Largest Cod of the Year?

Vala Hafstað

The crew of the trawler Bergey VE from Vestmannaeyjar islands had a reason to cheer this week, when they caught a huge cod, reports.

“It was a cod that weighed about 50 kg (110 lbs) and measured 1.8 meters (70 in),” states Captain Jón Valgeirsson in a Facebook post on the page of the fishing company Síldarvinnslan. “It was old and respectable and managed to escape all nets and trawls year after year.”

This could be the largest cod of the year. It was caught in the the Háfadýpi fishing ground. Last year’s largest cod weighed 51 kg. It was caught by the crew of the boat Sólrún EA near Kolbeinsey islet, north of Iceland.

“We had mainly been fishing in the Selvogsbanki fishing ground, but moved to the Háfadýpi right at the end,” Jón relates. “We’ve been catching really well, and when that’s the case, our tours are not long.”

Another trawler from Vestmannaeyjar islands, Vestmannaey VE, has been fishing well, too. It left harbor at 10 am Saturday morning and returned fully loaded on Sunday afternoon. Bergey VE left harbor on Saturday as well and returned fully loaded on Monday. Both trawlers left harbor again right after landing the catch.




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