Park rangers and rescue workers, ready to put up a fence.

Hot Spring Area Fenced Off

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Those who stay five or more nights are generally happier with their trip than others.

Australians Happiest of Tourists

26 Jul Australians were the happiest group of tourists in Iceland in June, according to the so-called Tourist Pulse, a cooperative project between Gallup, Isavia and the Icelandic Tourist Board.

There are plenty of tourists in Iceland in February despite the cold and snow.

Why do tourists visit Iceland in February?

19 Feb 2018 This weekend's edition of Morgunblaðið published interviews with tourists visiting Iceland to find out what on earth they are doing in Iceland in stormy, cold February!

Our journalist spoke to tourists walking the streets of Reykjavik yesterday and asked for their opinion on Iceland.

Prices and weather what bothers tourists in Iceland the most

29 Jun 2017 Price and cold weather were what bothered tourists our journalist got a hold of the most. Aside from that, all of them were really pleased with their visit and spoke of friendly locals and magnificent nature.

Next to this wall is a popular spot for going to the toilet, it would seem, on the way to or from the airport.

Tourists poop in picnic area near airport

26 Aug 2016 It has been increasingly noted by coach drivers in Reykjanes that a popular picnic spot near Keflavik International Airport is being used as a toilet by tourists.

Note to tourists: Don't go rowing on Lake Mývatn.

Tourist fined for sailing on Iceland's Lake Mývatn

14 Jun 2016 A tourist was stopped by police when he was rowing on a boat on Lake Mývatn in North Iceland and fined.




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