Mount Kirkjufell can be seen right by the restaurant.

Gourmet dining in Grundarfjörður, West Iceland

Eat and Drink

The small town of Grundarfjörður, perched on the northern side of the Snæfellsnes peninsula now boasts of a fine dining restaurant with a wonderful view.

Ólafur Elíasson og Victoria Elíasdóttir munu taka yfir Marshallhúsið í þrjá mánuði.

Chef Victoria Eliasdóttir and artist Olafur Eliasson take over kitchen at Marshall House

3 Aug On August 11th, chef Victoria Eliasdóttir and her brother, artist Olafur Eliasson, will open a culinary space in Reykjavik, hosted by the Marshall Restaurant + Bar. Running for almost three months, the temporary restaurant will serve lunch and dinner, inspired by the atmosphere of the Studio Olafur Eliasson (SOE) Kitchen in Berlin.

The view from Bragginn bistro.

A new restaurant opens at Nauthólsvík geothermal beach in Reykjavik

21 Jun A new restaurant has opened up in an old army barracks in Nauthólsvík and is fittingly called Bragginn.

WIld chef Úlfar Finnbjörnsson.

Books: Taste of Iceland chosen best in the world

13 Jun The all Icelandic cookbook, Taste of Iceland, has been chosen best in the world by the prestigious Gourmand cookbook award. The book is written by Icelandic "wild chef" Úlfar Finnbjörnsson.

Herborg Svana Hjelm ásamt forustusauði.

Grandi Mathöll: Fjárhúsið

13 Jun The new food halls at Grandi Mathöll offers one very Icelandic food stall: Fjárhúsið, which means the sheep barn and specialises in Icelandic lamb.

Nori and Asaki fed each other skyr at their Japan wedding.

Japanese couple get engaged at Blue Lagoon and offer skyr at their wedding

13 Jun Couple Nori and Asaki from Japan were so thrilled with the skyr they tried whilst on holiday in Iceland, where they got engaged, that they had Ísey skyr imported to their wedding.

Respected stage and film actor Þröstur Leó is also an experienced sailor and a passionate amateur cook.

Famous Icelandic actor becomes chef at Hlemmur Square in Reykjavik

4 Jun Famous Icelandic stage and film actor Þröstur Leó Gunnarsson will take over the role of chef at the restaurant at Hlemmur Square hotel in Reykjavik Tuesday June 5th for a period of two weeks.

A new food hall opens today at Grandi, Reykjavik's fishpacking district

1 Jun A new street food hall opens today at Grandi, called Grandi Mathöll, at 6 pm. This is the second such food hall to open after Hlemmur Mathöll. The new food hall is located in a large former fish warehouse by the harbour in the Grandi arae offfering nine food stalls.

A sumptious "kebab" at Lamb Street Food.

New Lamb Street Food restaurant opens in hip Grandi harbour area

14 May Lamb Street Food is a restaurant that offers a new take on Icelandic lamb as a fast food using the best available ingredients.

Flúðasveppir Icelandic mushrooms.

Tourists love Icelandic mushrooms

30 Apr And no- we're not talking about the psychedelic kind but the lovely Flúðir mushrooms grown in South Iceland. Farmers Bistro is a restaurant run at the mushroom farm and offers all of the fare grown at the farm- mushroms and vegetables - as well as lamb from nearby farms.

The restaurant only seats 11 people.

Iceland's smallest restaurants opens its doors

16 Apr Iceland's smallest restaurant to date only seats eleven people and to obtain a seat you have to book online.

Cocktail hour doesn't get more glamorous than at Út í bláinn, the restaurant beneath the glass dome at The Pearl.

Best places for a cocktail in Reykjavik

5 Apr Fancy going out to somewhere a bit more special, away from the cheery, beery happy hours around town? Here are a few venues that combine a magical atmosphere with a great cocktail menu.

The food hall will be located in this former fish packing building.

Eleven new restaurants for the hip Grandi harbour district in Reykjavik

27 Mar In recent years restaurants have been popping up around Grandi, the fish packing district of Reykjavik. Now, eleven requests to open new restaurants there await licences from the city authorities to open there.

Hafsteinn Ólafsson and Hinrik Lárusson.

Two Icelanders compete in Nordic Chef of the Year

20 Mar Two Icelanders are competing in the Nordic Chef of the Year contest and another Icelander is competing in the Nordic Waiter of the Year contest.

Óli, or Ólafur, in front of Hagavagninn, an old hot dog stand at Vesturbæjarlaug.

Hamburger haven to open next to West Reykjavik swimming pool

17 Mar The hot dog stand next to Vesturbæjarlaug swimming pool will be transformed into a gourmet food truck by May. The new manager is Ólafur Örn Ólafsson, known for managing Michelin star restaurant Dill and food market Krás in the city centre.


VIDEO: A look inside Reykjavik's first cat café

8 Mar The café has been enormously popular since opening and it's clear that people love the company of felines whilst enjoying coffee and a host of vegan cakes or sandwiches.

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