VERA is a newest foodhall on the scene


Foodies in Iceland can celebrate now because there is a new option on the culinary scene. The Foodhall Vera opened last night at Gróska 's Creative Community in Vatnsmýri .

"We are super excited that our idea is coming to fruition," says Björn Bragi Arnarsson, one of the owners of VERA Foodhall.

Five restaurants

There will be eight restaurants in VERA Foodhall: Pünk Fried Chicken , which has been operating in The Greenhouse in Hveragerði,  the Pizzaplace Natalía from Borg29 and the Mikki Refur Coffee and Wine from Hverfisgata. The other five restaurants are brand new: the Mexian restaurant Caliente, Bang Bang, which specializes in Asican cuisine, the Soup restaurant Næra, the Breakfast restaurant Stund and finally Fura, which is a new restaurant run by the awarded chef Denis Grbic.

"This is an outstanding collection of exciting chefs, both schooled chefs with years under their belt and new exciting faces. I could not be more happy with the collection of restaurants. I think I can promise that everyone can find something they love," says Arnarson.

Cohesive and modern space

The design of Vera Foodhall is impressive but it was fashioned by Hafsteinn Júlíusson and his Design team at HAF Studio. "Hafsteinn and his people did a great job. They have managed to create a cohesive and modern space where people feel like they are entering one big restaurant, but at the same time the eight restaurants do shine."

Björn is certain that VERA will be a cool destination and people will come there for the great food, the atmosphre and to simply have a good old time. "We are looking forward to welcoming people to enjoy our food and drinks."

Hafsteinn Júlíusson and Björn Bragi Arnarson.

Hafsteinn Júlíusson and Björn Bragi Arnarson. Ljósmynd/VERA









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