Wally the Walrus Spotted in Southeast Iceland

Vala Hafstað

A visitor in Höfn, Hornafjörður fjord, Southeast Iceland, appears to be one who wreaked havoc in Ireland in the summer, causing damage to numerous boats in Cork, two of which sank, mbl.is reports.

The visitor in question is a walrus, first spotted in Höfn harbor on Sunday. It disappeared that night, but was back again yesterday evening, much to the delight of residents. It stays in the harbor, where it appears to be comfortable. The walrus has proven quite a magnet for people in the area, who have flocked to take its picture.

Walruses are rarely spotted in Iceland, and if this one is indeed the walrus from Ireland, then his name is Wally. It was in his search for a place to rest in Cork, Ireland, that he caused two boats to sink. Seal Rescue Ireland came to his aid in Ireland by providing him with an inflatable boat on which to rest, as well as to prevent further property damage. The walrus was spotted in France, Spain and the UK as well.

In Iceland, we call him Valli.

You may be able to spot him in this webcam.

Seal Rescue Ireland posted a tweet yesterday, saying that after comparing photographs, they have confirmed that this is indeed Wally. Certain similarities were noticed, such as a similar length of the tusks and scars on the front of both front flippers.

“We are absolutely over the moon that he’s not only still alive and well, but he is well on his way home to the Arctic,” the tweet states. To read the tweet, see here.

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