Hreiðar Her­manns­son, director of Stracta Hotel.

New Low-Cost Airline Planned

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A guide, talking to a group of tourists.

Immigrants’ Role in Tourism Boom

12 Apr The boom in tourism industry in Iceland in recent years would have been impossible without immigrants.

Skarfabakki harbour in Reykjavik.

Record number of cruise ships to Iceland this year

22 Jan The year 2019 will be the largest for cruise ships and cruise ship passenger numbers in Iceland according to marketing manager of Reykjavik Harbour. This increase has been steady in recent years.

Over  2,3 million tourists visited Iceland last year.

Smallest increase in tourists to Iceland since 2010

17 Jan Tourists increased by 5.5 percent between 2017 and 2018 and this is the smallest increase in tourists since the year 2010 but in that year there was a decline in tourists by 1.1 from the previous year.

New hotels in Reykjavik.

1500 new hotel rooms for Reykjavik in next two years

13 Dec Around 1500 hotel rooms will be put into use in the space of the next two years. This is the same as 15 average sized city hotels. With each hotel room costing an average of 35 million ISK this investment is around 53 billion ISK.

Andri Már Ingólfsson, owner of Primera Air which went bankrupt on Monday.

Primera Air goes under, owner "immensely disappointed"

3 Oct Andri Már Ingólfsson, owner of Primera Air who went under on Monday and asked for suspension of payments says that this conclusion to events is immensely disappointing.

The West Nordic countries are comprised of Greenland (pictured), Iceland, and the Faroe Islands.

Vestnorden Travel Mart kicks of in Akureyri today

2 Oct The Vestnorden Travel Mart began in Akureyri, North Iceland this morning and will run until October 4th. This is the 33rd time that the conference is held and over 600 visitors from Iceland, Greenland and the Faroe Islands attend the conference as well as buyers in the travel industry from over 30 countries worldwide.

Those who stay five or more nights are generally happier with their trip than others.

Australians Happiest of Tourists

26 Jul Australians were the happiest group of tourists in Iceland in June, according to the so-called Tourist Pulse, a cooperative project between Gallup, Isavia and the Icelandic Tourist Board.

Dyrhólaey has  been closed off for public traffic during the nesting season.

Traffic through Dyrhólaey, one of Iceland's most famous landmarks, limited

13 May The Iceland Environmental Agency has decided to limit traffic through Dyrhólaey between May 8th to June 25th. The general public and tourists will only be able to walk through Lágey and Háey on marked paths and roads.

The  hole in the ancient wall.

Coach driver drives into ancient turf farm and causes damage

3 May A coach driver for a tourist coach drove into a wall of Glaumbær, a historic turf built farm in Skagafjörður, North Iceland,and left a large hole before driving off.

The area around the famous Gullfoss waterfalls is one of the areas in danger according to the report.

Iceland's most beautiful areas in great danger from increased tourism

9 Apr 2018 A new report on the tolerance limits of the effect on tourism on Iceland's nature shows that the increase in tourism is already doing great damage.

German hotelier Klaus Ortlieb, here at Hlemmur Square hotel.

First Bitcoin ATM machine in Reykjavik introduced at Hlemmur Square hotel

23 Feb 2018 Hlemmur Square hotel, located at Hlemmur square, introduces Reykjavik's first Bitcoin ATM machine tonight. German hotelier Klaus Ortlieb gains no revenue from the machine but says he likes to give something back to Icelandic society.

There are plenty of tourists in Iceland in February despite the cold and snow.

Why do tourists visit Iceland in February?

19 Feb 2018 This weekend's edition of Morgunblaðið published interviews with tourists visiting Iceland to find out what on earth they are doing in Iceland in stormy, cold February!

Icelandair drops Barcelona, focuses on Madrid instead

31 Oct 2017 Icelandair will end its service to Barcelona in Spain in the summer of 2018 and add more flights to Madrid instead.

Comedian Steindi Jr. in the video, here meeting a local elf.

Inspired by Iceland launches ‘The Hardest Karaoke Song in the World’

9 Oct 2017 Inspired by Iceland, the official destination brand for Iceland in marketing has released a new marketing initiative called A to Ö of Iceland. As a part of this launch, they've also released a song called the "Hardest Karaoke Song in the World," featuring local comedian Steindi Jr.

Ljósmyndari og Morgunblaðsins tók þessa flottu mynd af norðurljósum við Skorradalsvatn.

Iceland "steals" Norway's Northern Lights for a MasterCard ad

24 Sep 2017 Norwegian media have noted that a huge ad at Iceland's domestic airport saying welcome to Iceland actually features a photograph of Northern Lights in a Norwegian fjord.




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