Hilmar Örn Hilmarsson carrying a drinking horn at the Winter Solstice ceremony last night.

Icelandic Pagans celebrate Winter Solstice at new temple site

23 Dec 2017 Yesterday was the shortest day of the year and in Iceland the sun was only in the sky for four hours and seven minutes. Members of the Ásatrú religion celebrated Winter Solstice with a blót (sacrificial) ceremony at Öskjuhlíð hill in Reykjavik, which is also the site for the new Ásatrú temple set to rise next summer.

The temple is being constructed in the woodland covered hill of Öskjuhlíð in Reykjavik.

Iceland's first pagan temple in 1000 years ready in late 2018

2 Dec 2017 The Ásatrú temple in Öskjuhlíð in Reykjavik will be ready in the latter part of next year. There's been a break in construction of the temple but construction will begin again in January.

Members of the Ásatrú religion in Iceland conducting a ceremony for the spirit guardians of Iceland.

Enormous increase in Pagan Ásatrú religion in Iceland

28 Mar 2017 Since 2014 there has been a 50% increase in registered members of the Ásatrú pagan religious movement in Iceland which worships the ancient Norse gods such as Ódin, Thor and Freyja.

Moonlight, rainbows and Northern Lights

17 Oct 2016 Photographer Einar Guðmann took these incredible photographs of Goðafoss waterfall in North Iceland under the moonlight and shares tips on capturing the Northern Lights on camera.


Video: Viking sword was just "waiting to be picked up"

5 Sep 2016 An important archeological discovery was made this weekend by a group of hunters in Iceland. They picked up a sword thought to be from the tenth century which was placed on a pagan grave at the beginning of Iceland's settlement.

The sword is a very important archeological find.

Tenth century Viking sword discovered in Iceland

5 Sep 2016 A few friends hunting for geese accidentally discovered an impressive Viking sword this weekend which they handed over to the Cultural Heritage Centre of Iceland.

Chieftain Jörmundur Ingi Hansen (third from left).

Pagan chieftain sets 17 June as birthday of Iceland democracy

26 Jul 2016 Iceland’s national day is 17 June, the day on which the newly independent Icelandic republic was founded in 1944. But is there more to the date than meets the eye?

A photograph taken from the inside of the cave looking out. Two further floors lie deeper inside the cave.

A mysterious cave in Iceland reputed for human sacrifices

29 Mar 2016 A centuries old man-made cave on three floors by the Eyjafjöll mountains in North Iceland lies within a sheepcote which is now being rebuilt. Morgunblaðið interviewed the brothers who are building it who told of the dark tales associated with it which include Nazis and ancient pagan sacrifices.


Video: High Chieftain of Ásatrú religion on piss-fermented shark and ram's testicles

26 Jan 2016 Hilmar Örn Hilmarsson, high chieftain of the pagan Ásatrú religion in Iceland spoke to Iceland Monitor about the origins of the traditional Þorrablót festival, taking place all over the country for the next couple of weeks.

High Chieftain Hilmar Örn Hilmarsson on the left at an Ásatrú ceremony.

Pagans pestered by foreign press

1 Jan 2016 The Ásatrú religious society in Iceland has, according to high chieftain Hilmar Örn Hilmarsson, been disturbed greatly by foreign tourists, foreign press and foreign scholars this year.

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Nipples, glaciers and pagans: a 2015 retrospective

22 Dec 2015 As the year draws to a close, Iceland Monitor takes a look back over 2015 and some of its most popular news stories for each month. Which is your favourite?

Pagan chieftain Haukur Bragason weds Scottish gay couple Paul and Marc Aitken at Hjörleifshöfði.

Pagan and humanist gay weddings

14 May 2015 It is not just progressive legislation and a tolerant society that draws same-sex brides and grooms here to Iceland. It is also increasingly the allure of a humanist or Old Norse-style ceremony.

A pagan celebration at the solar eclipse in Öskjuhlíð.

Pagans celebrate first day of summer

20 Apr 2015 The Ásatrú society in Iceland will be celebrating the first day of summer which according to Icelandic tradition takes place this Thursday. The pagan summer ritual, or "blót" takes place in the concave grassy area east of the art museum and families are welcome to join in.

Members of the Ásatrú society, pictured here at Öskjuhlíð for their Winter Solstice ceremony in December.

Pagans to conduct a solar eclipse ceremony at temple site

19 Mar 2015 The Ásatrú society in Iceland will be conducting a special pagan ceremony for the solar eclopse tomorrow morning in Öskjuhlíð, Reykjavík at the site of their new temple. This will be accompanied by a groundbreaking ceremony for the new temple which will be the first Ásatrú temple to be built in Europe for a thousand years.




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