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Tourist Dies on Reynisfjara Beach

11 Nov 2021 The body of a young, Chinese woman was discovered in the ocean near Reynisfjara beach, South Iceland, yesterday.

The man had to run for his life.

Narrow Escape on Reynisfjara Beach

11 Aug 2020 On Saturday, a photographer on Reynisfjara beach, South Iceland, made a narrow escape from a huge wave that hit the spot where he was standing.

From Reynisfjara beach.

Safety on Reynisfjara Beach to Be Improved 

18 Nov 2019 Measures intended to improve safety on Reynisfjara Beach, South Iceland, were introduced at a government meeting Friday.

A screenshot from Sigurður Sigurbjörnsson's video.

Close Call on Reynisfjara Beach: Video

12 Nov 2019 A Chinese man in his thirties is lucky to be alive after being caught in a wave on Reynisfjara beach, South Iceland, yesterday.

Police have cordoned off the area where the landslide occurred.

Moving Mountain

22 Aug 2019 Tuesday’s landslide on Reynisfjara beach, South Iceland, is the area’s third in a decade to pose a threat to tourists.

The picture was taken early this morning on Reynisfjara beach, where the landslide occurred.

Landslide on Reynisfjara Beach

20 Aug 2019 A large landslide occurred overnight on Reynisfjara beach, South Iceland.

The tourists struggling in the waves today.

Tourists dice with death in Djúpalónssandur, West Iceland

13 Mar 2017 A group of foreign tourists in Iceland were in grave danger today when some of them ran after a huge wave at the famous Djúpalónssandur pebble beach in Snæfellsnes. A wave caught the people and carried them far into the beach.

The hotel will be located here on the empty landplot at the front of this photograph.

A new hotel for Vík in South Iceland

24 Jan 2017 A much coveted plot of land in Vík, Mýrdalur, South Iceland was alotted to Vilhjálmur Sigurðsson who plans on building a 60-100 room hotel there. Construction is set to begin this spring. Vík is located near the famous Reynisfjara beach.

Tourists playing in the waves at Reynisfjara beach yesterday.

Photos: Just days after the Reynisfjara beach death tourists still disregard warning signs

13 Jan 2017 A tourist died in the dangerous waves at Kirkjufjara, which forms part of Reynisfjara beach last Monday. Even so, just days later, tourists are not reading the warning signs at the beach and when our reporter visited the beach yesterday, many of them were actually playing in the waves, laughing, totally oblivious to the danger.

The beach is very dangerous and more security measures are needed according to experts.

"Terrible situation" at Iceland's Reynisfjara beach - security to be improved

12 Jan 2017 Tour guides and security experts think there is a great need to improve security at Reynisfjara and Kirkjufjara beaches in South Iceland. A tourist died there on Monday, the third such death over the space of a few years.

The National Coastguard helicopter searching for the woman today at Reynisfjara .

Another death at Iceland's Reynisfjara beach

9 Jan 2017 The woman who fell into the ocean at Kirkjufjara, a part of the Reynisfjara beach close to Dyrhólaey died in today's tragedy according to a statement from the South Iceland police department.

Reynisfjara beach and surrounding beaches are the most dangerous beaches in Iceland due to large waves and heavy currents.

Reynisfjara accident: The whole family fell into the ocean

9 Jan 2017 An update on our previous story: the woman who was rescued from the ocean earlier is a German tourist who fell into the ocean along with her husband and teenage children. The woman's condition has not been disclosed but the rest of the family is unharmed.

Dyrhólaey is  a 120-metre high promontory, not far from Vík in South Iceland.

Breaking: Woman at great risk in the ocean at Dyrhólaey, South Iceland

9 Jan 2017 Rescue teams in South Iceland are trying to rescue a woman in her forties who has fallen into the ocean at Dyrhólaey near the infamous Reynisfjara beach. Conditions are very difficult with large waves according to rescue team spokespeople.

Tourists running into the waves and laughing at Iceland's most dangerous beach.

Reckless behaviour to get the right photo

18 Oct 2016 Tourists at Reynisfjara beach see the warning signs but disregard the dangers according to a new University survey.

Reynisfjara beach is a popular tourist spot but is one of the most dangerous places to visit in Iceland if you don't heed warning signs.

Rescue teams called out to rescue tourist at Reynisfjara beach in Iceland

25 May 2016 The local rescue team in Vík, South Iceland, has been called out to rescue a woman stuck on a cliff at Reynisfjara beach.




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