From Gunnólfsvíkurfjall mountain.

Stuck on Mountain Top for 12 Days

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Þór’s (Thor’s) Power no Longer Needed

19 Dec Power is back on in Dalvík, North Iceland, where numerous electric power poles were destroyed in the violent storm that hit the country last week.

Four People Rescued in Northeast Iceland

29 Nov All four people on board were rescued this morning from a stranded boat in Þistilfjörður fjord, Northeast Iceland.

Posing like a Playmobil set.

Action Figures or Actual People?

10 Oct What may look like a Playmobil set is instead the actual helicopter, crew and equipment of the Icelandic Coast Guard.

Flames destroyed most of the plane.

Pilot Survives Plane Crash near Reykjavík

18 Sep Miraculously, a pilot survived when a small single engine plane he was flying crashed on top of Skálafell mountain yesterday afternoon.

The majestic iceberg, looking mysterious in the fog. It is estimated that only one fifth to one-seventh of it is above sea level.

Majestic Iceberg West of West Fjords

7 Jul There was surprise in store for Morgunblaðið photographer Eggert Jóhannesson and journalist Skúli Halldórsson when they were offered to accompany the crew of TF-SIF, northwest of the West Fjords.

Three Die in Plane Crash in South Iceland

10 Jun Three people are dead and two seriously injured after a small plane crashed in South Iceland last night.

The drone at Egilsstaðir Airport.

Icelandic Waters Watched by Drone

2 May The Icelandic Coast Guard recently took a drone into use for monitoring the waters around Iceland.

The shotgun shell found by the boys.

Boys in East Fjords find live WW II shell

28 Aug 2018 Explosives experts from the Icelandic Coast Guard were called out this week, at the request of the East Iceland Police, after four boys, aged 11-12, found a strange object.

The ships sailed in memory of the men who died in 1942.

A convoy of warships sails up Hvalfjörður to commemorate the PQ17 convoy in 1942

26 Jun 2017 Six warships and one submarine sailed from Faxaflói bay from Reykjavík up Hvalfjörður on Friday to commemorate that 75 years have passed since the allied convoy PQ17 was destroyed by Nazi submarines and ships in WWII.

Transatlantic jet forced into emergency landing in Iceland

12 Sep 2016 Fire engines, ambulances and helicopters were dispatched to Keflavík International Airport (KEF) this weekend after a transatlantic passenger jet sent out a mayday call for an emergency landing.

World War II bazooka closes Iceland’s main ring road

29 Aug 2016 Iceland’s national ring road was closed for a time early yesterday evening after a pedestrian happened across a bazooka and explosive device dating back to World War II.

Icelandic Coast Guard Helicopter.

Iceland Coast Guard helicopter photobombs a wedding photo shoot

26 Jul 2016 The wedding photographer CM Leung captured a pretty amazing moment during a wedding photo shoot in Iceland. A search and rescue helicopter from the Icelandic Coast Guard flew by the bride, dressed in a white wedding gown on a black glacial ridge.

A great number of emergency services were called out to Grótta last night.

"Parachutist" in ocean turns out to be birthday balloon

22 Jul 2016 An emergency call was made last night that a parachutist had fallen into the ocean at Grótta in Reykjavik. Police, ambulances, fire department and a coastguard helicopter were called out.

Could dead polar bear’s cubs be in Iceland?

19 Jul 2016 An Icelandic coast guard helicopter has been dispatched to Iceland’s West Fjords in search of polar bear cubs potentially belonging to the animal shot and killed in North Iceland at the weekend.


One in ten trust Iceland’s bank system

15 Mar 2016 Iceland’s bank system and parliament have come bottom of a survey asking the public how much they trust various institutions and official bodies.


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