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Drive Slowly! Reindeer Crossing the Road!

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The star of a number of documentaries.

Arctic Fox in Hornstrandir to Star in BBC Documentary

2 Jan BBC has obtained permission from the Environment Agency of Iceland to film a documentary about the Arctic fox in the Hornstrandir nature reserve in the West Fjords.

This lamb adorned the December page for 2020.

Spreading the Beauty of Icelandic Sheep

26 Dec The 2021 new Lamb Calendar is out, adorned with photos of Icelandic lambs.

Minks in Iceland to Be Screened for Coronavirus

6 Nov The Icelandic Food and Veterinary Authority has decided to screen for the coronavirus at all mink farms in Iceland.

A great deal can be learned from the research about the process of aging.

245 Years Old Without Signs of Aging

3 Nov The key to aging well is keeping exercise to a minimum and living in cold and darkness.


Beached Pilot Whales in Snæfellsnes: Video

14 Sep Passers-by chanced upon about ten beached pilot whales in Álftafjörður fjord, on the north side of the Snæfellsnes peninsula, West Iceland, yesterday.


Crazy Bína Gives Birth to Quadruplets

14 May It is rare for ewes to give birth to three lambs, and four are surely the exception.


Four Tarantulas Coming to Iceland

9 Apr 2020 The Environment Agency of Iceland recently granted permission for the importation of four tarantulas from Germany and four southern white-faced owls (Ptilopsis granti) from the UK.

Pets’ Quarantine Time to Be Shortened

4 Jan 2020 Quarantine time for imported pets in Iceland will be reduced from four weeks to two.

Violent Storm Kills Dozens of Icelandic Horses

18 Dec 2019 The violent storm that hit Iceland last week killed dozens of horses.

From a sightseeing tour, organized by the Seal Center.

Seal Center Receives European Award

6 Nov 2019 The Icelandic Seal Center in Hvammstangi, Northwest Iceland, received first price in the category Intangible Heritage at the Destination of Sustainable Cultural Tourism Awards.

Enjoying the sunshine.

Sunbathing Seals on Löngufjörur Beach

23 Jul 2019 A number of harbor seals were sunbathing on Löngufjörur beach on the Snæfellsnes peninsula, West Iceland, on Saturday.

Police Look for Ducks and Sheep

25 Jun 2019 The Suðurnes Police Department, Southwest Iceland, is looking for a missing couple from Garður, the Reykjanes peninsula.

Just arrived in Keflavík.

Beluga Sisters Have Arrived

20 Jun 2019 The beluga sisters Litla Grá and Litla Hvít (Little Gray and Little White) safely arrived in Vestmannaeyjar islands last night, after a long journey from China.

Little Gray and Little White.

Belugas Fly in Tomorrow

18 Jun 2019 Two beluga whales from Shanghai, China, will arrive at Keflavík International Airport tomorrow morning.

Little Raxi receives a kiss from his mother.

Foal's First Kiss from Mom

31 May 2019 Morgunblaðið photographer Ragnar Axelsson, more commonly known as RAX or Raxi, arrived at the farm Árbæjarhjáleiga on Wednesday just in time to witness the mare Aldís foal a colt.




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