The helicopter TF-GRO.

Rescue Helicopter Ready if Required

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TF-GRO, one of the Icelandic Coast Guard's helicopters.

Will No Rescue Helicopter Be Available Next Week?

20 Nov The Icelandic Coast Guard has issued a statement, explaining that due to the ongoing strike of aircraft mechanics, an emergency situation is looming.

Halldór Benjamín Þorbergsson, CEO of SA Confederation of Icelandic Enterprise.

Is Unrest in Icelandic Labor Market Imminent?

28 Sep 2020 The Icelandic Confederation of Labor (ASÍ) and SA Confederation of Icelandic Enterprise have in recent days been engaged in a dispute about whether the basis for their current wage contract still exists.

The house on Bræðraborgarstígur 1, where three people lost their lives on Thursday.

Many Workers’ Housing Conditions Are ‘Very Dangerous’

30 Jun 2020 Thousands of workers in Iceland, most of them foreign, are believed to be provided with housing by their employers.

Flowers in front of the ruins.

Gathering Mourns Fire Victims and Demands Safe Housing

29 Jun 2020 Hundreds of people gathered on Austurvöllur square at noon yesterday to pay their respects to the victims of a house fire in Reykjavík Thursday, in which three foreign workers lost their lives.

Fire fighters at work yesterday.

Labor Leaders Call for Thorough Investigation

26 Jun 2020 reports that the house at Bræðraborgarstígur 1, Reykjavík, destroyed in a fire yesterday in which three people lost their lives, was registered as the permanent residence of 73 people.

Icelandair and Flight Attendants Sign Agreement

25 Jun 2020 An agreement was reached this morning in labor negotiations between Icelandair and flight attendants.

From yesterday's meeting.

Nurses’ Strike Averted

22 Jun 2020 A nurses’ strike, set to begin at 8 am in Iceland today, was averted last night.

Head of the Icelandic Nurses' Association, Guðbjörg Pálsdóttir.

Can Testing at Airport Continue if Nurses Go on Strike?

12 Jun 2020 Nurses in Iceland are planning to go on strike June 22, unless an agreement be reached by then in their wage negotiations with the state.

Icelandair’s Fate Won’t Be Decided Today

22 May 2020 An Icelandair shareholder meeting is scheduled today.

Icelandair Might Consider Talks with New Union

20 May 2020 The establishment of a new union of flight attendants in Iceland has been discussed.

Icelandair Wants to Increase Utilization of Crews

12 May 2020 During ongoing wage negotiations with pilots and flight attendants, Icelandair’s focus is on increasing the utilization of its flight crews by 30 to 40 percent.

From the preschool Sólborg.

Efling and Reykjavík Reach Deal to End Strike

10 Mar 2020 Efling union and Reykjavík City signed a wage contract in the early morning hours.

A deal has been reached.

BSRB Strikes Called Off

9 Mar 2020 All strikes of members of BSRB– the Icelandic Federation of State and Municipal Employees, meant to begin at midnight, have been called off.

Overflowing Garbage Cans all over Reykjavík

26 Feb 2020 You may be wondering why garbage cans in Reykjavík are overflowing these days.

Call to Strike Approved by 88 Percent of Workers

20 Feb 2020 The overwhelming majority, or 87.6 percent, of members of BSRB – the Icelandic Federation of State and Municipal Employees – approve to go on strike.


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