It looks like a dolphin drifted to shore in Grótta in Seltjarnarnes

29 Jul It looks like a small dolphin has drifted on shore in Grótta in Seltjarnarnes. Dr Filippa Isabel Samarra, a specialist in whales says it is clearly not a killer whale also known as an orca.

Rescue teams think they have found the body of the missing tourist

29 Jul The Police think they have found the body of the missing tourist that they have been searching for since Wednesday evening.

The house in Barðavogur where the man was murdered.

Police asking for continued custody

28 Jul The police in Reykjavík is calling after a continued custody over the man who is the alleged suspect of having murdered a man in an apartment building in Barðavogur in Reykjavík on the 4th of June this year.

Keflavík Airport.

Airplane turned around en route to Seattle because of a bomb threat yesterday

27 Jul An Airbus-plane on its way from Frankfurt in Germany to Seattle in the United States, was turned around to Keflavík Airport because of a bomb threat.

A part of the harbor in Reykhólar collapsed into the sea

27 Jul Almost a quarter of Reykhólar harbor by the kelp mill Thorverk caved in and fell into the sea after The Icelandic Road and Coastal Administration (IRCA) had been working around the harbor, but the plan was to make the harbor bigger and reinforce it with steel siding panels.

At the scene yesterday when there were hopes that the man might saved after falling into the river.

The man who fell into Brúará died

25 Jul The man who fell into Brúará has died yesterday. Rescue teams were called out just after 2 PM yesterday about the man who fell into the river just by Brekkuskógur. Another man was injured at the scene.

The deboning system is one of many products that Marel has sold Lincoln Premioum Poultry and it is also one of the products that are completely automatic and gets a much better yield.

Marel laying off 5% of staff in their global workforce to meet 2023 targets

19 Jul Marel released its unedited preliminary results for the second quarter of 2022 today, and it shows a record number of orders, EUR 472m, revenues of EUR 397 and operational performance of 6.3% EBIT.

Reykjanesbraut, close to the area where the explosion was heard.

Raining stones on cars driving on Reykjanesbraut after an explosion

19 Jul A driver who was on his way from Hafnarfjörður to Keflavík was seriously taken aback when he heard an explosion due to construction work close by the road.

The boat was leaking so badly that the propellers had no chance of keeping up with the leakage.

Two men saved from a sinking boat

13 Jul Two men, a father and a son, were saved this morning from a sinking boat in Breiðafjörður. The boat was leaking and the man got away to a near boat, and no later their boat was on its side halfway in the sea.

The attack took place outside of Þórufell 14 in the Breiðholt neighbourhood in Reykjavík.

Pointed a knife at a young woman and pushed her to the ground

13 Jul Halldóra Kristjánsdóttir's daughter was a victim of an attack outside of Þórufell 14 in Breiðholt in Reykjavík yesterday. She was threatened with a knife and then pushed to the ground. She managed to scream and get away from the assailant and call the police, who got to the scene fast, but not fast enough because the man got away.


Heating up for UEFA Women's EURO - Iceland playing Belgium today at 4 PM

10 Jul UEFA Women's Euro has started in England and the Icelandic national team is getting ready to play Belgium today at 4 PM. Ari Páll Kristinsson, a journalist at, went downtown yesterday to see if pedestrians were up for a little football.

Here is the Íslands apótek drugstore where the young man burst in yesterday pointing a toygun to the staff and demanding drugs.

Tried to rob a drug store with a toy gun

9 Jul The police was called out yesterday when a man attempted to rob a drugstore on Laugavegur at 2:30 PM. The pharmacist Skúli Skúlason was working when the man burst into the drugstore and aimed the gun at him and other staff demanding to get drugs.

The first trip of the nightbus will be tonight.

The Nightbus is back tonight

8 Jul A nightbus will be back from downtown Reykjavík to different neighbourhoods in the Reykjavík area after a two year hiatus. The bus will run on weekends, Friday night and Saturday night, at least over the summer and it will start tonight after midnight, says in an announcement from Strætó.

It will be windy today, especially in the afternoon.

Windy and rainy weather today

7 Jul Today will be windy with the wind coming from the southwest and the west all over the country and people should keep their wits about them when travelling. Yellow warnings are in place for many areas in the country.

“This was a horrible experience”

7 Jul “There is nothing left,” says Birgir Haukdal Rúnarsson the owner of the boat Gosi KE-102 that caught fire this morning when the boat was two nautical miles north of Rif.


Light drizzle


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