Food Market and More by Reykjavík Harbor

Vala Hafstað

A colorful food market and recreational area are being installed on Miðbakki wharf, by Reykjavík Harbor, reports. The area has been painted in bright colors and patterns. Rain this week delayed the completion of the painting job. As soon as it is completed, the market will be ready to open.

Five to six food stands will be operated on the wharf between 9 am and 21 pm every day through September 15. Seafood will be prevalent on the menus, but other types of food are to be on offer as well. The use of disposable plastic cutlery and plastic packaging will be prohibited.

There are plans to havel a basketball court, a skateboard park and a bike park in the area. The idea is to transform the wharf from a parking lot into a public area.




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