Public Access Restricted Around Eruption

Lava spewing from volcanic fissures while toxic gases rise from …

Lava spewing from volcanic fissures while toxic gases rise from the ground. Magnússon

The vicinity of today's volcanic eruption at Litli-Hrútur on the Reykjanes Peninsula has been cordoned off by the National Police due to the significant risk of poisoning from toxic volcanic gases escaping from ground fissures. “Unprotected tourists have no business approaching the eruption,” warned geophysics professor and volcano expert Magnús Tumi Guðmundson, who is advising the National Police.

The eruption, which commenced at 4.40pm GMT today, is significantly larger than previous ones in the area, emitting at least three times more lava than the 2021 eruption and a much larger volume of gases.

The Civil Protection and Emergency Management Department of the National Police had earlier counselled the public to steer clear of the eruption site due to its unpredictability and evolving nature.

The area is currently grappling with significant gas pollution. According to experts, the Litli-Hrútur eruption that began this afternoon considerably surpasses the scale of recent eruptions.

Specialists from the Icelandic Meteorological Office are assessing the concentration of gases emitted from the eruption. The findings will not be available until tomorrow morning.

The existing weather conditions compound the risk of toxic gas accumulation. This odourless gas is highly dangerous when inhaled.




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