Eric Clapton catches enormous salmon in Iceland

One of the summer's biggest salmons to be caught was caught by no other than British musician Eric Clapton on Friday in the Vatnsdalsá river. The salmon measured 105 centimetres and it took Clapton 40 minutes to land it. 

Clapton's guide, Sturla Birgisson says that the salmon was a beautiful silver male and was caught in the part of the river called Hnausastrengur where some of the river's largest salmon have been caught. 

The salmon was caught using a fly called Evening dress number 12 which is green, gold and black with peacock feathers. 

Birgisson says that the spot is a great one for landing fish as it's deep andn not full of vegetation or rocks.

The salmon weighs around 25 pounds. 

Eric Clapton has been fishing in Vatnsdalsá annually since 2009. Last year he caught a fish that measured 108 centimetres. 




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