Anna Sigríður Erlendsdóttir in the company of the ewe and the lambs.

Lambing Season Begins in Landsveit

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Garlic, grown in Iceland.

Ton of Garlic Grown in Iceland

30 Oct 2021 The first crop of garlic grown on a large scale in Iceland was so well received that it sold out in a day.

Sale of Down Is Up

24 Jun 2021 “I’m very optimistic.”

Minister of Fisheries and Agriculture Kristján Þór Júlíusson.

Icelandic Food Production Provides Plenty of Protein

12 Feb 2021 Icelandic food production has grown in recent years, supplying Icelanders with most of the food they need, especially when it comes to protein.

This lamb adorned the December page for 2020.

Spreading the Beauty of Icelandic Sheep

26 Dec 2020 The 2021 new Lamb Calendar is out, adorned with photos of Icelandic lambs.

Minks in Iceland to Be Screened for Coronavirus

6 Nov 2020 The Icelandic Food and Veterinary Authority has decided to screen for the coronavirus at all mink farms in Iceland.

Case of Scrapie Confirmed in North Iceland

27 Oct 2020 A case of scrapie was confirmed in a sheep on the farm Stóru-Akrar in Skagafjörður, North Iceland, last week.

The sheep coming from the mountains.

Farmers Herd Sheep to Roundup

11 Sep 2020 Farmers in Hrunamannahreppur district, Southwest Iceland, were busy herding their sheep from the mountains early yesterday morning.

A flying sheep. Click on the picture to better view this skilled creature.

Blizzard Conditions Could Complicate Roundup of Sheep

2 Sep 2020 Time flies, as does the sheep in the picture above.

Gyða and her newborn ram lambs.

Ewe Plus Two = Spring

25 Apr 2020 The lambing season has begun in Iceland.

Little Raxi receives a kiss from his mother.

Foal's First Kiss from Mom

31 May 2019 Morgunblaðið photographer Ragnar Axelsson, more commonly known as RAX or Raxi, arrived at the farm Árbæjarhjáleiga on Wednesday just in time to witness the mare Aldís foal a colt.

Kría and Jóhanna, holding the lambs Blíða and Blær.

Lambing Season in Full Swing

24 May 2019 “They’re very funny, and their different personalities are amazing.”

Eiríkur Kristófersson and Bjarni Valur Guðmundsson, with one of the missing sheep.

Farmers find lost sheep in middle of highlands

5 Jan 2018 Farmers from the Hrunamannahreppur district went on an expedition to the Kerlingarfjöll mountains in the highlands to find lost sheep. They found four sheep which have been outside all winter long.

A cat, but not the one in question

“Russian roulette” bringing live animals into Iceland

26 Apr 2017 “It’s a Russian roulette taking foreign animals into Iceland says district vet, referring to a cat the police had to put down in East Iceland. According to him many animals have died as a result of importing foreign animals over the years.

Einhyrningur is slim, and not good for breeding according to his owner.

Iceland Unicorn might go to the slaughterhouse

26 Apr 2017 The ram Einhyrningur, Unicorn, got famous overnight, for his one stoutly horn standing up from its forehead. Einhyrningur is not built for breeding and the farmer that owns him plans to send him to the slaughterhouse next autumn.

The herders that found Einhyrningur first thought he was a goat.

Unicorn found in Iceland

24 Apr 2017 The ram Einhyrningur (Unicorn) only has one horn sprouting from the middle of his forehead. He got lost in the highlands last summer, and was found around Christmas.




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