Population of Iceland Nearly 370,000

Vala Hafstað

Statistics Iceland has just released new population figures, mbl.is reports. The population of Iceland at the end of the first quarter of 2021 was 369,870 - 189,580 males and 180,300 females. The population increased by 1,290 from the previous quarter, or by 0.3 percent. The population of the capital region was 237,470, while 132,400 lived outside it.

A total of 1,140 children were born during the first quarter, and 580 persons died. Net migration was 530 persons. Net migration of persons with an Icelandic citizenship was 180, and 350 for foreign citizens. More males than females emigrated.

Norway was the most popular destination for Icelandic citizens. Sixty persons emigrated there during the quarter. Of the 280 Icelandic citizens who emigrated, 120 went to Denmark, Norway or Sweden. Among the 980 foreign citizens who emigrated, the largest group, or 360, went to Poland.

Immigrants of Icelandic citizenship came mostly from Denmark (140), Norway (50) or Sweden (70) – a total of 260 out of 460 persons, while Poland was the country of origin for most of the foreign immigrants, or for 290 out of 1,330 of them. Lithuania ranked second with 120 immigrants.


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