Security cameras and blinking signs

The new information and warning signs in Reynisfjara Black Beach.

The new information and warning signs in Reynisfjara Black Beach. Photo/Sent to

The installation of warning and information signs in Reynisfjara Black Beach is completed. In addition to the signs, a 300-metre long chain was installed along the parking lot, leading people along a footpath and past the signs. Police cameras were installed on a mast in the beach bar. Images from there are streamed to the South Iceland Police’s guard office in Selfoss.

This is in a notice from the Icelandic Tourist Board.

Blinking lights indicating level of danger

“The signs were designed to give information that is accessible and interesting, to explain what can be done on the spot and not just what cannot be done, although all signs certainly carry cautionary signs. One lighting sign, three large information signs and six guiding signs were put up. One sign tells us what the dangers of the waves are and it is next to the light sign, which is directly linked to the Icelandic Road Administration’s wave forecasting system, ” the notice reads.

Safety is of the utmost importance when visiting this beautiful …

Safety is of the utmost importance when visiting this beautiful area, because the sea can seem deceptively calm when it is in fact very dangerous with strong sneaky waves. Photo/Sent to

The signs are part of the work of a consultative group established on safety issues in Reynisfjördur this summer. The group included representatives of landowners, the South Iceland Police, the Icelandic Tourist Board, the Icelandic Tourist Board, Landsbjörg, the Icelandic Road Administration and Katla Geopark. Kolofon took care of the design and configuration of the signs and donated their work.

The beach is divided into zones according to the conditions

The announcement states that Reynisfjara Black Beach is never closed, but that it is divided into zones according to circumstances. A yellow light means that people should not enter the yellow zone, and a red light means that they must not enter the red zone or go beyond the light-signal.

Reynisfjara Black Beach.

Reynisfjara Black Beach.ónas Erlendsson

“Visitors are then meant to stay on a higher ground on the beach, but the scenery from there is magnificent from a safe distance. The Reynisfjara Black Beach security measures are merely informational. There is no one managing the site, which would be such a good next step, but only on the red-light days. To fund such a guard, landowners must pull together and charge a facility fee for visitors,” the notice also stated.

The new signs, combined with maps and messages in three languages, hope that visitors to Reynisfjara Black Beach will understand the dangers lurking in the area and act accordingly.
“Signs, no matter how good they may be, do not stop anyone who intends to go down to the shore or into the sea no matter what — but they are necessary to keep as many people as possible safe to enjoy Reynisfjara Black Beach in all its glorious splendor. ”


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