Fireworks Can Cause Fear Among Dogs

Vala Hafstað

New Year’s Eve is approaching — a night of fireworks and noise that can cause fear among pets. This can be a stressful time for pet owners, who need to be well prepared.

Hanna Arnórsdóttir, veterinarian at the Animal Hospital in Garðabær, tells it is essential for pet owners to recognize the signs of fear in the pets. She states that pets, and dogs in particular, become nervous on New Year’s Eve.

Sometimes, she states, veterinarians prescribe medication for the dogs to reduce anxiety. Pet owners can obtain information about those from their vet.

“There is one medicine called Sileo, which is an oromucosal gel,” Hanna explains. “The way it works is that it makes their heart rate drop slightly. Just like for us, [the dogs’] pulse gets higher when their scared and feel badly.”

She states it is important to create a shelter for the dog, that is, access to a place of as little noise as possible. “Some [dogs] prefer being close to us and with us,” she adds.

Besides, she notes, it is important to be aware that when a dog is scared and insecure, it can bite and snap in defense at guests or strangers who attempt to pet it.


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