Some Criminal Plans May Have Been Canceled Magnússon

Vala Hafstað

We reported recently that one of the Icelandic police departments posted a note on Facebook, kindly asking those who had been contemplating breaking the law to cancel all such plans, due to the situation created by the coronavirus. A look at the statistics suggests there were some who listened.

Reports of break-ins and thefts were down from February to March, especially with regard to thefts of cell phones and vehicle break-ins, reports.

A total of 514 criminal offenses were reported in the capital area in March – down by 233 from the previous month.

Police stress that data from March must be interpreted carefully, since these figures were processed two weeks earlier than usual, which may affect the number of cases. It is, therefore, premature to conclude that the spread of COVID-19 is directly related to the reduced number of reported cases. Figures for March will be updated in the next police report, according to a statement from the police.

There were 218 thefts reported in March, and 50 break-ins. Reports of cell phone thefts were 13, compared with 35 in February. The number of vehicle break-ins reported in March was 9, compared with 31 in February; reported company break-ins were 20, compared with 39 in February; and those of private homes were 20, compared with 27 in February.

Traffic has been much lighter in March, compared with previous months, and not surprisingly traffic violations were down as well, with 564 violations reported, compared with 773 in February.

As for violent crime, 88 such cases were reported in March, compared with 111 cases in February. Instances of suspected driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol were down as well.

By contrast, domestic violence was up in March. There were 60 such cases reported, compared with 50 in February.

The complete report can be accessed here




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