Valur Valtýsson, one of Bergey's crew members, holding the huge cod.

Largest Cod of the Year?

30 Mar 2022 The crew of the trawler Bergey VE from Vestmannaeyjar islands had a reason to cheer this week, when they caught a huge cod.

Killer whales, following a fishing boat in Héraðsflói bay, Northeast Iceland.

Killer Whales Catch Herring

10 Oct 2021 There has been much action east of Iceland lately, where fishing boats are busy catching herring.

The teeth of a porbeagle are sharp.

Porbeagle Bites Fisherman

23 Dec 2020 A fisherman on board the fishing vessel Sigurður VE from Vestmannaeyjar islands was bitten in the hand by a porbeagle while blue whiting fishing south of the Faroe Islands.

A stranded boat, near Hvammstangi, Northwest Iceland, last spring.

Boats Strand While Captains Sleep

7 Feb 2020 Since the year 2000, 43 boats or ships have stranded off the coast of Iceland because the captain of the boat fell asleep.

Icelandic Captain Arrested in Namibia

21 Nov 2019 An Icelandic ship captain was arrested in Namibia earlier this week.

The Icelandic Coast Guard helicopter was called off, because a boat near the accident site rescued the crewmembers.

Three Men Narrowly Rescued from Sinking Boat

6 Nov 2019 Three men were narrowly rescued from a sinking fishing boat in Breiðafjörður fjord, off the coast of West Iceland, yesterday.

The coast guard ship Óðinn was quite an attraction.

Fishermen’s Day in Pictures

3 Jun 2019 Fishermen’s Day was celebrated all over Iceland yesterday.

The drone at Egilsstaðir Airport.

Icelandic Waters Watched by Drone

2 May 2019 The Icelandic Coast Guard recently took a drone into use for monitoring the waters around Iceland.

Fearing ‘unprecedented surveillance society’

15 Aug 2018 The SA Confederation of Icelandic Enterprise has publicly opposed a draft bill that is being prepared by the Ministry of Industries and Innovation.

Eric Clapton with his giant salmon on Friday.  .

Eric Clapton catches enormous salmon in Iceland

8 Aug 2017 One of the summer's biggest salmons to be caught was caught by no other than British musician Eric Clapton on Friday in the Vatnsdalsá river. The salmon measured 105 centimetres and it took Clapton 40 minutes to land it.

"He was so happy, I think he's still smiling!" Says guide Róbert Schmidt.

Eleven year old boy with a catch of a lifetime in West Iceland

11 Jul 2017 An 11 year old fishing enthusiast from Austria caught a catch of a lifetime by Suðureyri in Iceland’s West Fjords, a cod almost as big as himself. It weighed 20 kilos and 134cm, only 16cm shorter than the boy himself.

The great brown trout caught in lake Þingvallavatn last night.

26 pound brown trout caught in lake Þingvallavatn

24 Jun 2017 The population of brown trout that resides in lake Þingvallavatn can get very big, which makes it a popular lake for fishing. Last night Danish angler Nils Folmer Jörgensen caught a trout that weighed 26 pounds.

Andakílsá dam was built in was built in 1945-47.

Salmon fry accidentally killed off in Andakílsá River

7 Jun 2017 A dam in Andakílsá River was emptied, causing 15-18 thousand tons of sediment to flow down the river and fill up much of the river’s pools where salmon resides and spawns. Research has revealed that most of the salmon fry in the river is dead.

Gylfi Sigurðsson with his first salmon of the day.

Footballer Gylfi Sigurðsson lands the first salmon in Norðurá river

6 Jun 2017 Icelandic football player Gylfi Sigurðsson, a star of the Icelandic National Football team and of Swansea Football Club in Wales, landed the first salmon in Norðurá river last Saturday.

A fisherman catching Arctic char in a lake in Iceland.

Arctic char stocks depleting in Iceland's rivers and lakes

22 May 2017 "The big picture is that since the year 2000 there's been a near constant depletion of Arctic char in rivers and lakes," says Guðni Guðbergsson, marine specialist at the Iceland Marine Research Institute.




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