Ruthless Attack on Teenage Boy near Reykjavík

A group of teenagers attack the 14-year-old.

A group of teenagers attack the 14-year-old. Screenshot from a video, showing the attack

Vala Hafstað

A group of teenage boys, aged 15-17, committed a ruthless attack February 10 against a 14-year-old boy by a bus stop at Hamraborg, Kópavogur, just south of Reykjavík. They kicked him and hit him and shot a video of the attack, which was subsequently distributed on social media. RÚV, the national broadcasting station, ran the video during its news hour last night.

Numerous people witnessed the attack, but no one among them appears to have attempted to interfere. The motive for the attack is not clear. The same boy was attacked by teenagers in the Grafarvogur neighborhood, Reykjavík, last year. During that attack, some of the attackers wore brass knuckles.

The boy’s father states he still suffers headaches and vomiting in the wake of the attack. He believes xenophobia to be a possible reason for the attack, since the boy is of foreign descent.

Reacting news of the attack in the news program Kastljós on RÚV TV, Prime Minister Katrín Jakobsdóttir stated that this horrible event demonstrated the need to prioritize children’s issues.

“I believe many of us are shocked,” she stated. She added that a report by UNICEF, WHO and Lancet, published yesterday, clearly shows that much improvement is needed regarding children’s affairs in every community.

“And this news report shows that it truly matters how we treat children and youth,” Katrín added. “That is something we must not forget.

The Kópavogur Police Department is investigating the attack, reports.

Police are asking potential witnesses to the attack, or anyone with information relating to it, to contact them, reports. Their phone number is +354 444-1000. You can leave a private message, too, on the Facebook page of the Capital Area Police, or send an email to




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