The Icelandic Children's Hospital.

E. Coli-Infected Baby in Serious Condition

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E. coli bacteria.

Five New Cases of E. Coli Infection

8 Jul Over the weekend, five children in Iceland were diagnosed with E. coli bacterial infection.

Seeking Medical Services Abroad

2 Jul In order to save money for certain operations and time on waitlists, some Icelanders have in the past year chosen to seek medical services abroad.

Kári Stefánsson, founder of deCODE genetics.

Icelandic Scientist Elected by NAS

3 May Professor Kári Stefánsson, CEO and director of deCODE genetics, has been elected foreign associate of the National Academy of Sciences (NAS).

Dr. Björn Zoëga.

Icelandic doctor becomes CMO of Sweden's Karolinska University Hospital

29 Jan The Stockholm health authorities have appointed Björn Zoëga as chief medical officer of the Karolinska University Hospital in Sweden.




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