Þórunnborg Jónsdóttir, holding the giant puffball.

Giant Mushroom Found in East Fjords

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Gunnar Karl Gíslason, owner of Dill restaurant.

Dill Restaurant Open Once a Week

3 Jun Dill restaurant, Reykjavík - the first Icelandic restaurant to earn a Michelin star - has seen business drop substantially during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Today Is ‘Bun Day’

24 Feb Today, Icelanders celebrate bolludagur, or “Bun Day.”

From last year's Food and Fun Festival.

Food and Fun Festival Fast Approaching

1 Feb The Food and Fun Festival will be held at restaurants in Reykjavík for the 19th time March 4-8.

What Do Icelanders Serve for Christmas?

24 Dec Tonight, Christmas Eve, is when Icelanders traditionally celebrate Christmas and exchange gifts.


Papaya Produced in Iceland?

5 Nov “Papaya produced in Iceland” may sound like an oxymoron.

The organizers of the festival.

Great Fish Day August 8-11

7 Aug 2019 The Great Fish Day will be celebrated in the fishing town Dalvík, North Iceland, August 8-11.

The lot has been painted in bright colors.

Food Market and More by Reykjavík Harbor

6 Jul 2019 A colorful food market and recreational area are being installed on Miðbakki wharf, by Reykjavík Harbor.

From a food market.

Food Market Planned in Laugardalur

4 May 2019 Reykjavík City officials aim to set up a food market in Laugardalur for July.

Mat­hi­as Ju­lien Spoerry, Ella Vala Ármanns­dótt­ir and their son, Yoan Þröstur.

Fired up about Wood-Fired Oven

28 Apr 2019 People in North Iceland are in for a treat.

Jón Örn, owner of Kjötkompaníið.

New butcher's shop opens at Grandi harbour district

18 Oct 2017 Foodies living in central Reykjavik can rejoice as yet another food related shop opens in Grandi, Reykjavik's fishpacking district.

Bogi Jónsson and his son Charin Thaiprasert.

Icelandic noodle restaurant to open in South Korea

9 Jun 2017 Noodle station is a very popular noodle restaurant in Reykjavik which specializes in Thai noodle soups. The restaurant is now opening a branch in Seoul in South Korea.

Kleina isn't unique to Iceland but records of it date back to the 18th century.

Kleina, Iceland's favourite pastry

7 May 2017 The Kleina is one of the oldest pastries in Iceland. Though far from being unique to the island, it is still today one of the most popular pastry served by Icelandic grandmothers.

The seminar is held at the loft of the store.

Icelandic or foreign cheese. What's the difference?

23 Apr 2017 There is a small store called Búrið in Grandi, Reykjavik harbour area. It sells cheese and other gourmet products. They also have seminar on Icelandic cheese, the culture and more. There you can find out more about Icelander’s short but passionate love affair with cheese.

The cod liver is available smoked, and not smoked.

Arctic “foie gras”

21 Apr 2017 “We describe our product as “Arctic foie gras”, says Guðmundur Davíðsson of iCan, producer of cod liver in cans. “In France people started to get to know cod liver when there came up problems with the production of foie gras. The cod liver could replace it in some ways.”

Chocolatier Hafliði Ragnarsson creates deluxe Easter eggs.

Peppery/salted liquorice Easter egg new craze in Iceland

9 Apr 2017 There are over 30 different types of Easter eggs made in Iceland, not taking different sizes into consideration, with different flavourings. A particular hit this year is a chocolate egg with salted liquorice and peppery salmiak powder.




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