Mary, eight, and Hanyie, eleven, will be deported within the next few days.

"We won't give up"

8 Sep 2017 "Their only hope is for someone to intervene in the matter right now and stop these deportations," says Sema Erla Sedar speaking on behalf of the two girls about to be deported from Iceland. One is the eleven-year-old Haniye Maleki and the other, the 8-year-old Mary from Nigeria.

Sunday, Mary, and Joy.

Public outrage as Nigerian asylum seekers are to be deported

26 Jul 2017 "Im a dead man if I go back to Nigeria, but this isn't about me, it's about my daughter. I want her to have a chance of a better life," says Sunday Iserian, a Nigerian asylum seeker speaking to After nearly two years of waiting in Iceland, their application has been rejected by the Icelandic Directorate of Immigration.

Transgender Australian couple apply for asylum in Iceland fearing persecution at home

21 Jun 2017 Two Australian women have applied for asylum in Iceland for humanitarian reasons. They say that the Australian attitude to gay and trans people puts their lives in danger.

The scene of yesterday's dramatic incident.

Iceland asylum seeker critical after setting himself on fire

8 Dec 2016 A Macedonian asylum seeker who doused himself with petrol and set himself on fire yesterday afternoon is still in critical condition in hospital.

Police trying to deport the family on Tuesday night.

Family with two young children, born in Iceland, face deportation

17 Nov 2016 Police came to deport a family of four on Tuesday night but protests and advice from the child protection services in Reykjavik halted the proceedings. The future for the family is still uncertain.

Protests outside the Ministry for the Interior to stop asylum seekers being turned away.

Increasing numbers of asylum seekers

23 Sep 2016 Kristín Völundardóttir, director of the Iceland Directory of Immigration says that asylum seekers are "pouring in" and expects them to be around 700 by the end of this year.

The man was arrested in July last year.

Charges dropped in Iceland HIV infection case

20 Sep 2016 Charges against a man arrested last year on suspicion of deliberately infecting women in Iceland with HIV have been dropped.

Record number of asylum applications to Iceland

14 Sep 2016 More applications for asylum in Iceland have been received so far this year than in the full twelve months of 2015, according to Iceland’s Directorate of Immigration.

Torpikey and Maryam.

Icelanders petition to save Afghan women from deportation

23 Aug 2016 A group of Icelandic women, including filmmaker Hrafnhildur Gunnarsdóttir, have started a petition urging the government to grant two Afghan women currently living in Iceland asylum.

Sveinn Gestur Tryggvason was accused of threatening behaviour.

“Hatred and nationalist extremism on the rise in Iceland”

16 Aug 2016 Tensions ran high yesterday at a twin demonstration in central Reykjavik by activists showing support for refugees and asylum seekers and members of the right-wing nationalist Icelandic National Front.

Immigration protest and counter-protest in Reykjavik

15 Aug 2016 Two opposing groups of protestors gathered in central Reykjavik this afternoon to express their views on issues of immigration and multiculturalism in Iceland.

The men being dragged out of church by police.

Asylum seekers dragged out of church by Reykjavik Police

28 Jun 2016 While most of the Icelandic nation was celebrating a football victory, Iranian asylum seekers Ali and Majeh were dragged out from the sanctuary of a Reykjavik church at midnight.

Protestors at the Ministry yesterday.

Asylum protestors plead for reversal of deportation

1 Jun 2016 Protestors appealing for a review of the case of Nigerian asylum seeker Eze Okafor were forcibly ejected by police from Iceland’s Home Affairs Ministry yesterday.

An Icelandair jet at KEF.

Iceland asylum protestors could be charged with hijacking

30 May 2016 Two Icelandic women who staged a protest on board an Icelandair jet against the deportation of a Nigerian asylum seeker could face charges of hijacking and a minimum two-year prison sentence.

Eze Okafor.

Iceland immigration hits back over Nigerian deportation

26 May 2016 The decision of the Icelandic authorities to deport Eze Okafor is in full accordance with the relevant legislation and rules and the ruling of the Immigration and Asylum Appeals Board, says the Directorate of Immigration.


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