More hard drugs confiscated than before

31 Aug “Just like last year, we’re seeing mainly hard drugs, and at the same time, we’re seeing less cannabis.”

Date Rape Drug Cases on the Rise

30 Jul The number of victims of date rape drugs seeking help at Stígamót, an Icelandic education and counseling center for survivors of sexual abuse and violence, has never been as high as last year.

Icelanders biggest users of addictive drugs in the Nordics

7 Nov 2016 Iceland tops the Nordic table in the use of addictive painkillers, stimulants, sleeping pills, tranquilisers, sedatives and anticonvulsants, it has emerged.

Are people picking ‘magic mushrooms’ on Reykjavik roadsides?

29 Sep 2016 Reports have been circulating of people spotted recently on traffic islands in Greater Reykjavik – picking mushrooms.

Icelandic teenagers abandoning smoking and drinking

22 Sep 2016 A new study has shown that 15-16-year-olds in Iceland smoke and drink considerably less than their European counterparts, with results improving dramatically over the years.

Six arrested as Iceland police bust huge cannabis factory

13 Sep 2016 Police seized sizeable quantities of drugs and arrested six people on Friday following the discovery of a sophisticated large-scale cannabis factory in the Greater Reykjavik municipality of Kópavogur.

Cocaine was found in the belongings of the Icelanders arrested.

Icelandic drug duo to serve five years in Brazilian jail

7 Jun 2016 The 26-year-old man and his 20-year-old girlfriend were caught on Boxing Day 2015 in the Brazilian city of Fortaleza with four kilos of cocaine hidden in condoms and false-bottomed suitcases.

A cannabis plantation in Iceland discovered by police this year.

Icelanders are biggest users of cannabis in the world

4 May 2016 According to a new report by the World Health Organisation (WHO) Icelanders are one of the world's biggest users of cannabis, with over 8% of Icelanders using the drug.

The idea of legalising pot is not popular among Icelanders.

Icelanders overwhelming against legalising cannabis

13 Apr 2016 Fewer than one in four Icelanders support the legalisation of cannabis for personal use, according to a new opinion poll by MMR

Þetta er spikfeitt, bitches! - A guide to Icelandic slang

15 Mar 2016 What on earth are Icelanders on about when they use slang like rolex, gucci, skinka and hnakki? Here's a quick urban dictionary.

Grafarvogur is a suburb of Reykjavik.

Man arrested for speaking in tongues

26 Feb 2016 Police arrested a man in Grafarvogur last night at around midnight. Police state in a report that he was leaning on a lamp post, speaking in tongues.

Photo: Kristinn Ingvarsson

Iceland tops anti-depressants table

19 Feb 2016 Over 40,000 Icelanders – 12.5% of the entire population – were prescribed anti-depressants in 2014. This is the highest rate of use of all OECD countries.

Photo: Ómar Óskarsson

Icelander held in Canada for drug smuggling

12 Feb 2016 An Icelandic woman is currently being held in custody in Canada on suspicion of smuggling considerable quantities of cocaine.

A police vehicle on the Reykjanes road on the southern peninsula.

Driver, on speed, arrested with knuckleduster and axe in his car

27 Jan 2016 Police in South Iceland have arrested several individuals driving under the influence of drugs in recent days. One of the drivers had a knuckleduster and a meat axe between the front seats of his uninsured car.

Photo: ÞÖK

Two jailed for smuggling coke into Iceland

25 Jan 2016 The two men, aged 28 and 22, flew into Iceland from Belgium on 25 October last year with almost half a kilo of cocaine hidden in body cavities.


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