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Swedish children in Icelandic jumpers.

VIDEO: Swedish children perform Icelandic Christmas carol

16 Dec 2016 As part of celebrations for Saint Lucia’s in Sweden this week, the talented pupils of a Stockholm school learnt and performed the Icelandic version of a well-known Christmas carol.

View on Iceland: Disappearing, Björk and Language Learning

1 Oct 2016 Once you finished browsing Iceland Monitor’s wide selection of news, events and features, you might like to have a look at some other Iceland-related material from around the world that we shall be collecting for you weekly.

Kristófer Acox during last night's game.

President sorry for Iceland basketball player ‘Good Luck’ gaffe

1 Sep 2016 Iceland’s new President caused a minor stir at last night’s basketball international against Switzerland by address a member of the Icelandic national team in English.

'Katla' is a doddle to pronounce - once you know.

How to pronounce the name of Iceland’s latest volcano

30 Aug 2016 News reports have been flying around over the past 24 hours of increased seismic activity near the South Iceland volcano of Katla.

Iceland couple arguing over what to call a toaster

1 Jul 2016 Who says people don’t care about language? And what IS the Icelandic word for ‘toaster’?

Support Iceland in Euro 2016 with your own Icelandic name!

30 Jun 2016 As Euro 2016 Iceland-mania sweeps the continent, a Norwegian news outlet has put together an amusing ‘Generate your own Icelandic name’ function for readers to play with.

Have a bash at speaking Icelandic – with the new Accent app!

27 May 2016 Accent is the name of a new language-sharing app about to hit the market – and which could be a real boon to those interested in learning Icelandic.

Many immigrants to Iceland and students abroad learn Icelandic very successfully.

Icelandic impossible? Nonsense!

26 Apr 2016 Many speakers of other languages – both in Iceland and abroad – have very successfully learnt to speak, understand, read and write Icelandic.

Andri Snær Magnason, writer and environmental activist announced that he's running for President of Iceland this afternoon.

Presidential candidate Magnason speaks for the environment, culture and a new constitution

11 Apr 2016 Writer and environmentalist Andri Snær Magnason announced his candidature for President of Iceland in front of a jam-packed National Theatre this afternoon in Reykjavik. He spoke of the importance of a highland national park, a new constitution and the importance of culture.

Photo: Þorvaldur Örn Kristmundsson

5 tips for learning Icelandic

24 Mar 2016 Are you thinking about learning Icelandic – the mother tongue of some 300,000 people on our island in the North Atlantic?

Icelanders' English skills are extremely good and visiting English speakers generally have no trouble getting by.

5 things you need to know about ‘Icelish’

14 Mar 2016 One of the first thing visitors or new expats in Iceland will experience – and be immensely grateful for – is the locals’ quite brilliant grasp of the English language.

The players have spoken: surnames it should be.

“Players want surnames on their shirts”

3 Mar 2016 The vast majority of Icelandic ‘surnames’ are not in fact surnames in the traditional sense, but patronyms – names based on the filial relationship with a male parent.

'Hugur minn er' will now be called 'I promised you then'.

Eurovision hopefuls ditch Icelandic language

16 Feb 2016 Only one out of six entries in this weekend’s event to select the Icelandic entry for the 2016 Eurovision Song Contest will be in the national language of Icelandic.

Photo: Wikipedia/David Iliff

British MP slammed for learning Icelandic

27 Jan 2016 Icelandic singled out as one of the foreign languages “shameless” British MPs have been learning.

Photo: Friðrik Tryggvason

Anger at official report drafted in English

15 Jan 2016 The Icelandic Language Committee describes as “unacceptable” the decision of the government to accept a report not written in the country’s sole official language.


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