Guðmundur Felix on Video with New Arms

Vala Hafstað

Guðmundur Felix Grétarsson, 48, who January 14 became the world’s first person to undergo transplant surgery of both arms and shoulders, has just issued a video address to the Icelandic nation, in which his new arms can be seen for the first time. The operation, which lasted 14 hours, took place in Lyon, France.

In the video above, Guðmundur Felix relates how on January 12, 1998, he lost both arms in a work-related accident, just outside Reykjavík. Twenty-three years later, to the day, he learned that a donor had been found, shortly after which he underwent the complicated operation.

In the video, he explains that major rehabilitation lies ahead, and not until three years from now will it become clear how successful the operation was and to what extent he will be able to use the new arms. His nerves have yet to grow into them.

“Still, this looks better already,” he states.

He sincerely thanks the Icelandic nation for its continued support, without which, he states, this operation would not have been possible.

He promises to post updates on social media: on his Felix Gretarsson Instagram account and on his Facebook page, Felix Gretarsson - Coaching.

He is expected to be released from intensive care today.

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