Spreading the Beauty of Icelandic Sheep

This lamb adorned the December page for 2020.

This lamb adorned the December page for 2020. Photo/Ragnar Þorsteinsson

Vala Hafstað

The 2021 new Lamb Calendar is out, adorned with photos of Icelandic lambs. For the past seven years, Ragnar Þorsteinsson, sheep farmer at the farm Sýrnes in Aðaldalur valley, North Iceland, has published this popular calendar.

Ragnar’s main goal making the calendar is to spread the beauty of the Icelandic sheep, he tells mbl.is .

Photo/Ragnar Þorsteinsson

“The Lamb Calendar is adorned with large and beautiful pictures of newly born lambs in their natural environment,” a statement on Karolina Fund reads. “The pictures capture their beauty, personality, and the wonder of new life.”

Photo/Ragnar Þorsteinsson

“It’s a demanding and time-consuming task to photograph the lambs, as is the case with any young,” the statement reads. “They are independent and constantly on the move, alert to everything around them, and not given to standing still and posing while the camera is gotten ready.”

The November picture for 2020.

The November picture for 2020. Photo/Ragnar Þorsteinsson

The lambing season, naturally, is a busy time at the farm, but the family enjoys the picture taking. Before the pictures can be taken, however, the family must earn the trust and friendship of the lambs. Otherwise, they would get scared and run away.




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