The Route that Bladdely ran from up north to the south in Iceland.

Ran half across Iceland in ten days

17 Sep The Englishman, Glen Baddeley, ran from the second northernmost tip of Iceland to the southermost tip in ten days. His goal was to raise money for a good cause and attempt to get into the Guinness World Records.

Antique tractors were mentioned in the article in The Guardian about Hrísey in Eyjafjörður.

Hrísey in Eyjafjörður gets great reviews in The Guardian

8 Sep The island Hrísey in Eyjafjörður up north in Iceland gets great reviews in an article in The Guardian. In the article is a list of destinations that stood out to the readers of the paper in this year.

East-Rangá, where the accident happened yesterday.

A man fly fishing in East-Rangá got an electrical shock

7 Sep The police in the southern part of Iceland reports that the police and ambulance were called to the Health Inistitution of South Iceland in Hvolsvöllur just after 10:30 AM yesterday morning because of a man who had been fly fishing in East-Rangá who had bad burns on his feet and torso after having had an electric current go through him while fishing.

Rising sea levels a pending problem

6 Sep Sig­urður Ingi Jó­hanns­son the Minister of Infrastructure says that rising sea levels are alarming and that Icelanders need to tackle this problem to secure the coastline. That would be a massive undertaking.


Never more overnight stays than this July

1 Sep The total number of overnight stays in Icelandic hotels and other accommodation for tourists have never been more than last July, or 1,550,600. This means that every night there were 50 thousand guests staying overnight in Iceland in the month of July.

The Meradalir eruption before it all sizzled out.

The Meradalir eruption is over

29 Aug Even though the Met Office has not published an announcement stating that the Meradalir eruption if over, scientists think that will happen soon.

A polar bear swimming in the sea.

A polar bear turned out to be a gray seal

29 Aug The Coast Guard helicopter was called out yesterday because of suspicion of a polar bear having reached land in Hornstrandir. The helicopter flew to the Westfjords but returned after not finding any signs of polar bears in the area.

Svartaborg Luxury Villas are designed in a Scandinavian style and were built in 2020.

Svartaborg Luxury Villas get rave reviews

28 Aug Svartaborg Luxury Villas in the North gets raving reviews in the American travel magazine Condé Nast Traveler. The journalist Erika Owen writes that Svartaborg is her all time favourite Icelandic Airbnb venue in Iceland.

Svanur Gabriele and Arnúlfur were at the eruption site in Meradalir last night and saw a stream of red hot lava south of the main crater, even though the volcano is dormant.

No harmonic murmurs, but flowing lava was detected last night

22 Aug Last night flowing lava was visible at the eruption site at Meradalir, even though no harmonic tremors have been detected from the crater since yesterday morning.

Still taking children to the volcano

18 Aug There are examples of people taking their children to the eruption site in Meradalir in spite of it being closed says Bogi Adolfsson who is in Þorbjörn Rescue team to The walk to the volcano and back is 14 km with elevation and through rough terrain, which people should keep in mind.

Reynisfjara is one of the most popular tourist destination in Iceland. However, it is not without dangers, and quite a few fatal accidents have happened there when people venture into the sea.

Unusually high waves in Reynisfjara Black Beach today and tomorrow

17 Aug The waves in Reynisfjara Black Beach will reach up to 3.7 meters today. Tomorrow they will be even higher, or up to 4.7 meters, which is quite unusual. This is reported on the weather website Blika.

Dangerous lava squeezing out of the lava field from last year

16 Aug Liquid lava from the volcano in Geldingadalir is already squeezing out of the older lava field because of the weight of the new lava flowing on top of the old one.

Walked a tightrope over the flaming lava

15 Aug The Instagram star Jay Alvarez published an amazing video of himself walking a tightrope over flaming lava at the eruption site in Meradalir recently.

Ingibjörg Gréta grateful for having good people in her life.

When breaking an ankle is turned into a positive experience

13 Aug Ingi­björg Gréta is a woman who loves hiking and being in the great outdoors. Her new favourite place in the world is Hornstrandir and she had planned three out of four long hikes there this summer. However, things do not always go according to plan. Things changed when she slipped down a slippery stone and broke her ankle.

Trail A will be closed from 4 AM tonight until 9 AM tomorrow morning due to repair. People are advised to use trail C instead.

Trail A closed from 4 AM until 9 AM tomorrow morning

12 Aug The police in the Reykjanes peninsula has issued an announcment regarding repairs on trail A at Meradalir:




9 °C


Later today

8 °C



7 °C

Warning: Yellow More