Puffin numbers have gone dangerously low in recent years.

Iceland's puffin in danger of extinction

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The report, which provides a comprehensive look at the health of bird populations globally, has found that the extinction crisis has spread so far that even some well-known species are now in danger. T

Tourists aren't shopping for puffin toys so much anymore.

Downturn in Puffin shops in Iceland

16 Sep Tourists are spending less money in Iceland and the puffin shops are the ones hit the hardest.


Puffling found in Reykjavik city centre

25 Aug A puffling wandered into Skúlagata, a busy seaside street in the Reykjavik city centre last night. It's exremely rare to see pufflings in Reykjavik and this one was lucky enough to end up in the safe hands of SAR team member and Westman Islander Ármann Ragnar Ægisson who found it.

Friends Leon Drannaschk from Berlin and islander Elmar Erlingsson brought in the eighth puffling yesterday to Sæheimar research centre to be weighed.

Puffling rescue time in the Westman Islands

24 Aug It's that time of year again in Iceland, the annual baby puffin, or puffling, rescue in the Westman Islands.

Drangey Island soon to open for the summer

9 May 2017 The port at Drangey Island in North Iceland is being rebuilt after winter storms. Drangey is one of the biggest colony of puffins in the area, and a popular destination to explore nature for both local and foreign tourists. Locals from the area also visit the island to gather eggs and hunt.

The puffin resides in cliffs all over Iceland and feeds on small fish.

First puffins of the summer spotted in the Westman Islands

18 Apr 2017 First puffins of the summer have arrived in the Westman Islands. They were first spotted in the sea by the islands on Easter Sunday, and later in the evening they arrived at shore.

Watch cute puffin trying to get a feather into his burrow

19 Sep 2016 Puffins make burrows lined with grass, leaves and feathers for their chicks, known as pufflings. Nature photographer Josh Jaggard captured one slightly silly puffin trying to get a large feather into his nest.

Annual research mission on Iceland's disappearing puffins begins

22 Jun 2016 The Westman Islands are the site of one of Iceland's three main puffin colonies. The majority of the world's population of puffins breeds in Iceland but the past decade has seen a significant decline.


The touristification of Reykjavik: in the grips of the puffin

30 Apr 2016 Tourist shops or what Icelanders refer to as "puffin shops" are constantly on the increase in Reykjavik. Our unscientific research shows that puffins prey on innocent tourists in over 21 shops in the city centre.

Visitors share the island with a fascinating bird population.

Islands of Iceland III: Flatey

27 Mar 2016 Welcome to the third in our four-part Ea­ster series present­ing and celebrat­ing some of the is­lands which decorate the ed­ges of this is­land nati­on. Our next dest­inati­on is Flatey.

The main island, Heimaey.

Islands of Iceland I: Vestmannaeyjar

25 Mar 2016 This is the first of a four-part Easter series presenting and celebrating some of the islands which decorate the edges of this island nation. Our first destination is Vestmannaeyjar.

Founded in 1904, Jón Sigmundsson jewellers will be gone from Laugavegur by May.

The sad touristification of Reykjavik’s heart

10 Mar 2016 Jón Sigmundsson jewellers was set up in 1904, and has served Reykjavik customers at two different locations on the street for over a century.

Have you been to a 'lunda­búð' recently?

Icelandic Word of the Year 2015

16 Dec 2015 In the running are ten words which are considered to reflect social discourse in Iceland over the past year.

A puffling, called Lundapysja in Icelandic.

Record number of baby puffins

4 Oct 2015 Over 2,100 puffin chicks, called pufflings, have been taken to Sæheimar in the Westman Islands this autumn which is a record number since counting began in 2003. The puffin stock had previously been at a low.

Happy children carrying fledgling puffins who are counted and weighed before being released into the ocean.

Annual baby puffin rescue

30 Sep 2015 Children of the Westman Islands are busy coming to the aid of baby puffins who have wandered out of their nesting holes and into town. This is an annual occurrence in the islands when the fledglings are trying to find their way from their nests and into the ocean.

The puffin has suddenly become a symbol of Iceland, seemingly because tourists think it's cute.

Iceland's most precious bird

28 Sep 2015 What makes the puffin so enchanting and why has it become an Icelandic symbol? Why not the raven, the Icelandic sheepdog, horse or even cow? Popularity of the puffin seems mostly due to one fact: it's so cute.

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