Salmon farming in the East Fjords.

More Businesses Oppose Salmon Farming in Open-Net Pens

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The situation in Kjarrá/Þverá river is unprecedented.

Drought Affects Salmon Fishing

13 Jun 2019 “There is no water in the river. I’ve never seen it like this,” states Þórður Þorsteinsson, who works as a guide by Kjarrá/Þverá river.

The event was well attended.

Artifishal’s European Premiere

12 Apr 2019 Artifishal, a Patagonia documentary about threats faced by wild salmon, premiered in Hveragerði, South Iceland, Wednesday night

The board of the association regrets what happened.

Chef's association terminate contract with Arnarlax

7 Sep 2018 The board of the Icelandic chef's association have decided to terminate their contract with salmon farming company Arnarlax. Last night all the chef's in the association resigned due to to the contract.

The Icelandic national culinary team.

All members of Icelandic culinary team resign due to deal with salmon farming company

7 Sep 2018 Fourteen members of the Icelandic culinary team have resigned from the team due to a deal made by the chef's assocation with Arnarlax, a controversial salmon farming company.

Arnór Maximilian and a 108 cm long salmon which he caught fly-fishing.

Largest salmon to be caught so far this summer in Iceland

13 Jul 2018 Arnór Maximilian Luckas was fishing with his father, Karl Udo in the Laxa salmon river in Aðaldalur last night when he caught a salmon measuring 101 cm and weighing 22 pounds and another measuring 108 cm and 28 pounds.

Jim Ratcliffe is Britan's richest man.

Landowner in Iceland named richest person in Britain in Sunday Times

14 May 2018 Jim Ratcliffe, who owns several lands and salmon rivers in Iceland is Britan's richest man, according to yesterday's Sunday Times.

Eric Clapton with his giant salmon on Friday.  .

Eric Clapton catches enormous salmon in Iceland

8 Aug 2017 One of the summer's biggest salmons to be caught was caught by no other than British musician Eric Clapton on Friday in the Vatnsdalsá river. The salmon measured 105 centimetres and it took Clapton 40 minutes to land it.




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