Pieces from the wreck on Eyjafjallajökull glacier.

Glacier Returns Fragments of Flying Fortress

19 Sep Debris from an American B-17 Flying Fortress bomber that crashed into Eyjafjallajökull glacier during World War II is gradually coming to light as the glacier recedes.

A famous photo from May 10, 1940. British soldiers on Kirkjustræti street in Reykjavík and curious passers-by.

Eighty Years Since Iceland Was Occupied

11 May Yesterday, May 10, 80 years had passed since Iceland was occupied by British forces during World War II.

A maritime patrol aircraft follows a Russian submarine.

US Navy to Begin Construction at KEF Airport

17 Apr The US Navy will begin work on a large project within the security area of Keflavík International Airport this week.

There are not many tourists in Iceland right now.

US Citizens Encouraged to Return Home from Iceland

8 Apr The US Embassy in Iceland encourages all US citizens not prepared to remain abroad for an indefinite period to return to the US.

Three COVID-19 Cases in Iceland Traced to Denver

13 Mar Three of the Icelanders diagnosed with COVID-19 yesterday were found to have contracted the virus in Denver, Colorado, in the United States.

Icelandair CEO Bogi Nils Bogason.

Icelandair to Continue Flying to Four US Cities

12 Mar Icelandair will keep flying to four US destination during the 30-day travel ban, imposed by the US on travel from Europe.

Trump’s Travel Ban: Major Impact on Icelandair

12 Mar Skarphéðinn Berg Steinarsson, director general of tourism, tells mbl.is that the ban to be imposed by the US on travel from Europe will have a substantial impact on the operation of Icelandair.

From Nuuk, the capital of Greenland.

Trump Sends Delegation to Greenland

25 Oct 2019 The United States has not lost interest in Greenland, although US President Donald Trump’s desire to purchase the autonomous territory from Denmark was not well received in the summer.

Will Iceland be Gray-Listed?

17 Oct 2019 By the end of the week, Iceland could land on a gray list of countries, which have failed to take sufficient measures to combat money laundering and the financing of acts of terrorism.

US President Donald Trump and Chinese President Xi Jinping in Japan in June.

Iceland’s Choice: the US or China

16 Oct 2019 In the coming years, Icelanders must decide whether to follow China or the US, in terms of trade and international affairs.

US President Donald Trump.

Trump Interested in Free Trade Agreement with Iceland

25 Sep 2019 The Trump administration is interested in a free trade agreement with Iceland.

US Interest Part of Competition with China

6 Sep 2019 US interest in Iceland and the Arctic region is clearly increasing.

Iceland's First Lady Eliza Reid, with US Vice President Mike Pence and his wife Karen Pence.

Colors Speak Loudly during Pence’s Visit

5 Sep 2019 Colors said more than many words yesterday when US Vice President Mike Pence visited Höfði house, Reykjavík.

Flags flying in front of Advania.

Rainbow Flags near Höfði House

4 Sep 2019 Passers-by have noticed numerous rainbow flags flying in the vicinity of Höfði house, where US Vice President Mike Pence recently arrived on a state visit.

US Vice President Mike Pence.

‘Party against Pence’ Planned by 11 Associations

4 Sep 2019 Eleven associations are planning a protest today in Austurvöllur square, Reykjavík, at 5:30 pm, called “Partý gegn Pence,” meaning “Party against Pence.”


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