A dead common eider, covered in oil.

About 200 Common Eiders Covered in Oil

11 Mar 2022 About 200 common eiders, covered in oil, some of them dead, have been found in the village Suðureyri in Súgandafjörður fjord.

Divers on site last year.

 Iceland’s ‘Largest Environmental Accident’

18 Aug 2021 Oil is leaking anew from the wreck of British oil tanker El Grillo, lying on the bottom of Seyðisfjörður fjord in the East Fjords of Iceland.

Reykjavík Ranks 16th in Terms of Air Quality

18 Jun 2021 Reykjavík ranks 16th among European cities when it comes to air quality.

This is what the haze looked like yesterday.

Unusual Haze Over Capital Area Explained

28 May 2021 An unusual haze was over Reykjavík and vicinity yesterday, causing air quality to deteriorate.

Volcanic Gas Pollution Forecast in Capital Area Today

14 Apr 2021 The Icelandic Met Office predicts that the area of dispersion of sulfur dioxide (SO2) and sulfate (SO4) from the eruptions site by Fagradalsfjall mountain, Southwest Iceland, will include the capital area today.

Will Fuel Be Produced from Plastic in Iceland?

19 Jan 2021 Within two years, Icelanders may be able to produce fuel from plastic.

Plastic Shopping Bags Banned in Iceland

5 Jan 2021 Since January 1, stores in Iceland may no longer offer plastic shopping bags to customers.

Iceland Among Countries with Cleanest Air

1 Dec 2020 Iceland, Estonia, Finland and Ireland are the only countries in Europe where fine particulate matter concentrations are below the World Health Organization’s (WHO) stricter guideline values.

A beach in the the Strandir region.

Cleaning the Coastline with Worldwide Friends

1 Nov 2020 Hrafn Jökulsson, a group leader for Worldwide Friends, has since mid-May been cleaning the beach in Kolgrafarvík cove.

The Space Needle in Seattle, Washington, obscured by smoke from wildfires.

Haze from US Wildfires Moves Toward Iceland

14 Sep 2020 It is likely that haze from the wildfires now raging on the West Coast of the US will move over Iceland on Wednesday or Thursday.


Iceland’s CO2 Emissions Could Be Reduced by a Third

24 Jun 2020 A new Icelandic technology intended for aluminum production offers hopes of eliminating CO2 emissions from the production.

A common murre, drenched in oil, left, and after being cleaned by Sea Life Trust.

Oil Pollution May Stem from Shipwreck

7 May 2020 Fuel oil pollution, which has killed numerous birds on the south shore of Iceland and on the shore of Vestmannaeyjar islands, is possibly under the surface of the ocean.

Carcasses at Stafnes point, Heimaey island.

Oil-Covered Carcasses of Birds Puzzle Islanders

4 May 2020 Numerous oil-covered carcasses of birds have recently been discovered on Vestmannaeyjar islands, and no one knows why.

El Grillo, before it was shot down in 1944.

Trying to Contain Oil Leakage in East Fjords

3 May 2020 By the end of May, the Icelandic Coast Guard plans to make the first step toward preventing further leakage from the wreck of a British oil tanker, lying at the bottom of Seyðisfjörður.

The new packaging from Emmessís.

Businesses Reduce Plastic Use

27 Dec 2019 Numerous Icelandic producers have in recent weeks announced they have switched to more environmentally friendly packaging, or are planning to do so.




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