Enjoying the sunshine.

Sunbathing Seals on Löngufjörur Beach

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Police Look for Ducks and Sheep

25 Jun The Suðurnes Police Department, Southwest Iceland, is looking for a missing couple from Garður, the Reykjanes peninsula.

Just arrived in Keflavík.

Beluga Sisters Have Arrived

20 Jun The beluga sisters Litla Grá and Litla Hvít (Little Gray and Little White) safely arrived in Vestmannaeyjar islands last night, after a long journey from China.

Little Gray and Little White.

Belugas Fly in Tomorrow

18 Jun Two beluga whales from Shanghai, China, will arrive at Keflavík International Airport tomorrow morning.

Little Raxi receives a kiss from his mother.

Foal's First Kiss from Mom

31 May Morgunblaðið photographer Ragnar Axelsson, more commonly known as RAX or Raxi, arrived at the farm Árbæjarhjáleiga on Wednesday just in time to witness the mare Aldís foal a colt.

Kría and Jóhanna, holding the lambs Blíða and Blær.

Lambing Season in Full Swing

24 May “They’re very funny, and their different personalities are amazing.”

From the Reykjavík Zoo.

Seals to Be Protected in Reykjavík

10 May The environment and public health board of Reykjavík City has voted to approve a proposal, making the hunting of seals along the Reykjavík coastline and by river mouths within the city limits illegal.

Day of Icelandic Horse Tomorrow

30 Apr Tomorrow, May 1, Icelandic horse owners will be celebrating the International Day of the Icelandic Horse all around Iceland.

Mariusz Kopieccy, in good company in his backyard in Konin, Poland.

Breeds Icelandic Sheepdog in Poland

17 Apr Mariusz Kopieccy is the first person to breed the Icelandic Sheepdog in Poland.

The organization Villikettir aims to improve the lives of feral and stray cats.

Cat tortured in Hafnarfjörður

30 Aug “This is terrifying. You don’t understand how anyone can do this sort of thing.”

Golden Retriever Þór, enjoying physical therapy.

Physical Therapy for Animals

26 Jul 2018 At the Garðabær Animal Hospital, a short distance from Reykjavík, animals can now get physical therapy.

Narcotic detection dog at work.

New Police Dog Trainer Hired

22 Jul 2018 A new trainer has been hired to head the training of narcotic detection dogs in Iceland, according to Minister of Justice Sigríður Á. Andersen.

This is a raccoon, but not the exact raccoon in question.

Presence of raccoon in Reykjanes still a mystery

22 Mar 2018 The Icelandic Food and Veterinary authority have sent the carcass of the raccoon killed in Hafnir in Reykjanes earlier this week for dissection to the University of Iceland.

The raccoon was living in some sort of burrow or hole in the ground near Hafnir.

Raccoon found- and killed in Reykjanes, South-West Iceland

21 Mar 2018 A raccoon was caught near Hafnir in Reykjanes yesterday. The animal was living in a burrow there. Raccoons are not native to Iceland but have been spotted here before.

Flocks of ravens are being too noisy.

Ravens keeping people up in East Iceland

3 Feb 2018 People in the town of Egilsstaðir in East Iceland have been asked by city authorities to stop feeding the ravens. Ravens have become somewhat of a plague in the northern part of the town, keeping to the trees and lampposts and screeching all night long.

Icelandic reindeer in winter.

Warning: Reindeer traffic in East and South East Iceland

14 Dec 2017 The Iceland Road Administration and the East Iceland Nature Research Centre would like to warn drivers to look out for reindeer crossing roads in East and South East Iceland.




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