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A Þrettándabrenna - a bonfire for twelfth night at Ægissíða in West Reykjavik.

Icelanders celebrate Twelfth Night with bonfires for the elves

6 Jan Today marks the epiphany, Twelfth Night, the end of Christmas which in Iceland is celebrated in a somewhat pagan fashion.

There's been great discussion lately about the heightened presence of small airborne particles in Reykjavik.

Iceland- no longer the "freshest country in the world"

5 Jan The director of the asthma and allergy association in Iceland says that the situation due to small airborne particles in Reykjavik partly caused by fireworks on New Years Eve is very bad. Action needs to be taken so that a similar situation doesn't arise again.

A photo of the fire spreading at Skógafoss.

People set fire to grass at Skógafoss waterfall with fireworks

4 Jan A tourist witnessed people shooting up fireworks at Skógafoss, one of Iceland's most picturesque waterfalls on New Year's Eve. The ground was set on fire. "

British actor Benedict Cumberbatch .

Benedict Cumberbatch in Iceland on NYE

2 Jan Actor Benedict Cumberbatch spent New Year's Eve in Iceland and attended a Sigur Rós concert at Harpa Concert Hall reports website Nútiminn.

Fifteen people sought medical attention due to respiratory problems.

Record breaking firework pollution this year- fifteen people seek medical attention

2 Jan Pollution in Reykjavik and municipalities reached 4500 microgrammes per cubic metre on New Year's Eve due to the firewoks. This is a record for pollution on New Year's Eve.

A drone captures the fireworks last night.

Video: NYE fireworks in Reykjavik

1 Jan Photographer Gunnar Freyr Gunnarsson captured these wonderful images of fireworks in Reykjavik with a drone last night.

New Year's Eve looking over Kópavogur.

Images from New Year's Eve in Reykjavik

2 Jan 2017 Wish you were here? Here are a few photographs of the fireworks on New Year's Eve in Reykjavik this year.

In Reykjavik for New Year's Eve? Make Harpa the location for your New Year's Eve countdown.

New Year's Eve countdown at Reykjavik's stunning concert hall

27 Dec 2016 Harpa concert and conference hall in the centre of Reykjavik joins other renowned landmarks who have made a tradition to countdown to the New Year.

You can touch the little ice-ghosts.

Sophisticated wildness

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You can touch the little ice-ghosts.

Sophisticated wildness

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