weather at 9 pm tonight.

Lots of rain on the forecast for tonight

13 Jul Tonight it will pour down with rain in both South and North Iceland. On Tuesday however sun is still on the forecast for all of Iceland.

Öræfajökull volcano.

Breaking: Clear signs of unrest in Öræfajökull volcano

13 Jul The Department of Civil and Emergency Management in Iceland have issued a new status for Öræfajökull volcano saying that it shows clear signs of unrest.

Arnór Maximilian and a 108 cm long salmon which he caught fly-fishing.

Largest salmon to be caught so far this summer in Iceland

13 Jul Arnór Maximilian Luckas was fishing with his father, Karl Udo in the Laxa salmon river in Aðaldalur last night when he caught a salmon measuring 101 cm and weighing 22 pounds and another measuring 108 cm and 28 pounds.

Karíus sitting in the seal pond.

Cat at Reykjavik petting zoo enjoys staring at the seals

13 Jul The seals at the Reykjavik family petting zoo are unperturbed by the feline attention they receive from resident cat, Karius.

Adam A. Peck believes the whale is a blue whale and not a hybrid.  t

US professor of biology believes hunted whale to be a blue whale

12 Jul Speaking to CNN, professor of biology Adam A.Peck at the University of Hawaii says that the whale hunted by Hvalur hf on Saturday night is a blue whale and not a hybrid blue/ fin whale as believed by Icelandic experts.

Earthquakes in North Iceland

12 Jul Earthquakes continue North West of Gjögurtá with the largest quake last night measuring 2.9 and occurring at 01.21.

Fellibylurinn Chris.

One day of sun for Iceland next week

12 Jul The remains of hurricane Chris are expected on Saturday night with accompanying rain. However, an area of high pressure will arrive with sunshine for one day, Tuesday, predicts the Iceland Met Office.

A polar bear in Skagafjörður in 2016.

Pattern in arrival of polar bears to Iceland

11 Jul "Polar bear used to arrive in Iceland when there was a lot of pack ice but now we seem to have entered a period of time when polar bears arrive when pack ice rapidly melts beneath them," says Ingibjörg Jónsdóttir, geographer and professor at the University of Iceland speaking to

A photo released by Hard to Port of the whale.

Rare blue whale hybrid possibly hunted by Icelandic whaling company

11 Jul Icelandic whaling company Hvalur hf who recently began hunting fin whales again, may have killed a rare, protected blue whale or a blue whale/ fin whale hybrid. This was reported by animal rights campaigners Hard To Port who also published photos of the whale being landed in Hvalfjörður and cut up for meat.

The cave has been closed off with a locked fence and gate.

Landowners close off natural hot pool due to "total direspect by tourists"

11 Jul Landowners at Vogar in Mývatnssveit county in North Iceland have decided to close off the natural pool Kvennagjá which is located inside a cave and has been a popular bathing spot for years.

The polar bear which was reported in Hornstrandir, North West Iceland on May 2nd 2011.

Search for polar bear in North East Iceland called off

11 Jul The search for the polar bear that was reported on Monday in Melrakkaslétta is now officially over. The search was called off yesterday at 4.30 pm when the national coastguard helicopter after repeated flights across the area found nothing.

“ This will not have an effect on the salmon entering the river now."

Salmon numbers in Hítará river could go down by 20%

10 Jul An expert at the Iceland Marine Institute says that salmon fishing in the Hítará river will be affected this summer and that salmon numbers will go down by 20 percent due to the effect of the landslide that occurred on Saturday.

A polar bear eating a seal in Svalbard.

Polar bear sighting: "I saw something huge"

10 Jul "My friend screamed at us that there was a polar bear right in front of us and started to run," explains guide David Zehla to He was fishing with French friends when they spotted an animal that they believe to be a polar bear.

Alvaro Martin and Kristinn Arnbjörnsson arrived all the way from Kópasker to observe what's happening.

Polar bear hunt on in North Iceland

10 Jul A great number of people have arrived at Melrakkaslétta peninsula in North East Iceland after police received notification that a polar bear had been spotted in the northernmost part of the area.

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