Population of Iceland: nearly 357,000

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More than 50,000 Immigrants in Iceland

2 Dec There were 50,272 immigrants in Iceland on January 1 this year, or 14.1 percent of the population.

Foreign Citizens 13.4 Percent of Iceland’s Population

4 Nov At the end of September, the population of Iceland was 362,860 – 186,220 men and 176,640 women.

Quarter of Reykjanesbær Population from Abroad

4 Aug The ratio of foreign citizens residing in Reykjanesbær, Southwest Iceland, is the highest it’s ever been, or about 26 percent.

Students at Finnbogastaðaskóli school at play, years ago.

School with Only One Student Left

31 Jul 2018 Finnbogastaðaskóli school in Árneshreppur district, the West Fjords, may not be operated this coming school year.

In  2017, 4.071 children were born in Iceland.

Iceland has highest rate of children born out of wedlock than anywhere else in Europe

25 May 2018 Only 28.8 percent of children were born in wedlock in Iceland in 2017. This is reported by the Iceland bureau of statistics.

Summer net migration to Iceland almost 1,000

2 Nov 2016 950 more people moved to Iceland than moved away in the third quarter of 2016. This, combined with the number of births and deaths in Iceland in the period July-September 2016, brings the total population of Iceland up to 337,610.

Almost one in ten in Iceland foreign-born

25 Oct 2016 At 1 January this year, there were 31,812 foreign nationals living in Iceland – representing 9.6% of the total population – according to new figures from Statistics Iceland.

What this couple WON’T miss when they leave Iceland

29 Aug 2016 This young couple making a new life in Denmark have made a video about the aspects of living in Iceland that they won’t miss once they are gone.

Í lok 2. ársfjórðungs 2016 bjuggu 336.060 manns á Íslandi, 169.540 karlar og 166.520 konur.

Iceland population is now 336,060

28 Jul 2016 At the end of the 2nd quarter of 2016, the population of Iceland was 336,060, an increase of 1,760 from the previous quarter.

Iceland population could hit half a million by 2065

29 Jun 2016 New figures from Statistics Iceland suggest that the population of Iceland – now around 332,000 – could be as high as 523,000 in fifty years time.

Fertility in Iceland too low to maintain population

20 May 2016 Fertility rates in Iceland in 2015 were the lowest since records began and way below the figure needed to maintain population levels, according to new figures.

Iceland population rises by 1,540 in three months

9 May 2016 Statistics Iceland has just published figures on how the population of Iceland changed in the first three months of 2016.

Photo: Steinunn Ásmundsdóttir

Iceland needs 2,000 new foreigners a year

10 Mar 2016 Iceland will need some 30,000 foreign workers to move to the country between now and 2030, Icelandic business leaders predict.

Crowds on Laugavegur in downtown Reykjavik.

Population: Foreign nationals on the rise - Icelanders moving abroad

2 Feb 2016 The population of Iceland increased by 1.440 individuals in the last quarter of 2015 with 970 babies born and 520 people who died. Most of the foreign nationals who moved to Iceland last year were from Denmark.

Photo: Hjörtur

Icelanders twice as likely to emigrate

13 Jan 2016 Over one in ten native-born Icelanders currently live abroad according to new figures from the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD).


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