The scientists were surprised to find a harvestman this far from land.

Surtsey: Young and Attractive at 56

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Two cruise ships visited the island on Saturday.

Spellbound Tourists on Grímsey Miss Ferry

19 Jun “There is something special about this island. Here, time is somehow irrelevant.”

The redwing in its nest, on top of the flagpole.

Best Nest on Top of Flagpole

14 Jun A couple of redwings in North Iceland may have found the safest nesting place there ever was.

One of the horned grebes on Reykjavík Pond.

Beautiful Bird on Reykjavík Pond

5 Jun Two horned grebes were spotted last week on the Pond in Reykjavík.

Eider ducks may be too weak to nest.

Eider Duck Population in Sharp Decline?

27 May “We haven’t witnessed such a situation since 1968.”

One of the Chinese birds, "inspecting" the landscape.

Chinese Puffins on Hrísey Island

25 May One hundred-fifty Chinese puffins have arrived in Hrísey island, North Iceland.

Tumi Kolbeinsson, dove enthusiast.

Bait, Status Symbol, Messenger

12 May Keeping doves used to be a status symbol in Iceland.

Golden plover.

One Third of World’s Golden Plovers Nests in Iceland

9 May About a third of the world’s population of golden plover nests in Iceland.

Snorri Rafnsson with his dogs in Breiðajörður fjord.

Fighting the Birds’ Furred Fiend

19 Apr “We need to protect nature against minks. We let them into the country, and we must accept responsibility.”

The puffin has made a landing in Vestmannaeyjar islands.

Puffin Arrives in Vestmannaeyjar Islands

17 Apr The puffin has arrived in Vestmannaeyjar islands.

The European golden plover has made a safe landing.

Flying in Early, Staying All Summer

2 Apr Some who fly to Iceland are unaffected by troubles in the airline industry.

Why are puffins in decline?

1 Sep “Why are puffins vanishing?”

Tóti, donning the Icelandic football shirt he acquired during the UEFA EURO 2016 in France.

Famous puffin bids farewell

14 Aug 2018 A famous puffin has died at the age of seven, according to the Sæheimar aquarium in Vestmannaeyjar islands.

The little owl can't fly but is on its way to recovery.

Vet nurtures tiny owl back to health

28 Mar 2018 A short eared owl is now recovering at an animal hospital in Garðabær. Short-eared owls are the most common owl species in Iceland.


VIDEO: Dramatic Sea-Eagle rescue in Iceland

2 Dec 2017 A frail Sea-Eagle was rescued in West-Iceland on Thursday by professional outdoorsman and Icelandic Snapchat star, Snorri Rafnsson. See the video of the dramatic capture.

An arctic tern.

Iceland: A bird watcher's paradise

19 Nov 2016 Iceland is well regarded as a bird-watching paradise and is both home and migratory destination to many birds, both sea faring and land-based.




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