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An archive photo, showing a fighter plane taking off at Keflavík Airport.

US Military to Invest Billions of ISK in Keflavík

24 Jun The US Department of Defense plans to invest USD 57 million in military construction in Iceland in 2020.

For some time, high winds prevented the passengers of 11 aircraft from disembarking yesterday.

High Winds Prevent Use of Walkways

17 Apr Due to high winds, walkways could not be used for some time yesterday at Keflavík International Airport.

The train might look like this.

Airport Train Still a Possibility

3 Apr Plans to build a tunnel for a train that would connect Keflavík International Airport and Reykjavík are still under consideration, Morgunblaðið reports.

The choir was surrounded by people with their phones aloft.

VIDEO: “Flash mob” at Keflavik Airport

16 Jun 2017 A large group of people started singing, what seemed out of nowhere, at Loksins bar in Keflavik International Airport recently. What appeared to be a flash mob was in fact an Icelandic men's choir on its way to Canada.

The airport is three times bigger now than it was when built in 1987.

The ever expanding Keflavik Airport

1 May 2017 Keflavik international Airport has been expanded many times since it was built in 1987. Today three times bigger and getting even bigger. Many thought the original size was outrageously ambitious.

The woman fell asleep in a bus from Grayline bus company.

Tourist fell asleep and got stuck in bus from Keflavik Airport

18 Apr 2017 Australian tourist Hanna Pethani fell asleep on the bus from Keflavik Airport to Reykjavik. To her great distress she woke up in complete darkness in an empty bus. After screaming for help for half an hour, she finally found the emergency switch that opened the door.

Flights started to take off again from Keflavik International Airport around 20:00.

Flights starting to take off from Keflavik Airport again

29 Mar 2017 Keflavik International Airport was cleared earlier today. A mistake at the airport led to every passenger having to repeat the security check. 2-3000 passengers were affected and flights delayed 2-1/2 hours.

There will be some delays today due to the incident.

Keflavik International Airport cleared

29 Mar 2017 Keflavik International Airport in Iceland was just now cleared of people. Everyone in the airport had to leave and are now waiting go through security again. The reason was basically a simple mistake. This will entail some delays on flights.

Akureyri Airport

Low-fare airlines to Akureyri instead of Keflavík Airport?

16 Mar 2017 Grímur Sæmundsson, chairman of the Icelandic Travel Industry Association, suggests all low-fare airlines that only offer commercial flights to Iceland over the summer, should land in Akureyri, North Iceland instead of Keflavik International Airport.

Flights to Iceland from 78 destinations

3 Mar 2017 It‘s never been easier to get to Iceland. This year, 27 commercial airlines fly to Iceland from 78 destinations all over Europe and North America. This is a big leap from last year when the destinations were mere 46, and 18 back in 2007.

Tourists in Iceland blow billions on plastic

20 Dec 2016 Tourists have spent ISK 217 billion (approx. €1.8 billion) on their credit cards so far in 2016, with the month of November standing out as a period of strong growth for the Icelandic tourist industry.

Vehicle skids into Icelandic jet, major delay

19 Dec 2016 Passengers on WOW air flight 902 to Copenhagen this morning are facing an eight-hour delay after an airport vehicle hit an ice patch and collided with the waiting aircraft.

Iceland’s KEF airport to recruit hundreds next year

14 Dec 2016 Around 430 extra jobs will need to be filled at Iceland’s main international airport in 2017, as tourist numbers continue to boom.

The Canary Islands are a popular holiday destination for Icelanders.

November big month for jet-setting Icelanders

8 Dec 2016 Just over 45,000 Icelanders departed on international flights from Keflavík International Airport (KEF) last month – the highest number ever.

Iceland tourist numbers for November sky-rocket

6 Dec 2016 Just over 132,000 foreign tourists were counted departing from Iceland’s main international airport last month – up a staggering 61.4% on November 2015.




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