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Blue Economy Report Predicts Major Change

3 Dec A new future report is out on the blue economy in Iceland, that is, the exploitation and preservation of the marine environment.

Bern­h­ar­dt Esau.

Charged with Receiving Payments for Fishing Quota

3 Dec The leaking of documents to Wikileaks by a former employee of Samherji, a leading company in the Icelandic fishing industry, continues to have consequences in Namibia.

Gunnþór Ingason, managing director of Síldarvinnslan.

Síldarvinnslan ‘Never Intended to Deceive Anyone’

18 Nov In response to a story published here on Friday, translated from Fréttablaðið, which first published it, Síldarvinnslan has sent out a press release, stating that the email quoted in the story was completely misinterpreted.

Worry about Iceland’s Reputation

14 Nov Information published by WikiLeaks Tuesday night, suggesting dubious business practices in Namibia by Samherji, one of the leading companies in the Icelandic fishing industry, has shocked the Icelandic nation.

Minister of Fisheries Kristján Þór Júlíusson.

Icelandic Minister Met Namibian Officials

13 Nov According to the whistleblower Jóhannes Stefánsson, Kristján Þór Júlíusson, who now serves as Iceland’s minister of fisheries, briefly met three men in 2014, when he was minister of health, who, in exchange for bribes, were working on providing the Icelandic company Samherji fishing quotas in Namibia.

Screenshot from the news program Kveikur, broadcast last night on RÚV, showing Samherji CEO Þorsteinn Már Baldvinsson.

Bribes in Exchange for Fishing Quotas

13 Nov Companies owned by Samherji are reported to have paid hundreds of millions of Icelandic krónur in bribes to obtain access to Namibia’s fishing quotas.

WikiLeaks Releases 30,000 Documents on Icelandic Company in Namibia

13 Nov WikiLeaks has published more than 30,000 documents from whistleblower Jóhannes Stefánsson, former managing director of operations in Namibia for Samherji, one of the leading companies in the Icelandic fish industry.

Sanctions against Iceland?

26 Aug The European Parliament’s Fisheries Committee plans to discuss possible sanctions against Iceland and Greenland at a meeting September 4, due to the countries’ having increased their mackerel quotas.

The coast guard ship Óðinn was quite an attraction.

Fishermen’s Day in Pictures

3 Jun 2019 Fishermen’s Day was celebrated all over Iceland yesterday.

Sea cages in Berufjörður.

A new wildlife fund established to fight industrial scale salmon farming in Iceland

29 Jun 2017 A new wildlife fund, The Icelandic Wildlife Fund (IWF) has been established to protect Iceland's nature , in particular the wild salmon stock in Iceland's rivers and lakes.

Árni Finnsson calls Trump "a psychopath".

Trumps decision: "A great threat to Iceland"

1 Jun 2017 Director of the Icelandic Nature Conservation association, Árni Finnsson says that the decision announced by US President Donald Trump today is a great threat to Iceland. "The acidification of our oceans is very rapid and our fish is danger. I imagine that people within the fishing industry here will react very strongly."

The cod liver is available smoked, and not smoked.

Arctic “foie gras”

21 Apr 2017 “We describe our product as “Arctic foie gras”, says Guðmundur Davíðsson of iCan, producer of cod liver in cans. “In France people started to get to know cod liver when there came up problems with the production of foie gras. The cod liver could replace it in some ways.”

Fisheries are a vital part of the Icelandic economy.

Icelandic sailor‘s strike at an end

20 Feb 2017 Icelandic sailor's strike, which has lasted for weeks, ended yesterday. The effect of it has not only been visible in Icelandic society. Icelandic fish has been hard to come by in USA and Britain, and birds that thrive on the scraps from Icelandic trawlers are getting aggressive, evidently hungry.

Party leaders discussed matters over the weekend.

Still no clarity on who will form Iceland’s next government

29 Nov 2016 Three days after Iceland’s political parties were told by the President to sort out a new government for themselves, there is still no sign of formal coalition talks getting under way.

View on Iceland: Arctic Circle, Geothermal and Fish Products

17 Sep 2016 Once you finished browsing Iceland Monitor’s wide selection of news, events and features, you might like to have a look at some other Iceland-related material from around the world that we shall be collecting for you weekly.




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