Early Departure for Icelandair Flights

mbl.is/Eggert Jóhannesson

Vala Hafstað

Due to weather, Icelandair has rescheduled some flights today for early departure.

Departures now scheduled for 2 pm:

FI 631 to Copenhagen (on schedule)

FI 631 to Boston

FI 623 to Newark

FI 853 to Chicago

FI 689 to Orlando

FI 603 to Toronto

Departures now scheduled for 3 pm:

FI 615 to New York JFK

FI 681 to Seattle

Departure now scheduled at 4 pm:

FI 645 to Washington Dulles

Flight FI 454 to London Heathrow, which was scheduled at 4:15 pm, has been canceled.

Please go to isavia.is for the latest updates.

Domestic flight schedules have been interrupted as well, with some flights being canceled today. Please check the schedule here

Last night, all flights from Keflavík International Airport were canceled, due to weather, mbl.is reports. Some passengers had to wait for a long time on board aircraft, before they were able to disembark. Others were stuck at the airport, while Reykjanesbraut road was closed.

A relief shelter was opened at Reykjanesbær Sports Center, where hundreds of people spent the night.

Passenger who have a flight booked today and in the coming days are advised to pay close attention to email messages from Icelandair regarding schedule changes. Please make sure the airline has updated information regarding your email and phone number, so you can be contacted. You can update your contact information here


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