Jim Ratcliffe.

Ratcliffe to Invest Billions in Northeast Iceland

16 Jun 2021 British billionaire Jim Ratcliffe will be investing a minimum of ISK 4 billion in the construction of four fishing lodges in Northeast Iceland in the coming seasons.

Selárfoss waterfall, Northeast Iceland.

Ratcliffe’s Salmon Research Presented

24 Sep 2019 The angler club Strengur, the majority owner of which is British billionaire James Ratcliffe, yesterday introduced Ratcliffe’s plans for research related to Icelandic salmon.

Salmon farming in the East Fjords.

More Businesses Oppose Salmon Farming in Open-Net Pens

14 Jun 2019 Numerous businesses have publicly declared support for the initiative Against the Current (Á móti straumnum).

The event was well attended.

Artifishal’s European Premiere

12 Apr 2019 Artifishal, a Patagonia documentary about threats faced by wild salmon, premiered in Hveragerði, South Iceland, Wednesday night

Over 200 tonnes of salmon imported to Iceland per year

15 Feb 2019 Despite almost 20 thousand tonnes of salmon and trout are produced in Iceland per year there are still over 200 tonnes of fresh salmon imported to Iceland.

Salmon farming is a controversial subject in Iceland.

Minister puts new bill forward for temporary licences for salmon farms

9 Oct 2018 Kristján Þór Júlíusson, Minister of Fisheries and Agriculture will today be putting a new bill forward to change laws on fish farming. If the bill goes through, salmon farming companies would be allowed temporary licences.

The government is holding a crisis meeting today at Stjórnarráðið.

Government meets about salmon farm production in West Fjords

8 Oct 2018 The Icelandic Government is holding a meeting this afternoon to discuss the situation that has arisen in Patreksfjörður and Tálknafjörður in the West Fjords after operator licences for two salmon farming companies were revoked.

The Icelandic national culinary team.

All members of Icelandic culinary team resign due to deal with salmon farming company

7 Sep 2018 Fourteen members of the Icelandic culinary team have resigned from the team due to a deal made by the chef's assocation with Arnarlax, a controversial salmon farming company.

Eric Clapton with his giant salmon on Friday.  .

Eric Clapton catches enormous salmon in Iceland

8 Aug 2017 One of the summer's biggest salmons to be caught was caught by no other than British musician Eric Clapton on Friday in the Vatnsdalsá river. The salmon measured 105 centimetres and it took Clapton 40 minutes to land it.

Sea cages in Berufjörður.

A new wildlife fund established to fight industrial scale salmon farming in Iceland

29 Jun 2017 A new wildlife fund, The Icelandic Wildlife Fund (IWF) has been established to protect Iceland's nature , in particular the wild salmon stock in Iceland's rivers and lakes.


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