Population of Iceland: 368,590

Vala Hafstað

The population of Iceland by the end of 2020 was 368,590, that is, 188,900 males and 179,680 females, according to the latest figures from Statistics Iceland, mbl.is reports. The population increased by 570 during the fourth quarter. In the capital area alone, the population was 236,520. By the end of 2020, foreign citizens in Iceland numbered 51,180, representing 13.9 percent, of the population.

A total of 1,080 babies were born in Iceland during the last quarter of 2020. During the same quarter, 630 deaths were reported. The number of people who moved to Iceland exceeded those who left the country by 90.

Net migration of persons with Icelandic citizenship was 150, and -60 for foreign citizens. A larger number of males than females emigrated.

Denmark was the most popular destination for Icelandic citizens, with 100 Icelanders emigrating there during the fourth quarter. Of the 390 Icelandic citizens who emigrated, 210 went to Denmark, Norway or Sweden. Of the 1,530 foreign citizens who emigrated, the largest group, or 590, moved to Poland.

Immigrants of Icelandic citizenship came mostly from Denmark, Norway or Sweden, or 320 out of 540, while Poland was the country of origin for most of the foreign immigrants,  or 280 out of 1,470. The second largest group, or 90 persons, were immigrants from Romania.

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