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Samúel Jónsson photographed in his garden of sculptures in 1965.

Fund raising effort for Iceland's most remote art museum

two days ago The incredible art collection by artist Samúel Jónsson in Selárdalur, North Iceland, has inspired awe and wonder by everyone who visits it. Now, a society has been formed to save the statues by the artist, who passed away in 1969 and to restore this museum at the edge of the habitable world.

The shipwreck at Þjórsárósar.

Shipwreck finally visible after twenty years

two days ago The wreck of cargo ship Víkartindur are now visible on the beach of Háfsfjara in Þjórsárósar, South Iceland, where the ship stranded twenty years ago.

This is a raccoon, but not the exact raccoon in question.

Presence of raccoon in Reykjanes still a mystery

22 Mar The Icelandic Food and Veterinary authority have sent the carcass of the raccoon killed in Hafnir in Reykjanes earlier this week for dissection to the University of Iceland.

A map showing the earthquakes last night.

Earthquake measuring 4.3 in Bárðarbunga

22 Mar Last night an earthquake of the magnitude 4.3 was detected in the southern part of the Bárðarbunga caldera followed by several aftershocks. No signs of volcanic eruption says the Iceland Met Office.

Jin Zhijian, ambassador for China in Iceland.

Chinese ambassador wants direct flights between Iceland and China

21 Mar Jin Zhijan, the new ambassador for China in Iceland says speaking to Morgunblaðið that he would like to strengthen the cooperation between Iceland and China in several fields.

The raccoon was living in some sort of burrow or hole in the ground near Hafnir.

Raccoon found- and killed in Reykjanes, South-West Iceland

21 Mar A raccoon was caught near Hafnir in Reykjanes yesterday. The animal was living in a burrow there. Raccoons are not native to Iceland but have been spotted here before.

Weather at noon today.

Rain and storms predicted today and tomorrow

21 Mar Today and tomorrow the weather is rainy with mild temperatures but with strong winds.

Temperatures warmer in Reykjavik than in many European capitals today

19 Mar This morning, the temperature in Reykjavik was higher than temperatures in Oslo, London, New York, Paris, Amsterdam, Berlin and Boston to name a few.

Eldgjá is in the South Highlands of Iceland.

10th century Eldgjá eruption thought to have influenced Christianisation of Iceland

19 Mar New research sugggests that an eruption in Eldgjá had an influence on the change to religion in Iceland in the tenth century finds a team of scientists at Cambridge University. Iceland converted from paganism to Christianity around the year 1000.

Góðar líkur eru á því að hitinn eigi eftir að fara yfir 10 stig í dag.

Today is warmest day for a while in Reykjavik

16 Mar "It's the warmest day in the forecast for a while," says a meteologist at the Iceland Met Office and says it's a perfect day to enjoy the outdoors.

The beautiful town of Seyðisfjörður is a popular artists residence.

Avalanche alert in Seyðisfjörður, East Iceland

15 Mar An avalanche alert was put up last night in the town of Seyðisfjörður in East Iceland. There's a level of incertitude in all of East Iceland.

The bus is seen here shortly before the incident.

VIDEO: Bus full of tourists almost blown off road in storm

13 Mar A small bus carrying tourists almost blew off the road at Þorvaldseyri farm beneath the Eyjafjöll mountains in South Iceland this morning in the storm.

Watch out for windy weather and rain or snow in South and South East Iceland today.

Yellow weather warning for South and South East Iceland

13 Mar After a couple of calm weeks, the stormy weather returns with strong winds expected in Öræfi, Mýrdalur and Eyjafjöll today. A yellow weather warning has been issued by the Iceland Met Office.

Wizz Air cancels flights between Prague and Reykjavik

12 Mar For the first time since beginning flights to Iceland, Wizz Air is cancelling flights between Prague and Reykjavik.

Roads in the West Fjords are covered in snow.

Frost expected for coming week

7 Mar Little change is expected in the weather over the next few days. A north-easterly wind is blowing in the North and East but skies remain bright in the South and West. Temperatures are not expected to go above 0 for the next week or so.


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