Video: High Chieftain of Ásatrú religion on piss-fermented shark and ram's testicles

Anna Margrét Björnsson
Anna Margrét Björnsson

Hilmar Örn Hilmarsson, High Chieftain of the pagan Ásatrú religion in Iceland spoke to Iceland Monitor about the origins of the traditional Þorrablót festival, taking place all over the country for the next couple of weeks. 

Some of the foods on offer are pickled lamb's heads, lamb's penises, ram's testicles, blood pudding, a type of haggis and a jam made of sheep's brains. 

Hilmarsson says that Þorrablót in the current form was invented with the romantic movement of the 19th century, similarly to the Scottish festival of Burn's night. 

He adds that this time of year has been proven by psychologists to be the most depressing of the year. "A good party is a good cure for that."

In the accompanying video you can also observe the preparation of the traditional Þorrablót food. 

To find out more about the Ásatrú religion see our previous interview with Hilmarsson HERE. 


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