The sheep coming from the mountains.

Farmers Herd Sheep to Roundup

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A flying sheep. Click on the picture to better view this skilled creature.

Blizzard Conditions Could Complicate Roundup of Sheep

2 Sep Time flies, as does the sheep in the picture above.

Don't forget the two-sheep rule.

Two-Sheep Rule and No Sharing of Song-Enhancing Liquid

28 Aug The roundup of sheep is just around the corner in Iceland.


Crazy Bína Gives Birth to Quadruplets

14 May It is rare for ewes to give birth to three lambs, and four are surely the exception.

Eiríkur Kristófersson and Bjarni Valur Guðmundsson, with one of the missing sheep.

Farmers find lost sheep in middle of highlands

5 Jan 2018 Farmers from the Hrunamannahreppur district went on an expedition to the Kerlingarfjöll mountains in the highlands to find lost sheep. They found four sheep which have been outside all winter long.


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