Table mountain is a popular mountain to climb and offers amazing vews of Cape Town.

Icelander rescued on Cape Town's Table Mountain

yesterday An Icelandic tourist was rescued from a deadlock in Table Mountain in Cape Town, South Africa this week. The rescue operation took some 13 hours.

Mislingasmit hefur verið staðfest hjá einum farþega sem var í flugi FI455 með Icelandair frá London til Keflavíkur 14. febrúar.

Measles on Icelandair flight

19 Feb Passengers and crew on an Icelandair were notified by the state infectiologist of Iceland that there was a possibility of measles infection on board. The same announcement was sent to passengers of Air Iceland Connect from Reykjavik to Egilsstaðir on February 15th.

Holyoake says he has gradually become a great fan of Iceland and that he has acquired a number of friends and acquaintances here.

British investor Mark Holyoake withdraws from Iceland Seafood

18 Feb British investor Mark Holyoake stepped down from the board of Iceland Seafood International earlier this month. He acquired a controlling stake in the company in 2010 and has been involved in its development and acquisition of foreign fisheries companies ever since. He says that the timing is right to withdraw from the board, despite the fact that he will continue to hold a large share in ISI.

Jón Þröstur Jónsson has been missing for one week.

Icelander missing in Dublin

16 Feb Jón Þröstur Jónsson has been missing in Dublin, Ireland since February 9th. His family is now in Ireland looking for him with local police.

Guide to Iceland have annulled their contract with Procar.

Fraud at Procar rental company uncovered

15 Feb An investigative tv programme on Rúv national television, Kveikur, uncovered fraud this week by car rental company Procar. Procar was cllocking’ cars to take their mileage down between 2011 until 2016.

The woman arriving with a covered face at court today.

Couple on trial for abusing daughter and step-daughter

14 Feb The principal court proceedings begin to day in Reykjanes in the case of a couple suspected of severe abuse against their daughter and step daughter.

Garðar in front of his Þorri buffet at the House of Lords.

Icelanders celebrate with Viking style food at the House of Lords

12 Feb You have perhaps heard of the old Icelandic month Þorri (the 13thmonth of winter, 20. January – 18. February in 2017) and the frightening food that accompanies it. Last weekend, 130 Icelanders celebrated Þorri at the House of Lords in Westminster, London.


Hvalfjarðargöng tunnel closed due to accident

12 Feb Hvalfjarðargöng tunnel is closed due to a road accident in which people were injured. Two cars were involved in the crash.

Shooters in Austurstræti.

Police seal Reykjavik nightclub on suspicion of criminal activity

11 Feb The Reykjavik Metropolitan Police have sealed the Shooters nightclub in Austurstræti on suspicion of extensive criminal activity.

Man attacks teenagers waiting for bus in Reykjavik

7 Feb A man, seemingly on drugs, attacked teenagers who were waiting for a bus last night. He punched one teenage boy so that he fell to the ground in front of the bus.

The Blue Lagoon is one of Iceland's most popular tourist spots.

Blue Lagoons estimated worth is 50 billion ISK

1 Feb Kólfur hf have made an offer for 19 % shares of the company Hvatning in the Blue Lagoon in Iceland. The offer is pending on an estimated worth of 50 billion ISK of the Blue Lagoon. The largest shareholders have still not decided whether or not they will accept the offer. S

Myndskeið frá íþróttadeild

Small digger breaks through ice in Rauðavatn and sinks

29 Jan A small digger broke through ice just now in Rauðavatn near the Iceland Monitor offices on the outskirts of Reykjavik. Employees of the City of Reykjavik had been trying to make an ice skating rink on the lake but the ice wasn't thick enough to hold the vehicle.

Lágafellslaug pool in Mosfellsbær.

Young man found unconscious in Lágafell swimming pool in Mosfellsbær

29 Jan A young man was spotted on the bottom of the swimming pool at Lágafellslaug pool in Mosfellsbær in the greater Reykjavik area.

Rescue teams got a caterpillar to tow the tractor back out of the lake.

Farmer makes narrow escape as tractor breaks through ice in North West Iceland

28 Jan "Nothing happened other than the fact that the ice simply wasn't solid in that part of the lake. It's not complicated," says farmer Páll Þórðarson at Laxárvatn lake in Sauðanes in Húnavatnshreppur, North West Iceland.

The site of the attack.

Man charged with attempted murder in Akureyri

22 Jan A man in his twenties has been charged with attempted murder in Akureyri last November and posession of an illegal weapon.




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