From Kulusuk, Greenland.

How about Greenland Buying the USA?

yesterday Some reporters in Denmark are having a blast, following news reports of US President Donald Trump’s interest in purchasing Greenland – an idea generally regarded as absurd in Greenland and Denmark.

Reykjavík Mayor Dagur B. Eggertsson was the flag-bearer of the parade.

Proud of Pride Parade

19 Aug A record number of people gathered downtown on Saturday for Reykjavík Pride Parade.

Pilot whales on Löngufjörur beach.

Higher Temps or Tourists?

18 Aug Warmer ocean temperatures, due to global warming, may explain why pilot whales have been spotted more often around Iceland in recent years.

Tomas Højgaard, professor in mathematics education, led the reform on the Danish curriculum in mathematics. His idead have shaped not only Danish teachers but teachers from all over the world, including Iceland.

Why are we even learning this thing?

16 Aug "There is little use in knowing how to solve equations, if you cannot formulate it yourself when facing real-life problems," says Tomas Højgaard, professor in mathematics education. He is in Iceland for a conference on teaching methods that takes place today.

Hallgrímskirkja church is at the top of the street.

Gay for Good

16 Aug Skólavörðustígur, one of the streets in downtown Reykjavík, has been painted in rainbow colors – for good.

The aircraft, where the incident took place, is from Wizz Air.

Icelander who Disrupted Flight Is Released

16 Aug The Icelander who was arrested in Stavanger, Norway, yesterday, after having attempted to force his way into the cockpit of an aircraft en route from Hungary to Iceland, was released last night.

Icelander Overpowered On Board Aircraft

15 Aug An Icelandic man in his sixties was arrested this morning after attempting to force his way into the cockpit of an aircraft on its way from Hungary to Iceland.

Mars Rover Tested in Iceland: Video

Mars Rover Tested in Iceland: Video

14 Aug Scientists from NASA, the US National Aeronautics and Space Administration, are in Iceland right now, preparing for a 2020 expedition to Mars.

Construction in Reykjavík.

Many Foreign Workers Are Victims of Wage Theft

14 Aug A new report, published by ASÍ, the Icelandic Confederation of Labor, reveals that claims filed due to wage theft and the violation of labor contracts run in the hundreds of millions of Icelandic krónur a year.

Beached pilot whales.

MAST Warns against Consumption of Pilot Whale Meat

13 Aug If you think beached pilot whales are a good source of meat, think again.

Spectators at the championship counted about 10,000, including 2,000 Icelanders.

Icelandic Riders Bring Gold from Berlin

13 Aug Icelanders received seven gold medals at the World Championship for Icelandic Horses, which concluded in Berlin on Sunday.

James Ratcliffe.

Ratcliffe Funds Salmon Research

13 Aug British billionaire James Ratcliffe will be funding new research, in cooperation with the Marine and Freshwater Institute, on the salmon population in Northeast Iceland, Morgunblaðið reports.

President Guðni Th. Jóhannesson, reaching shore with Marglytturnar.

President Enjoys Company of Jellyfish

13 Aug Swimming in the company of jellyfish is not something people generally do with a smile.

Rescue workers on the shore of Þingvallavatn lake.

Tourist Missing in Þingvallavatn Lake

12 Aug The South Iceland Police has just announced that search for a tourist, believed to have fallen into Þingvallavatn lake on Saturday, has been temporarily suspended.

A yellow alert is in effect for a large part of the country.

Yellow Weather Alert in Iceland

12 Aug The Icelandic Met Office has issued a yellow weather alert for a large part of Iceland today.




16 °C



16 °C



13 °C

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