Egill Ólafsson, in the role of Father Fishmas.

Wishing You a Merry Fishmas: Video

3 Sep “The holiday season is underway, and it’s a very special holiday here in Iceland. We call it Fishmas.”

Gunnar Karl Gíslason, owner of Dill restaurant.

Dill Restaurant Open Once a Week

3 Jun Dill restaurant, Reykjavík - the first Icelandic restaurant to earn a Michelin star - has seen business drop substantially during the COVID-19 pandemic.


Robotic Bar in Reykjavík

2 May One of the world’s most futuristic robotic bars opened at Hafnartorg in Reykjavík last weekend.

From last year's Food and Fun Festival.

Food and Fun Festival Fast Approaching

1 Feb The Food and Fun Festival will be held at restaurants in Reykjavík for the 19th time March 4-8.

Enjoying ice cream for Christmas.

Hot Dogs and Ice Cream for Christmas

28 Dec Hot dog stands, ice cream parlors and cafés in Reykjavík were busy over Christmas

Koichi Hirano and Watari Takano.

Puffins’ Pylsur Popular in Tokyo

14 Sep 2019 When two 19-year-old Japanese friends with a limited budget visited Iceland in 2004, they were delighted to discover a food stand selling pylsur – Icelandic hot-dogs.

Will Meat Be off the Reykjavík Menu?

27 Aug 2019 Cafeterias in Reykjavík need to offer less meat on their menu in order to reduce their carbon footprint, if Iceland is to become carbon neutral by 2040.

From a café in downtown Reykjavík.

Dill Closes and Other Restaurants Open

8 Aug 2019 Dill, the only Icelandic restaurant to have earned a Michelin star, has closed.

The lot has been painted in bright colors.

Food Market and More by Reykjavík Harbor

6 Jul 2019 A colorful food market and recreational area are being installed on Miðbakki wharf, by Reykjavík Harbor.

Attending to the fish.

How Dried Fish is Made

12 Jun 2019 One of the most popular snacks in Iceland is dried fish.

Drinking fountain in downtown Reykjavík.

Quality Water for Free

6 Jun 2019 The Reykjavík City council has announced that drinking fountains have been installed throughout the city.

Bar owner, dance instructor and photographer George Leite, in an ad for Promote Iceland.

Icelandic Tap Water: Free Luxury

3 Jun 2019 A new campaign by Inspired by Iceland encourages tourists in Iceland to drink tap water instead of bottled water in an effort to cut down plastic use.

It is unclear whether the pigs in the picture are society pigs or pigs of happiness.

Fighting Climate Change with Pigs

19 May 2019 Pigs are the latest weapon residents of Borgarfjörður eystri, the East Fjords, Iceland, have chosen to use in their fight against climate change.

From a food market.

Food Market Planned in Laugardalur

4 May 2019 Reykjavík City officials aim to set up a food market in Laugardalur for July.

Good Good in top place on Amazon.

Icelandic Jam Best-Seller on Amazon

26 Apr 2019 The Icelandic food production company Good Good recently made it to the top of Amazon’s list of best-selling jams, jellies and preserves.


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