SMS about COVID-19 Sent out in Akureyri

Vala Hafstað

As a preventive measure, the Northeast Iceland Police Department will be sending out an SMS in Akureyri today, intended for passengers arriving from abroad. The message includes general information regarding COVID-19, the novel coronavirus, reports. No cases of the virus have been confirmed in Iceland.

The message is from the Department of Civil Protection and Emergency Management. It includes essential infomation regarding COVID-19, which originates in China. It will be sent out between the hours of 10 am and 11:30 pm.

Similar informative messages are being sent out in and around Keflavík International Airport. The listed sender of the message is the emergency number 112.

It is anticipated that such a message will be sent out in Akureyri whenever passenger jets from abroad land at Akureyri Airport, that is, as long as a stage of uncertainty is in effect, due to the worldwide COVID-19 outbreak.

Attempts will be made to limit the area, to which the message will be sent, to the airport and its vicinity.




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