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A tourist attacked downtown Reykjavík

27 Oct Last night around 7 o'clock two men attacked a tourist in front of the grocery store Bónus on Reykjavík's main street Laugavegur. The tourist who comes from Thailand was taken to the hospital with internal injuries and had to undergo surgery.

Organized Crime and Prostitution on the rise in Iceland

26 Oct Organized crime is on the rise and prostitution and human trafficking is a growing problem in Iceland, according to the Icelandic Police.

Arnar Jónsson Aspar's home in Mosfellsdalur.

Chokehold the cause of death in Mosfellsdalur attack

28 Jun Only one of the suspected attackers in the murder in Mosfellsdalur is still in custody. Snapchat videos two attackers took of the victim after the attack form a part of the evidence in the case.

The police say it's a certain that much of the prostitution in Iceland is connected to crime syndicates.

Immense increase in prostitution in Iceland

28 Jun According to Snorri Birgisson of the Reykjavik Metropolitan Police most of the women are foreign. The police say it’s a certain it’s connected to crime syndicates.

Ölfusá is Iceland's largest river and its immensely powerful.

Two men risk their lives to save another man from drowning

12 Jun A local police officer and an unnamed man showed immense bravery when they put themselves at risk to save a man that threw himself into Ölfusá River, by Selfoss in South Iceland.

The victim was at home with his wife and newborn child when the attackers came to his door.

At home with newborn child and wife when attacked

8 Jun The man who died after a savage attack last night was at home with his wife and newborn child when the attackers knocked at his door. They drove a car over his feet and used clubs to beat him.

The man was taken to a hospital, where he passed away.

Man dies after savage attack in Mosfellsdalur, Iceland

8 Jun A man in his forties died after being attacked and severely beaten in his home in Mosfellsdalur, a few kilometres from Reykjavik. According to RÚV, the attack is connected to illegal debt enforcement.

A cat, but not the one in question

“Russian roulette” bringing live animals into Iceland

26 Apr “It’s a Russian roulette taking foreign animals into Iceland says district vet, referring to a cat the police had to put down in East Iceland. According to him many animals have died as a result of importing foreign animals over the years.

The police was waiting for the ship when it docked in Reykjavik.

Norwegian research ship directed to dock by Coast Guard

10 Apr Last Saturday the Icelandic Coast Guard directed a Norwegian research ship to dock at a Reykjavik pier. The ship seems to have been fetching valuables in a wrecked ship from WW II, but it’s debated if the company needed permits to do so.

Shelagh Donov­an.

Fifteen months of “delayed justice” for Jökulsárlón victim

6 Dec 2016 The husband of the Canadian woman who was run over and killed by an amphibious tour vehicle at Iceland’s famous Jökulsárlón glacier lagoon in August 2015 has written to Iceland’s Home Affairs Minister to complain about the slow progress made in the case.

Sigmundur Davíð Gunnlaugsson, former PM of Iceland.

Sisters charged with attempting to blackmail Iceland PM

4 Nov 2016 Sisters Hlín Einarsdóttir and Malín Brand have been formally charged with attempting to blackmail then Prime Minister Sigmundur Davíð Gunnlaugsson and his wife in May last year.

The man was arrested in July last year.

Charges dropped in Iceland HIV infection case

20 Sep 2016 Charges against a man arrested last year on suspicion of deliberately infecting women in Iceland with HIV have been dropped.

Six arrested as Iceland police bust huge cannabis factory

13 Sep 2016 Police seized sizeable quantities of drugs and arrested six people on Friday following the discovery of a sophisticated large-scale cannabis factory in the Greater Reykjavik municipality of Kópavogur.

Tourist charged €800 to leave banned Iceland plane wreck site

29 Aug 2016 Police are investigating a case of a foreign tourist being charged €800 (ISK 100,000) for ignoring road closure signs and driving around a famous Icelandic tourist site.

One year on: Iceland’s cat poisoner strikes again?

22 Aug 2016 Two cats have been found poisoned in the South Iceland town of Hveragerði – in similar circumstances to cat deaths occurring in the same place one year ago.


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